Fortune Delight

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker 2017

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker 2017

Fortune Delight Sunrider

Fortune Delight Sunrider

Fortune Delight

Fortune Delight is a Delicious all-natural powdered herbal concentrate beverage that is naturally low in calories and contains no fat, cholesterol, or artificial sweeteners – an excellent replacement for coffee, tea, soft drinks and soda. It helps with digestion and elimination of fats. Fortune Delight is rich in anti-oxidants and provides the body with natural energy.  Choice of Flavors – Peach, Lemon, Regular, Cinnamon and Raspberry.

Fortune Delight:

* Specially-formulated cleansing herbs including Camellia (green tea) extract
* Flavonoids, catechins, polyphenols and strong antioxidants
* Convenient, Delicious, thirst-quenching, hydrating and refreshing!

Camellia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract and less than 1% natural flavors.

Lemon – yellow package
Cinnamon – red package
Peach – pink package
Raspberry – fuchsia package
Regular – brown package

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* Reshape your body
* Protect your skin
* Look younger
* Get energy

* Colas, Sodas, Diet Drinks, Iced Teas
* Juices, Sport Drinks, Vitamin Water
* Any other beverage

How to Prepare – Instructions
* Dissolve in 1-4 cups of water
* Dissolve in warm or hot water, then add cold water if desired

Enjoy throughout the day:
* Drink through the afternoon
* Or add to your Calli® with extra water
* Great restaurant beverage
* Out and about – pour into bottle/quart water

Fortune Delight

This month it has been a joy and a privilege to share Sunrider’s delicious powdered Healthy Drink with dozens of people during 2 days of participating  in an Open House at Curves in Salmon Arm.  What a lot of joyful, health-minded members.

Tea Catechins – Green Tea and Black Tea

Green and black tea contain potent anti-oxidant polyphenols called flavanoids.  Polyphenols are most abundant in green tea.  Both black and green teas are made from the leaves of the same plant – Camellia Sinensis, but each is dried differently, giving different polyphenol contents.


The difference between traditional forms of black and green tea and Calli and Fortune Delight are:

1.  CONCENTRATED  It would be difficult to drink enough black and green tea to actually enjoy the preventative benefits of catechins. However, Calli and Fortune Delight are concentrated, thus making the catechins strong anti-oxidants.

2.  ALMOST NO CAFFEINE   (about what you would obtain from a piece of chocolate cake) NOTE: black and green tea are typically much higher in Caffeine and Tannic Acid. See here for more information:   The trace amounts of alkaloids that showed up in Calli (0.045ppm) are also found in much higher amounts in carrot juice, lettuce and peanut butter.  Coffee contains 650 ppm of caffeine.  Dr. Steven Smith’s comment on the caffeine is that, if anything, the trace amounts might act in a homeopathic way to “stimulate a healing, stabilizing response.”

3.  OTHER HERBS ADDED to the combination for their cleansing benefits and phytonutrient qualities, while green and black tea is from one herb.

Remember that the blend of both black and green is the ideal scenario found in Calli and Fortune Delight. Consistency is important. Don’t miss a day; the quality of your future depends on it.

Recently, many other beverage manufactures have “discovered” the various health advantages of drinking green tea.

Sunrider has used Green Tea in our herbal beverages for over 30 years (since 1982)

Fortune Delight and Calli Tea are much more than just green tea.  

This is an exclusive formula created using owner expertise with proven effectiveness.

The original formula is a secret recipe, 5,000 years old, taken from original manuscripts in Dr. Chen’s family. Only safe, pure whole food grade herbs are used.

So concentrated, you can make up to 12 cups of delicious, healthy tea with just one Calli bag.  Other teas are not as concentrated and can only make one cup from one tea bag.  Fortune Delight package can make from 2 cups to 8 cups per 3 ounce package of juiced and dried herbs.

Natural, delicious beverage contains powerful antioxidants to protect the body from free radicals.
Other beverages often contain artificial flavors, colors and highly refined sugar. Empty calories contribute to harmful free-radical overload.

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker

Organic Green Tea Facts

If you haven’t yet heard, green tea offers a wide variety of health benefits. One of the reasons that green tea is generally better than black tea is the way it’s processed. Both types come from the same plant, but black tea is fermented, while green tea is simply dried. This allows it to retain a lot more of its naturally occurring compounds. Then there is organic green tea, which doesn’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. In theory, that makes it even better for you, and people who drink it say it has a more fresh and aromatic quality than the regular kind.

While the use of strictly organic green tea goes back before written history (everything was organic then, right?), it may go back over one hundred thousand years. There is no doubt that the medicinal effects of the plant have been well-known by people in China long before scientists and medical researchers started looking into it. One of the earliest known uses of tea–apart from being a beverage–was to treat wounds and control bleeding.

These ancient cultures didn’t understand the chemistry of tea leaves, but they were still able to see the positive effects it had on their health. Today, scientists know a lot more about what makes tea tick. Among the main compounds found in green tea are catechin polyphenols, an antioxidant that packs a wallop. It has been shown to reduce the formation of blood clots, kill or inhibit some cancer cells and lower bad cholesterol. Drinking green tea is like opening up a medicine chest provided by Mother Nature herself.

What Makes Green Tea So Good for You?

What is it about green tea that makes it so good for you? After all, there are many different varieties of tea, and all of them come from the same plant. That’s our first clue as to what makes green tea special. All tea may be derived from the same plant, but what makes each kind different is how it’s processed. Black tea, for example, is fermented before it reaches the consumer. This allows some of the beneficial nutrients to leech out during processing. Green tea, on the other hand is simply dried. Then you pour hot water over the tea leaves and that’s all there is to it. This minimal use of processing keeps many more of the healthy nutrients intact.

You have already read some of what organic green tea can do, but there are even more things it does: cavity prevention, boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, helps bone density and aids indigestion. The other big thing it does is help with weight loss. It does this by reducing how much cholesterol and fat the body absorbs, helps you feel fuller and increases metabolism. Green tea contains some caffeine, so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to it. That being said, with all it has going for it, green tea is one thing just about everybody should add to their daily routine.

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