Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider

NBC-Nourish-Balance-Cleanse-Sunrider Diana WalkerNourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider (this is called the NBC Program)


1. NuPlus – 1 to 3 packages Daily (or Vitashake/Sunbars)

2.  Quinary – 3 to 10 capsules daily (or 1 package daily or more)

3.  Calli and Fortune Delight – 1 package of each daily (or more)


1.  NUPLUS – 1 to 3 packages daily  (or Vitashake/Sunbars)

2.  QUINARY – 3 to 10 capsules daily (or 1 package daily or more)

3.  CALLI AND FORTUNE DELIGHT – 1 package of each daily (or more)

4.  STEVIA – 10 to 20 drops daily (or more)

Sunrider SunPack NuPlus, Quinary, Fortune Delight

Nourish Balance Cleanse Sunrider Basic Program

SUNPACK – DAILY BALANCE, ONCE A DAY $218.91 U.S. / $297.96 Canada


3 NuPlus® Simply Herbs™ 10/15 g pks
3 Fortune Delight® Original 10/3 g pks
3 Quinary® 10/5 g pks powder

SUNPACK – DAILY BALANCE, TWICE A DAY  $410.53 U.S. / $555.01 Canada


1 NuPlus® Simply Herbs™ 60/15 g pks
1 Fortune Delight® Original 60/3 g pks
1 Quinary® 60/5 g pks powder

(also called “Meal in a Mug” or Regeneration Program)  

The Audio Link to listen to the Recording of this TeleClass is at the bottom of this page.  Scroll down and you can listen to it easily.  Enjoy!

Read  – Simplicity in Nutrition – Sunrider Nourish Balance Cleanse:  

Here is a PDF file with links to Recipes that you can make with the NBC Program:

Sunrider Recipes Links Diana Jan 31 2018

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider NuPlus Quinary Calli Tea

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider NuPlus Quinary Calli Tea

AUDIO – Amazing Audio – Be Sure to Listen!!

Simplicity In Nutrition!

Enjoy listening to this call!





Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Sunrider Leader

N – Nourish with NuPlus (and Vitashake):
For nourishment for all your cells, NuPlus is a balanced whole food concentrate that energizes and helps reduce unhealthy cravings. NuPlus is enzyme rich, complex carbohydrate food that fills in the gaps that regular meals do not satisfy. Also great for “Energy”. Vitashake and Sunbars are also incredible for nourishing the cells and energy.

B – Balance with Quinary:
For the five major systems: 50 concentrated foods designed to nourish the digestive, circulatory, immune, respiratory and endocrine systems, and to keep the energy balanced between the five.

C – Cleanse with Calli & Fortune Delight:
Calli – A great replacement for coffee or regular tea. This whole food beverage with unique herbal extracts assists in the body’s natural cleansing processes and reduces unwanted fat and cholesterol in the blood. It is rich in antioxidants and catechins. Calli enhances mental focus.

Fortune Delight – Is a great tasting all-natural powdered herbal concentrate beverage that is naturally low in calories and contains no fat, cholesterol, or artificial sweeteners – an excellent replacement for coffee, tea, soft drinks and soda. It helps with digestion and elimination of fats. Fortune Delight is rich in anti-oxidants and provides the body with much energy.

Sunectar (Suncare) and SunnyDew (Suncare Plus) is a very sweet stevia plant extract with no calories. In many countries it is used instead of sugar. Stevia is an excellent supplement to your diet to help maintain normal blood sugar levels – food for pancreas and adrenal.

Sunrider Stevia is all natural stevia leaf liquid extract with chrysanthemum flowers. It makes every Sunrider drink very tasty and will make water taste delicious.

Diana Walker, Sunrider


Sunrider Foods That Love You

Sunrider Foods That Loves You Back Happy Valentines Day!

Sunrider Foods That Loves You Back Happy Valentines Day!

Sunrider Foods That Love You!

Sunrider Foods – Your Choices Now will dictate your Health in the Future!
Choose Food that LOVES you back!

I am so grateful that my good friend Trudy Stoelting introduced me to Sunrider Chinese herbal nutrition almost 20 years ago! I made a Tribute to Trudy Video which I want to share with you. I am so very grateful to her for introducing me to these life-changing formulas, and I am also grateful to have such a wonderful friend.

Sunrider Foods That Love You Back!

If you are already a Sunrider Customer – I know you are LOVING your powerful nutrition, and that it LOVES you back!!
If you are not yet a Sunrider Customer – I would love to be your coach and Nutrition Consultant – just become a free Customer here:

When you listen to Trudy’s story and watch our “adventures” together  in the video above, you will learn that cravings for junk food disappear, and cravings for Healthy Food develop, just by simply implementing a few changes.  Add Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, Sunrider NuPlus, Vitashake, Stevia, Quinary, into your daily routine, and you will be Vibrantly Healthy!

Sunrider Foods – Important Link for More Photos and Trudy Stoelting Sunrider story here:


Trudy Stoelting Sunrider

Be sure to watch the full video – it’s just over 5 minutes long – I hope you enjoy it!


Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Update February 2016… It was wonderful to meet up with my good friend and Sunrider Leader Trudy Stoelting in Vancouver.  Trudy and her husband Rye flew in from Nova Scotia to visit family, and I arrived in Vancouver to visit family, so we were able to meet up for dinner and to celebrate 20 years of Sunrider with Calli Tea.  Here’s our photo!!

Trudy Stoelting and Diana Walker Sunrider Vancouver February 5 2016

Trudy Stoelting and Diana Walker Sunrider Vancouver February 5 2016


Spirulina Health Benefits and Energy Boost:

1.  Iron – which is easily absorbed and digested (other plants such as spinach have iron, but may not be as easily absorbed as the iron in spirulina).

2.  Protein – Highest known source of assimilable Protein.  Since this is plant-based protein it is more easily digested.  Very high protein content.   300% more protein than fish, meat or poultry, without the cholesterol.  Contains essential and non-essential amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein)

Spirulina Healthy Plant Protein, B Vitamins, Minerals, Iron to order Sunrider Spirulina

Spirulina Healthy Plant Protein, B Vitamins, Minerals, Iron to order Sunrider Spirulina

Spirulina is 65-71 percent complete protein compared to beef, which is only 22 percent, and lentils, which is only 26 percent.

Spirulina is a species of edible micro algae and has a mild taste, a little bit of a nut-like flavor.   Humans have been eating this for centuries.

Testimonial from one Happy Customer:  “I am no longer tired in class”

The iron in blue-green algae has been found to be easily absorbed by the digestive system, unlike the iron found in spinach and various other plant sources.  Spirulina is composed largely of protein and is noted for its essential and non-essential amino acids, which are perfectly balanced. It also contains Pro-vitamin A, which is converted to Vitamin A by the body.

 3.  B-Complex and particularly Vitamin B12

This is know as the world’s richest source of B12 which is needed for healthy blood cells.

4.   Brain Food and Nervous System Food  contains Neuro-peptides – food for the brain and nervous system to produce endorphins

5.  Calcium – 26 times more calcium than milk

6.  Minerals – Rich in iron, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.  Also trace elements, such as selenium and chromium.

Sunrider Spirulina Difference:

Spirulina for Energy Boost Diana Walker

Spirulina for Energy Boost Diana Walker

This blue-green algae is cultivated in hygienic tanks and ponds under the latest scientific conditions.  It is important to know how the Spirulina you consume is grown because it can take on contaminants from its environment.  Dr. Chen has the highest quality and standards in his world-famous processing facilities, so we know the nutrition is the highest quality.

Spirulina Recipe

1.  Add to your green smoothies or any smoothies, for added nutrition.  Sunrider Green Smoothie

Sunrider Spirulina comes in capsules.  The herbs are very concentrated, and you can open the capsule into your smoothie, or sprinkle on your meal (like on rice or quinoa, along with vegetables)

Please feel free to contact Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, to help you get started enjoying this spectacular nutrition source, that is reasonably priced and easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

Ocean and fresh water algae, some of which are better known as seaweed, kombu, wakame, nori, dulse, kelp and Irish moss, are the richest, natural source of minerals, trace minerals and rare earth elements.

One type of algae in particular, the microalgaes such as Spirulina, which is grown in culture pools, or the wild variety, which is harvested in the lakes they grow in, have been eaten for their health benefits by millions of people for thousands of years.

The healing powers of microalgaes have long been recognized in China, Africa, Mexico, Japan and Europe.

This nutrient rich food has an unusually large proportion of high-quality protein (approximately 55-70%), with all eight amino acids present in an ideal balance.

  • Micro-algae has a considerable amount of vitamin B12 and is rich in iron, magnesium and trace minerals.
  • It also contains significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acid and it’s the most chlorophyll-rich organism on the planet due to its superior ability to perform photosynthesis.
  • When eaten daily, microalgae promotes detoxing because the chlorophyll binds with toxins and heavy metals and
  • carries them safely out of the body.
  • It also contains disease-fighting compounds called phytochemicals, carotenoids and many other micronutrients while rapid absorption and optimal assimilation of vital nutrients is made easy due to the soft cell glucose wall.

A quote from Mark Stengler, ND in A Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies said it best:

“Spirulina stimulates natural killer cells and similar anti-immune  components of the immune system that can help fight cancer cells.”

Another excellent quote is from Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford writes:

“The special form of protein in spirulina benefits those with problems resulting from excessive animal protein, which does not assimilate well and further burdens the body with waste products.”

For an excellent source of microalgae, Contact Diana Walker and try Sunrider’s Spirulina and feel the difference for yourself.

Sunrider International Sunrider Canada Vancouver March 2013

Sunrider Simply the Best Canada Diana Walker Healthy Living

Sunrider Simply the Best Canada Diana Walker Healthy Living

Sunrider International and Sunrider Canada Seminar in Vancouver
Listen here to our Conference Call – with Diana Walker hosting, and guest speakers Trudy Stoelting, Diane Haryett and Barb Rowe.  This is a dynamic call and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed providing this for you!  Listen here:

Dr. Reuben Chen, Acupuncturist, and Medical Doctor, arrived in Richmond, BC, Canada to introduce Sunrider’s new Weight Management system, SunTrim Plus, Sunfit program.  Julie McLewee provided a beautiful demonstration on Kandesn natural skincare and makeup.

Dr Reuben Chen and Angelo de Fabrizio Sunrider Canada

Dr Reuben Chen and Angelo de Fabrizio Sunrider Canada

Sunrider 2013 Fitness Program Weight Loss with SunTrim Plus

Sunrider 2013 Fitness Program Weight Loss with SunTrim Plus



















Dr Reuben Chen Sunrider SunTrim Plus Vancouver

SunTrim Plus, will be highlighted by Dr. Reuben Chen – son of Dr Tei Fu Chen, who is the Founder of Sunrider International.  Dr Reuben Chen will be in Canada in early March.  The event will take place at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond, BC.  Come and learn about Sunrider’s new Weight Management and fitness program.  Reuben Chen, M.D., will share details about this new program, plus present SunTrim+ and its benefits.

SunTrim Plus weight loss in Canada Dr Reuben Chen

SunTrim Plus in Canada event on Weight Loss with Dr Reuben Chen

This event will be attended by Sunrider Leaders from Canada and USA.

Some Sunrider customers have said:

  • I felt satisfied with less food
  • I didn’t gorge myself
  • I wasn’t constantly wanting to nibble
  • It changed my eating habits
  • I lost right around my belly
Cocoa Beans help stop cravings

Cocoa Beans, called Cacao, raw, appetite suppressant stops food cravings

Green Coffee Bean extract helps with weight loss

Green coffee Bean extract helps with weight loss

Green Tea helps with carb metabolism and weight loss

Green tea helps with carb metabolism

Garcinia Mangosteen suppess appetite

Garcinia Mangosteen suppress appetite

Polygonum Resveratrol antioxidant from plants

Polygonum Resveratrol antioxidant from plants

This is a natural formula containing plants.  Ingredients are Cocoa bean (cacao), Green coffee bean, Polygonum, Green tea, and Garcinia mangosteen.


Sunrider SunTrim Plus

SunTrim Plus Weight Loss Sunrider plant nutrition

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, CEO, Diana’s Health Lifestyles, Cravings Coach

Vitadophilus Sunrider Digestion Acidophilus

VITADOPHILUS – Sunrider Live Lactobacillus Acidophilus for Healthy Digestion

1. Ingredients
Apple Fruit Powder, Apple Fruit Flake, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Click here for more information:  Vitadophilus Detailed Sunrider Outline

Vitadophilus Sunrider Healthy Digestion whole foods Diana Walker

Vitadophilus by Sunrider Healthy Digestion whole foods Diana Walker

2. Description

*  VitaDophilus supplies a minimum of 20 million live culture bacteria to the body.
*  Delicious apples form the base of the VitaDophilus powder.
*  This beneficial bacteria inbeds itself in the walls of the intestines, facilitating the digestive process.
*  Can be very helpful with constipation.
*  Most people need to bring “good bacteria” balance to the intestinal tract to prevent the   spread of fungus through the body.
*  Fungus/Candida overgrowth is often at the root of health challenges.
*  Fungus overgrowth happens when the body Ph is acid, when a person has taken antibiotics, when there are hormonal imbalances, and from most poor diets, etc.
*  Sunrider Vitadophilus is encased in a tasty, protective apple coating helps get the live bacteria into the small intestine, instead of it breaking down when it hits the stomach acids like most acidophilus products do.


A Technician at an independent laboratory in Vancouver compared the Sunrider Vitadophilus by Dr. Chen to other Acidophilus formulas. Her purpose was really to show that there was no difference. To her surprise – out of several brands being tested, Sunrider’s Vitadophilus was the only formula that grew 100% pure – the others had other bacteria growing in addition to the good Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria. We hear many stories of people who have been using other brands, not getting results, switching to the Sunrider Vitadophilus and getting the results they had hoped for.

4. How to Eat:

  • Available in a box of 10 packages, 3 grams each.
  • 1 to 2 packages daily.
  • Never heat.
  • Tastes Great – children love it!
  • Pour directly into mouth; eat upon rising and at bedtime.
  • Vitadophilus is most effective on an empty stomach.

Would you like your own Sunrider USA or Sunrider Canada Customer account to purchase Sunrider Vitadophilus?

Diana Walker would love to you get started

Order Sunrider products here:



Sunrider and Olympics 2012 Sunrider International Sports Nutrition

Sunrider International provided Sunrider whole food nutrition to an athlete in the Olympics 2012 in London, England.

Sunrider International sponsored an Olympics 2012 Gold Medal Champion!

Sunrider - Olympics-2012-Judo-Champion- Sunrider-Calli

Sunrider – Olympics-2012-Judo-Champion- Sunrider-Calli

South Korea’s Kim Jao-Bum at London, England, 2012 Olympics, on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, won the Gold Medal in the Men’s Judo under-81-kilogram category. Sunrider International’s Facebook page contains more details and photos.
Here is one photo of Judo Gold Medalist Kim Jao-Bum, with Photo Credit to News Group Newspapers:

Kim Jao-Bum is sponsored by Sunrider International, with the company providing him with sports and nutrition products such as MetaBooster®, Sunrise®, VitaShake®, and Calli® Night.

Dr. Tei Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider, and Dr. Reuben Chen (Tei Fu Chen’s son) – have Black Belts in Judo so they were thrilled with this accomplishment.

Of course – too – I – Diana Walker – am thrilled that my Sunrider nutrition that I love so much was used by an athlete.  You do realize that Macdonalds and other unhealthy food companies are sponsors of the Olympics?  It is really great to know that athletes are using powerful nutrition instead!

Have you seen the amazing photos taken during the full moon at the Olympics – with the Olympic Rings Tower Bridge in London?  Photo Credit – News Group Newspaper.  This is spectacular!



I wish you Vibrant Health!

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Diana Walker, Cravings Coach
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Sunrider products are available world-wide.  Diana Walker can be your Sunrider and Nutrition sponsor and coach if you live in Canada or United States.  If you live outside of North America, it is great if you want to subscribe to my newsletter to receive ongoing health and nutrition education, I would love you to join me.



Lose Weight with Sunrider

Healthy Eating Sunrider for Weight Loss Diana Walker

Healthy Eating Sunrider for Weight Loss Diana Walker

Healthy eating is the best way to lose weight. We were provided with many Sunrider success stories on stage at Sunrider Convention in Long Beach, California, July 2011.

Those Sunriders on stage provided us with tips on weight loss, and how Sunrider whole food nutrition was a powerful and pivotal part of that journey.

1. Don’t skip meals

2. Get plenty of rest and sleep

3. Move – get exercise, activities that you enjoy and will do consistently for results

4. Eat balanced snacks and meals – whole foods containing protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fat

5. Eat an abundance of whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds.

6. Eat a limited amount of animal and dairy products

Part of a successful weight loss and weight management program includes the 5 Basic Sunrider Foods every day:

Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, NuPlus, Sunnydew – Sunrider Stevia – and Quinary.

If you are interested in samples or in being a free Sunrider Customer
Click Here —->Order Sunrider Products in Canada and USA

I wish you Vibrant Health!
This article is for information purposes only and is separate from Sunrider International. It is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical problem, consult your physician.

If you are interested —->Order Sunrider Products in Canada and USA

Diana Walker is happy to send you Sunrider samples and help you buy Sunrider products.
20 minutes free Nutrition Consultation (Value of $20) and ongoing email and phone support for Sunrider Customers in USA and Canada. Phone 1-800-840-0014 for more information!

Sunrider TeleClass on Stress Nov16-11

Sunrider TeleClass Beauty Pearl Stress Help

We had a fantastic TeleClass today with 4 Sunrider Leaders

Diana Walker – Sunrider Leader for 15 years
Trudy Stoelting – Sunrider Leader for 16 years
Barb Rowe – Sunrider Leader for 22 years
Diane Haryett – Sunrider Leader for 28 years

Sunrider Beauty Pearl for inner Calm

Sunrider Beauty Pearl for inner Calm

Sunrider TeleClass Beauty Pearl Stress Help

Here are resources for you if you are interested in more inner calm, clearer thinking, less emotional ups and downs, more peaceful sleep, and balance in your life:

1.  Audio:    Stress Solutions Sunrider TeleClass Diana Walker Host 33 Minutes Nov.16-11

AUDIO – You may prefer to listen right here:

2.  Document:  Stress Sunrider Solutions

3.  Link:   Stress Help Sunrider Quinary

We have covered Sunrider TOP, ESE, Prime Again (called P.A. in Canada), Beauty Pearl and Vitaspray.  We also emphasized that all of us enjoy Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight, along with these other formulas.

Sunrider Beauty Pearl, along with Sunrider ESE, TOP and Quinary have natural calming properties.  Sunrider Vitaspray B-vitamin spray was also discussed.

These are powerful formulas for Relaxation, Balance, Concentration and Joy.

During our TeleClass today, Sunrider Leaders discussed the power of these formulas and provided stories from our own experience on what a difference they have made in our lives.

Sunrider TeleClass Beauty Pearl – 1 to 2 pearls a day

Beauty Pearl is nutrient-rich food that was originally developed for the Empress of China to provide beautiful skin and preserve youthfulness.

Beauty Pearl Ingredients:  Honey, Korean White Ginseng, Chrysanthemum Flower, Royal Jelly Extract.

This formula, which is hundreds of years old, comes to us from the ancient Chinese herbal manuscripts. The Chinese understood that true beauty comes from proper nutrition. Beauty Pearls are not only for women, but men and children can also eat them.

  • Helps re-establish normal, stabilized hormone system balance for both men and women.
  • Relief from PMS symptoms and hot flashes.
  • Cell nourishment for the skin all over the body.
  • Improved skin texture and conditions.
  • Promotes moisture retention on the face and other areas of the body.
  • Enables the body to better assimilate other foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Promotes youthfulness and a positive attitude.
  • High in assimilable calcium
  • Emotional support
  • More peaceful sleep (when taken before going to bed)

ESE – 2 to 3 capsules a day

  • Clearer Concentration
  • Soothing to the mind
  • Nourishes the nervous system
  • Increased capacity to handle stress
  • Relief of addictive cravings

Sunrider TOP – 2 to 3 capsules daily

  • Improved Mental Clarity and Brain Function
  • Nourishing herbs to maintain mental and emotional balance
  • Nourishes occipital part of the brain
  • Nourishes the production of Endorphins
  • Promotes Calmness

A still and focused mind lets us concentrate keenly during periods of activity, yet sleep peacefully during periods of rest.

We have covered Sunrider ancient Chinese herbal formulas on the TeleClass.

If you would like to order Sunrider products, in Canada or USA, Diana Walker can help you.

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Sunrider Canada

Sunriders in Canada
You are invited to a Special Sunrider Event in Vancouver, BC, Canada, to meet and learn from Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Founder of Sunrider International and Sunrider Canada.  Phone Diana Walker at 1-800-840-0014 if you need more information.

Sunrider Canada Dr Tei Fu Chen

Sunrider Canada Dr Tei Fu Chen

Here is your Invitation if you live nearby and are able to attend!


LOCATION: Richmond Radisson Hotel,
Vancouver Airport

TIME: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Join us for Dr. Chen Special Meeting featuring his Expert Business Advice and extensive Sunrider product knowledge.

Dr. Tei Fu Chen formulates all Sunrider products.

Dr Tei Fu Chen Sunrider Canada in Vancouver BC Canada

Dr Tei Fu Chen Sunrider Canada in Vancouver BC Canada

You are invited to join us in Vancouver, BC, Canada – at the Richmond Radisson Hotel at 8181 Cambie Road in Richmond on Friday, October 14, 2011.  You can phone Sunrider Canada at 604-464-5018 for more information, if necessary.

Sunrider 2011 Awards Diana Walker

Sunrider 2011 Awards Diana Walker

Dr. Chen is flying in to Vancouver Airport and will be sharing his expertise with us at the Radisson Hotel, near the Vancouver Airport.  Founder of Sunrider Fortune Delight and Sunrider Calli Tea, almost 30 years ago.  Sunrider International was formed in 1982 and Sunrider Canada was opened in 1984.  Almost 30 years of wonderful whole food nutrition, healthy for the whole family!

I have been eating and drinking the Sunrider nutrition products for 15 years now, and love them!  Dr. Chen, of course, is the formulator of the wonderful, delicious Calli Tea and Sunrider Fortune Delight beverages.

Sunrider 2011 Awards Diana Walker at Grand Convention.

Dr. Oi Lin Chen and Dr. Tei Fu Chen on left, Diana Walker in turquoise.  Top Award in Canada, and 2nd in North America.

From: SunriderCanada
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 2:33 PM

I hope you can come and enjoy some Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli Tea with all the other Sunriders!  It is always very fun to get together and learn more and share our knowledge!

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, Certified TeleClass Leader

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