This Chinese herbs formula was created by Dr Tei Fu Chen over 30 years ago, as one of the original Sunrider formulas.  The recipes for these came from ancient manuscripts, and are very unique and exclusive super foods.

Children Love Quinary Sunrider Chinese Herbs www.diana1.com/quinary

Children Love Quinary Sunrider Chinese Herbs www.diana1.com/quinary

This is the best medicine for prevention. In my opinion, every person (including children) needs to be taking this powerful whole food nutrition, which is juiced and powdered.  If possible, have this every morning.  This is especially valuable as kids go back to school and we all enter the cold and flu season.

Many people find themselves struggling with low energy, imbalances, daily symptoms of discomfort, and general unhappiness. It is almost impossible to figure out what the body really needs to self correct.

When the body is out of balance and does not have what it needs to function correctly we are affected physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well.

Many of us have been to various specialists, taken supplements and drugs trying to gain back our health with no real lasting success, only a masking of symptoms and substitution for real health.

This is a food designed to feed all of the body’s major systems and organs all at once, taking the guess work out of daily nutrition and regeneration.

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2013-Again Quinary In Depth Working Copy

Quinary Sunrider Formula, Five Formulas in One

All of the body systems work together to feed each other therefore it is impossible to only address one system to achieve holistic health.  I personally have eaten Sunrider foods for 16 years and I am absolutely convinced that there is nothing that can take its place.

This formula is a genius mastery of whole food herbal nutrition born of 5,000 years of herbal food research. The species of plants combined in this formula are the original species of super foods revered for thousands of years for their regenerative properties.

Quinary Five Herb Formulas for Health Sunrider www.diana1.com/quinary

Quinary Five Herb Formulas for Health Sunrider www.diana1.com/quinary

Below is a description of the super concentrated 5 formulas contained in 1 packet of Quinary:
In alphabetical order:

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM – LIFESTREAM. (L.S. in Canada) Circulatory. Water.

This food nourishes all the circulatory processes in the body, including blood and lymph.

Poor circulation causes de-oxygenation in the body which is the precursor to numerous health problems.

All the organs are nourished by a healthy flow of blood and lymph.

Benefits of a healthy circulation include blood pressure regulation, strong heart tone, improved eyesight, stronger capillaries reducing the occurrence of varicose veins, lower cholesterol and a stronger nervous system.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM – ASSIMILAID. (A.D. in Canada) Digestive/Assimilation. Earth.

The ability to absorb nutrients is vital to good health. It is estimated that over 50% of Americans are digesting less than 50% of their food, especially in the breakdown of protein into free amino acids, so essential to cell rebuilding.

Assimilaid influences the whole digestive system including the gallbladder and pancreas. Malnutrition is the
greatest cause of disease and death in our world today, as much from malabsorption as from starvation. A healthy digestive system has the correct pH balance that is a hostile environment to candida and parasites. Improved assimilation of food requires the body to need less volume of food. Other benefits of a healthy digestive system include relief from pain, nausea, heartburn, gas, improved appetite, better sleep, ability to tolerate a wide variety of foods, and stronger liver function.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM – PRIME AGAIN (P.A. in Canada). Endocrine/Glandular. Fire.

This food nourishes the entire glandular system, in particular the adrenals and sex glands. The hormones secreted by these glands have a profound influence on longevity, youthfulness and reproductive ability.

Ninety-five percent of all the energy in the body is supplied by the adrenals and thyroid.

Weakness in the glandular system can be responsible for moodiness, depression, anxiety and inability to handle stress. Some of the benefits of a healthy endocrine system are: enhanced sexual response, stronger muscles, relief of PMS emotional stability, resistance to allergens, fertility, and overall energy increase.

IMMUNE SYSTEM – ALPHA 20C. Immune/Defense. Wood.

This food nourishes the immune system through the thymus, spleen, bone marrow and adrenals. The human immune system is a highly elaborate, intelligent system designed to protect the body from invasion from anything from the flu to cancer. T and B lymphocytes and white blood cells are the commonly known “soldiers” in the “army”.

When functioning healthily it is the greatest internal doctor we could wish for, surpassing the intelligence of any worldly physician. Some of the benefits of a healthy immune function are protection against tumors, reduction of swollen lymph nodes, more rapid healing of infections, protection against infections, reduced drainage from ears and eyes, and increased protection against environmental toxins. (This food also comes in bulk.)


The respiratory system includes the lungs, bronchi, throat, larynx, pharynx, tonsils, nasal cavity and sinuses and is the first line of defense against invading bacteria. The severity and duration of a flu, for example, has more to do with the strength of the immune response than the strength of the virus.

Benefits of a healthy respiratory system include protection against colds and flu, headache, relief of congestion, protection against allergens, and reduction of pain and fever.

Here is a quote from the founder of the company: “If one part of your body is having problems, it will affect the other parts of the body. I often say that the body’s five systems are like five horses pulling a chariot. If one horse runs too fast or too slow, the chariot cannot run smoothly. The systems must be in balance.”—Dr. Tei-Fu Chen

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