Electrosport for Minerals and Electrolytes Amazing Help with Dehydration diana1.com/electrosport

Electrosport for Minerals and Electrolytes Amazing Help with Dehydration diana1.com/electrosport

The Sunrider Electrosport formula by Dr Tei Fu Chen is virtually an unknown Mineral Source

We lose minerals – under stress, when we sweat, in high altitudes – upsets the water balance inside and outside the cell wall. Minerals and Electrolytes help fight free radicals in the cells and organs.

With my mother, she had Electrosport every day, in her 80s, (and when she was especially dehydrated in the hot water) we were so happy to have this to help her. This liquid formula was amazingly helpful. Her skin over the 12 years of using Sunrider – her face was more wrinkled in her 70s than in her 80s – and my sisters and I believe this is due to the powerful nutrition which is very absorbable, that we were able to provide her.

You need to be sure that minerals are absorbed by your body. Stress, coffee, smoking, alcohol, most grains can cause our body to be Acidic. Green drinks provide more Alkalinity to our bodies.

Notice that Diana Walker’s fingernails are very long and healthy in the video above! When you have powerful nutrition your body can also nourish all the cells, including the cells in your fingers and toes (and fingernails and toenails). So if you have brittle, breaking fingernails, you may need more minerals, and you need your body to be able to absorb them to rebuild healthy cells.

Electrosport comes in vials, 10 to a package. It comes in vials (and tastes vile!) – but so worth while. We all add it to Fortune Delight and Evergreen with lots of Sunrider Stevia and then it tastes delicious and refreshing to sip on this cool drink all day long!

In brutal heat conditions – helps to replace the minerals. Very effective electrolyte source. Put in 1 cup to 8 cups of water, sip it and enjoy it – add in with Fortune Delight and Evergreen.

Dehydration Symptoms

* Lightheadedness

* Dark urine

* Loss of appetite

* Heat intolerance

* Dry cough

* Fatigue

Highly stable liquid formula – in liquid form our body can suck it up. Athletes in marathons. Studies done by a Sports Team in California did an experiment. People drinking Electrosport, people assimilated the minerals in half the time that it took with IV therapy to get minerals into the body.

Sports drinks are so harmful. Commercial ones are not healthy – they have artificial sweeteners and up to 32 teaspoons of sugar in 1 sports drink. So opposite to being healthy. That is why we need to get our minerals when we know we can absorb them. Also our soil is so depleted, that we can’t get the minerals we need in our plants, even when they are organically grown.

Minerals are critical to good health and effective nutrition at the cellular level. Nutrients actually bind with electrolytes to be utilized and carried into the cells.


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