Sunrider Prices Canada

Sunrider Prices Canada

Sunrider Retail Price List Canada March 2015


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Sunrider Prices Canada March 1, 2015
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Herbal Beverages – Calli and Fortune Delight Retail Prices
NOTE:  Effective in absorbing damaging free radicals, the antioxidants in these delicious and exceptional herbal beverages also help assist the body’s natural cleansing processes.
Calli Canada Retail Price is $14.97 for 10 pack
Fortune Delight is $14.97 for 10 pack

Sunrider Prices Canada Calli Tea Fortune Delight

Sunrider Prices Canada Calli Tea Fortune Delight

Sunrider Sunbars are formulated with herbal ingredients that serve as a foundation on which to build a healthy diet, and fill nutritional gaps.  Energy and Fiber bars, great for a quick snack any time of day, and particularly great when working out.

Sunbars are $25.06 for a box of 10 (Canada Retail price)

Sunrider Prices Canada Sunbar

Sunrider Prices Canada Sunbar

Sunrider Herbal Concentrates

Innovative, cutting-edge herbal concentrates.  Exclusive concentrates help you feel healthier, younger, more energetic.

Quinary Canada Retail Price is $50.30 for 100 capsules.

TOP, JOI and ESE each cost $77.70 for 100 capsules.

Sunrider Prices Canada Quinary Diana Walker

Sunrider Prices Canada Quinary Diana Walker

 Sunrider Active Lifestyle Products
– Sports and Weight Loss

Prices in Canada effective March 1, 2015:
Electrosport costs $46.60 for box of 10 vials
Evergreen costs $50.00 for box of 10 vials
SportCaps costs $52.10 for 100 capsules
SunTrim Plus costs $47.80 for 50 capsules

Sunrider Canada Prices Sports and Weight Loss

Sunrider Canada Prices Sports and Weight Loss

Sunrider Vitamins and Minerals contain unique formulas that combine vitamins with concentrated herbs and other natural ingredients to help provide balance, complement their inherent benefits, and maximize the body’s absorption of Vitamin C, Calcium and Magnesium, and Vitamin E.

Sunrider Prices Vitamins and Minerals Canada

Sunrider Prices Vitamins and Minerals Canada


Spirulina Health Benefits and Energy Boost:

1.  Iron – which is easily absorbed and digested (other plants such as spinach have iron, but may not be as easily absorbed as the iron in spirulina).

2.  Protein – Highest known source of assimilable Protein.  Since this is plant-based protein it is more easily digested.  Very high protein content.   300% more protein than fish, meat or poultry, without the cholesterol.  Contains essential and non-essential amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein)

Spirulina Healthy Plant Protein, B Vitamins, Minerals, Iron to order Sunrider Spirulina

Spirulina Healthy Plant Protein, B Vitamins, Minerals, Iron to order Sunrider Spirulina

Spirulina is 65-71 percent complete protein compared to beef, which is only 22 percent, and lentils, which is only 26 percent.

Spirulina is a species of edible micro algae and has a mild taste, a little bit of a nut-like flavor.   Humans have been eating this for centuries.

Testimonial from one Happy Customer:  “I am no longer tired in class”

The iron in blue-green algae has been found to be easily absorbed by the digestive system, unlike the iron found in spinach and various other plant sources.  Spirulina is composed largely of protein and is noted for its essential and non-essential amino acids, which are perfectly balanced. It also contains Pro-vitamin A, which is converted to Vitamin A by the body.

 3.  B-Complex and particularly Vitamin B12

This is know as the world’s richest source of B12 which is needed for healthy blood cells.

4.   Brain Food and Nervous System Food  contains Neuro-peptides – food for the brain and nervous system to produce endorphins

5.  Calcium – 26 times more calcium than milk

6.  Minerals – Rich in iron, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.  Also trace elements, such as selenium and chromium.

Sunrider Spirulina Difference:

Spirulina for Energy Boost Diana Walker

Spirulina for Energy Boost Diana Walker

This blue-green algae is cultivated in hygienic tanks and ponds under the latest scientific conditions.  It is important to know how the Spirulina you consume is grown because it can take on contaminants from its environment.  Dr. Chen has the highest quality and standards in his world-famous processing facilities, so we know the nutrition is the highest quality.

Spirulina Recipe

1.  Add to your green smoothies or any smoothies, for added nutrition.  Sunrider Green Smoothie

Sunrider Spirulina comes in capsules.  The herbs are very concentrated, and you can open the capsule into your smoothie, or sprinkle on your meal (like on rice or quinoa, along with vegetables)

Please feel free to contact Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, to help you get started enjoying this spectacular nutrition source, that is reasonably priced and easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

Ocean and fresh water algae, some of which are better known as seaweed, kombu, wakame, nori, dulse, kelp and Irish moss, are the richest, natural source of minerals, trace minerals and rare earth elements.

One type of algae in particular, the microalgaes such as Spirulina, which is grown in culture pools, or the wild variety, which is harvested in the lakes they grow in, have been eaten for their health benefits by millions of people for thousands of years.

The healing powers of microalgaes have long been recognized in China, Africa, Mexico, Japan and Europe.

This nutrient rich food has an unusually large proportion of high-quality protein (approximately 55-70%), with all eight amino acids present in an ideal balance.

  • Micro-algae has a considerable amount of vitamin B12 and is rich in iron, magnesium and trace minerals.
  • It also contains significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acid and it’s the most chlorophyll-rich organism on the planet due to its superior ability to perform photosynthesis.
  • When eaten daily, microalgae promotes detoxing because the chlorophyll binds with toxins and heavy metals and
  • carries them safely out of the body.
  • It also contains disease-fighting compounds called phytochemicals, carotenoids and many other micronutrients while rapid absorption and optimal assimilation of vital nutrients is made easy due to the soft cell glucose wall.

A quote from Mark Stengler, ND in A Natural Physician’s Healing Therapies said it best:

“Spirulina stimulates natural killer cells and similar anti-immune  components of the immune system that can help fight cancer cells.”

Another excellent quote is from Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford writes:

“The special form of protein in spirulina benefits those with problems resulting from excessive animal protein, which does not assimilate well and further burdens the body with waste products.”

For an excellent source of microalgae, Contact Diana Walker and try Sunrider’s Spirulina and feel the difference for yourself.


Cancer – healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices help.

Nutritional Shakes with Sunrider whole food nutrition along with Fruit, Almond milk, are delicious.

Sunrider Healthy Chinese NuPlus Smoothie

Sunrider Healthy Chinese Herbs – Smoothie with NuPlus, fruit, almond milk

Cancer kills one out of every four Americans, surpassed only by heart disease as the leading cause of death in this country. Over 1.2 million new cases are diagnosed every year, with half of them occurring in the lung, prostate, breast, colon and rectum.

It can strike at any age. It used to be more common in people over 50 but has increasingly become a disease of younger people now too.

Possible help from Vitamin E
The strongest evidence of vitamin E’s cancer effects comes from a study several years ago on nearly 30,000 Finnish smokers. It unexpectedly found those who took alpha-tocopherol pills lowered their prostate cancer risk by one-third. The same study shocked researchers by showing that another once highflying nutrient, beta carotene, appeared to actually increase their risk of lung cancer

Energy Plus
This comes in soft gelatin capsules which combine the antioxidant protection of Vitamin E with the helpful benefits of natural ingredients in an oil base for optimum utilization by the body.

You can use the NuPlus and Quinary in any smoothie you make and at any time of day.

The body, given the ability and the right nutrition, can heal itself.

More information here:

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are NOT claiming that any nutritional program will CURE Cancer – it will not.  There are many, many reasons for cancer, including environmental, hereditary, and emotional.  There is lots of “undoing” to do, so please consult with your Physician before embarking on any program.  Our emphasis is to create health within the body.

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NOTE: This article is for information purposes only and is separate from Sunrider International. It is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical problem, consult your physician.

Sunrider Fortune Delight Buy Online

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker Canada and USA

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker Canada and USA

Sunrider Fortune Delight Buy Online

Cleansing Detox Tea from Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader – available in Canada and USA Fortune Delight and Weight Loss and Diet Coke  Sports Drinks Health Benefits Electrolytes Dehydration

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Fortune Delight is superior to weight loss drinks, diet drinks, sports drinks, and other drinks that most people drink all summer in the heat!Does Diet Coke Make You Gain Weight?

Does Diet Coke Make You Fat?
Read about the dangers of diet coke, sports drinks, regular iced teas and other harmful effects of many common drinks

Click here—->  Does Diet Coke Make You Fat and Gain Weight?

Fortune Delight is healthy rather than unhealthy (many of the other drinks have artificial ingredients or caffeine or sugar)

Fortune Delight is delicous

Fortune Delight is economical

Fortune Delight is simple to prepare – just open the package and add to water!

You can feel great even with hot weather with delicious Fortune Delight beverage.

Drink Fortune Delight and Buy Online, cleansing tea from Sunrider.  Healthy Benefits possible:

– helps us in hot weather

– helps us when exercising

– helps us stay hydrated – don’t let yourself get dehydrated

– Low calorie herbal food beverage for everyday use

– Helps remove impurities, which may be stored in fat cells

– Assists the body’s natural cleansing cycle

– Healthy substitute for pop or colored & sugar sports drink

– Has been known to help:

• Boost energy levels

• Balance electrolytes

• Quench thirst

• Prevent dehydration during and after exercise

• Prevent dehydration in children and adults

Powdered Sunrider Fortune Delight mixes instantly with water – it is juiced and dehydrated plants, very close to nature, no preservatives or synthetic substances in the wonderful, delicious Fortune Delight!

Fortune Delight Buy Online

Available in 5 delicious flavors.  You can drink Sunrider Fortune Delight Hot or Cold.  Cold and iced Fortune Delight is absolutely delicious in the summer heat, and so refreshing!

Available in 3 gm. packs that makes 2 to 4 cups, depending on how strong your body likes it.

* Regular
* Lemon
* Peach
* Raspberry
* Cinnamon


I mail free Sunrider Fortune Delight samples to all my new Customers in the United States and Canada.

Available in 20-gm.packs (Regular and Peach only) that makes 2 quarts to 1 gallon.

Fortune Delight has the ability to re-hydrate the body and help restore electrolyte balance,

Try a Minimum of 3 small packets a day in as much water as you choose to put it in.

Sunrider Fortune Delight is excellent on any Weight Loss Program

Adding Fortune Delight can aid the function of the water in the cells, keeping them hydrated and functioning properly due to the mineral content.

Athletes, those who work out, those wanting to lose weight, and every one of us working and playing in the heat – love our Fortune Delight.

Fortune delight keeps the body hydrated and cool.

These Sunrider beverages are superior to Gatorade and all the Sports Drinks on the market.

Sports Drinks are loaded with sugar, aspartame and blue and green food coloring which your liver and kidneys must filter out!! Make the SWITCH to healthy beverages!

Buy Sunrider Fortune Delight Cleansing Detox Tea online immediately – see in the top right area – you can easily shop online with Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, as your Nutrition Coach and sponsor.  I am available to answer questions and provide ongoing support and education.

Sunrider Products USA and Canada June 24

Dr. Tei Fu Chen is the founder of Sunrider International, and has based all Sunrider products on the Philosophy of Regeneration.  Photo by Diana Walker of Sunrider products in my home in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Sunrider Products Diana Walker

Sunrider Products Diana Walker

This Philosophy has 4 important principles.

Principle #3   VARIETY

We all understand the importance of variety.  You tell your children to eat all of their food at dinner time so they get variety.  You don’t just let them eat rice at every meal. 

Every food has a weak point and a strong point.  Juice made from berries, gingko biloba, ginseng, etc. have positive and negative features.  Sunrider’s big difference is how the foods are put together.  

The Sunrider Basic Foods (as seen in my photo above) – include: Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, NuPlus, Quinary and Stevia.  I eat and drink them daily.  That is about 75 juiced plants every day!  Talk about whole food nutrition!  You get raw food health benefits even though these are not raw, but they are juiced whole foods.

The methods are extremely important – for putting food together the “correct” way and in correct proportions. 

Sunrider has variety but there is an art to knowing how to mix foods together.  No other company can compete with Sunrider’s:
1.  Trade Secret Formulations
2.  Special methods of Extraction
3.  Concentration

The Sunrider whole foods are created in a very unique way so that the “whole food” is preserved and nutritional value is exceptional.  Oh, and did I say – they are also DELICIOUS!!

Where do I buy Sunrider?  Buy Sunrider Calli Tea online with Diana Walker as your Sunrider sponsor and mentor.   I provide free samples of Sunrider Calli Tea to all new customers and to interested customers-to-be in USA and Canada.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader, Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA

Sunrider Products USA and Canada June22

Sunrider Products available in USA and Canada buy here:
Diana Walker Click Here:   

Dr. Tei Fu Chen is the founder of Sunrider International, and has based all Sunrider products on the Philosophy of Regeneration.  Photo of Dr. Tei Fu Chen taken by Diana Walker at Sunrider Convention in Hawaii.

Sunrider Dr Chen Diana Walker photo Hawaii

Sunrider Dr Chen Diana Walker

This Philosophy has 4 important principles.


Sunrider products nourish and cleanse your body to achieve BalanceBalance is the foundation of Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration and the basis of each product.

The Chinese culture has 5,000 years of herbal research and experience.  Dr. Chen has devoted his life to understanding this in order to put foods together in the perfect way. Unlike many other students of Chinese herbology who try to cure a specific illness, Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration is totally different.

The Sunrider whole foods are not created to Cure but rather to create Balance.

Where do I buy Sunrider?
Click here to get started —->  Buy Sunrider Products with Diana Walker as my Coach

Diana Walker provides free samples of Sunrider Calli Tea to all new customers and to interested customers-to-be in USA and Canada.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader, Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA


Quinary Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration Diana Walker Sunrider Leader
NBC; N=Nourish; B=Balance; C=Cleanse

NuPlus by Sunrider provides Nourishment.  The whole food herbal plants in the Sunrider Sunpack formulas pay close attention to the energy needs of the body as a whole.  The organs are linked together and energy flows from one organ system to another. 

Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration Diana Walker

Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration Diana Walker

NuPlus – whole body cellular energy formula
Calli Herbal Beverage – cellular cleanser
Quinary – support and nourish and balance the 5 basic systems of the body, Circulatory, Respiratory, Immune (Defense), Endocrine and Digestive systems.

One food can not be as beneficial as a combination of many foods.  Each Sunrider formula is a blend of perfectly balanced whole foods that work together to provide cellular energy.

When we attempt to focus on a single organ or system, this interrupts the natural flow of energy, stressing the other organs and systems.  The integrated Sunrider whole food formulas are designed to work together to support the energy cycles of the body.

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Sunrider whole foods are amazing! Sunrider nutrition creates a nurturing environment where our bodies come alive!! Regeneration is the key. Click Here to Buy Sunrider Products:  Nourish, Balance, Cleanse with NuPlus, Quinary and Calli Tea – you’ll love the way you feel!

You can order Sunrider Calli Tea, Sunrider NuPlus, Sunrider Quinary and Sunrider Fortune Delight here: with Diana Walker as your Sunrider Leader and Nutrition Coach.  Get started today on your Vibrant Health Journey!

Sunrider Calli Tea Customer Diana Walker

Order Sunrider Products Click here:Order Sunrider Calli Tea online with Diana Walker as your Sunrider sponsor and mentor.

Calli Tea NuPlus Quinary Fortune Delight Sunrider Shop Online in Canada and USA buy Sunrider products with Diana Walker as your Sunrider Nutrition and Whole Food Mentor, eat and drink healthy, powerful nutrition for Vibrant Health!  Feel Great, Look Great! Anti-aging whole foods.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader – Order Sunrider Products – I would love to assist you on your path to Vibrant Health, with powerful Sunrider whole food nutrition.  Calli Tea, NuPlus, Quinary, Sunrider Stevia and Fortune Delight.

NuPlus Sunrider Recipes #4

Sunrider NuPlus Diana Walker

Sunrider NuPlus, Diana Walker, Sunrider Calli Tea, Fortune Delight
Order Sunrider Calli Tea online with Diana Walker as your Sunrider sponsor and mentor. I provide free samples of Sunrider Calli Tea to all new customers and to interested customers-to-be in Canada and the United States.
NuPlus is delicious in hot or cold recipes.  You can eat Sunrider NuPlus for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

NuPlus mixed in Sunrider Fortune Delight or Calli is a delicious, quick, easy nutritious pick-me-up snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

NuPlus is also great 20 minutes before a meal, if you would like help in reducing cravings for junk food and sugar and other harmful snacks that we grab when we are not getting the proper nutrition that our body is craving.

1 package Mixed Berry Sunrider NuPlus
1/2 cup almonds, soaked 2 to 8 hours or
1/2 cup raw cashews, soaked 1 to 2 hours
4 dates, soaked 1 to 2 hours (save soak water)
3  peeled frozen bananas
3 cups cold filtered water or rice milk or apple juice

Optional flavorings:
1 tsp vanilla, 2 Tablespoons raw carob powder, 5 or 6 frozen or  fresh berries
1 tsp ground cinnamon or 1/2 package Fortune Delight Cinnamon

In blender, combine nuts, dates and water, milk or juice until smooth. Break frozen banana into pieces, add to mixture and blend until smooth. Add one or more optional flavors if desired. Pour into glasses. Serves four.

Order Sunrider Calli Tea online with Diana Walker as your Sunrider sponsor and mentor.   I provide free samples of Sunrider Calli Tea to all new customers and to interested customers-to-be in Canada and the United States.
Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader    1-800-840-0014