Raw Foods

Raw Foods Health Benefits – well, really “Whole Foods”, plant-based, that have all the nutrition designed by nature.

Raw Foods Health Benefits more energy better sleep weight loss

Raw Foods Health Benefits more energy better sleep weight loss

Keith McBride explains the Sunrider Difference here:

In the past my family has been involved with some of the finest herb companies in the industry. When we discovered these herbal foods almost ten years ago, we knew we had finally found a company we could truly grow and live with. In the process, we’ve discovered that there is a BIG difference between herb, or health food, companies. I’m not just talking about the obvious differences that can exist with any company: Quality control, ingredients, formulations, etc. We all know of many quality brand names, but I’m talking about the Philosophy in which the products are created.

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Comparing Herb Companies

There are many herb companies out there with herb-based product lines. A newcomer might want to know how this company compares to these other companies.  We can’t say one company’s approach is better than the others. Our approaches are simply very different from one another.  While there are obvious differences in ingredient quality between companies, of those who are sincere and quality-minded, we all share the same basic goal: good health.  When asked to compare SR  to another company with a herb-based product line, we can only respond, “You can’t compare apples and oranges.” And then we explain…

Medicine  and Medicinal Herbs Deal With Substitution

For example – when a person has Diabetes – Substitution is providing Insulin.  This is “Substitution” for the function of the body.  And the body gets lazy and forgets how to produce Insulin, and you are dependent on this Substitute.

In his many publications and books, Dr. Dean Black writes often about the differences between “apples and oranges.” He
explains that optimal health can only come through nourishing the body rather than substituting for it. But the body’s own natural powers are not easily measured by science.

Our healthcare system is based on the Principle of Substitution (treating the problem), which has been only really studied for a century or more. In contrast, the Chinese began studying the Philosophy of Regeneration 5,000 years ago, which looks at the body as a whole.

Here’s what they discovered:

Among the tens of thousands of plants, there are many the Chinese believe regenerate specific systems and organs of the body. For example, we believe that “carrots are good for the eyes.” The Chinese have extended this idea a thousand-fold by believing there are plants that regenerate the skin, the heart, the lungs, the digestive system, and so on.

Sunrider has been established upon the solid foundation of this philosophy.  The Philosophy of Regeneration is the belief that Dr. Chen has dedicated his company and his life’s work to.  This philosophy is clearly represented within each balanced, concentrated herb food formula.  But there are also plants the Chinese believe do not regenerate.

The Chinese distinguished herbs that would regenerate the body from herbs that would merely substitute for the body.

*  The first group were Food Herbs

*  The second group were Medicinal Herbs

Companies today with herb-based product lines sell herbal formulas that contain mostly Medicinal Herbs. In that sense, typical North American “herbalism” and our drug-based medicinal philosophy are brothers, both being based on Substitution, although medicinal herbs at least have the advantage of wholeness.

Are we saying that medicinal herbs and those companies that produce them are bad or wrong?  No, they have their place. God in his wisdom created these different plants for different reasons.  Medicinal herbs are for crisis situations, to be used when the body is unable to function on its own.  Regenerative herbs provide the body with the raw materials it requires to rebuild itself.

But what about the herbal products that other companies sell that usually contain medicinal herbs? While their products may not necessarily be bad in the right hands, one thing that is very wrong is representing medicinal herbs as daily food supplements, when that is clearly not their purpose.  Some companies may do this in complete innocence, unaware that they are encouraging people to take medicinal herbs every day when their body is not in crisis.

This can cause greater health imbalances!  This I believe cannot only become dangerous but is also extremely irresponsible.  It is up to those who understand the big picture of the Philosophy of Regeneration to teach others about these very real differences.

Differene #1 – Food Herbs – If You Know How to Eat a Salad…

“If you know how to eat a salad, you know how to eat Sunrider herb foods,” writes Dean Black, Ph.D., author of Health at
the Crossroads.  The word “herb” is not precise.  Actually, there are two broad categories of herbs, and no labels to
tell them apart.  We therefore call our products – herb food formulas.  People know that foods nourish the body, but they are confused about herbs.  Do herbs belong with peas and carrots or with penicillin and aspirin?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but we want everyone to know: these formulas belong with peas and carrots.  This difference is one of the things that separate this nutrition from most, if not all, other wellness companies.

Difference #2 – Chinese Manuscripts

The next difference is the history and knowledge behind this company. Dr. Chen, owner and founder,  owns several manuscripts from 5000 years of Chinese research with herbs that he has used extensively to create his formulations.

Difference #3 – Exclusive Process

The third difference is how the products are extracted and concentrated. Dr. Chen created a multi-million-dollar process for treating herbs that to this day no other company has been able to copy or is willing to invest in.

With SR’s phenomenal global success, there have been many companies latching onto the phrases we pioneered, like “herb food” and “The Philosophy of Regeneration” without understanding what they mean. These companies are still selling the same old Chinese or North American medicinal herbs but with new packaging.

Food Formulas to Nourish our Complete Body

We are very grateful for the Philosophy of Regeneration. These simple principles have cleared up many misconceptions and frustrations for us.

For example, these Chinese herb food formulas nourish complete body systems, when eaten with a balanced whole food diet.  Before this system came along, when we took herbal formulas, they singled out one organ or symptom to focus on.  It was always a constant guessing game trying to put together a program.  At any one time it would take at least ten different herbal combinations in addition to many single herbs.  As soon as one set of symptoms subsided, another set would crop up! It was a constant battle, back and forth, much like the story of the little boy trying to control a flood with one finger in the dike.

But then Sunrider came along and changed all that.  The formulas were not for any specific ailment! They were simply foods to encourage the body to balance, with no guesswork. You just have to eat them . . . how refreshing and how easy to share with others.

Calli Tea

Here’s a perfect example.  Calli, which is an herb food beverage, has become a staple in the diets of millions of
people.  How does Calli’s nourishment stack up against those herbs we used before we knew any better?

One evening, we sat around the kitchen table and listed all of the single herbs and combinations we had used in the distant past that were similar to the ingredients found in a single box of this herbal beverage. We discovered that those other herb products added up to well over $80 U.S.  A box of Calli beverage at that time (and about the same size) retailed for under $20 U.S.  What’s more, unlike those other herbs we used all those years, the ingredients in Calli are concentrated and enhanced, and yet still sold for under $20 U.S. That’s a big difference.

This same difference exists with all these herb food formulas. In the case of the the basic program, each one of the five Quinary formulas as well as the NuPlus formula replace countless herbs and formulas we used to use in the “old days,” at a fraction of the cost.

Yes, it’s apples and oranges: There really is no comparison between these herb food concentrate formulas and most other companies making what seem to be similar products.

Which foods would you rather be introducing into your diet on a daily basis?  Introduce your body to the Sunrider
difference.  It’s a philosophy that quickly becomes a way of life.

Written by Keith McBride

Join Diana Walker’s Healthy Lifestyles and other Sunriders enjoying these concentrated whole foods on a daily basis here:  Whole Raw Foods Health



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