Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight

Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight

Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight and Evergreen and Vitashake and Quinary – These are just a few of the Sunrider products that I eat and drink every day, and I have for over 22 years.  My Family and Extended Family all love Sunrider whole food plant-based nutrition.

My sons are flying back to the Caribbean.  They loved having Sunrider Fortune Delight and Evergreen when they were here.  My sisters and I always take our Sunrider products when we are travelling.  We are definitely a “Sunrider Family”!!

I am so grateful.  Here’s why!

  1.  Sunrider Founder Dr. Tei Fu Chen was so far ahead of everyone, and started Sunrider International over 36 years ago (in 1982)
  2.  I don’t have to do my own juicing!!!  Juiced plants are so popular now!!!  Dr. Tei Fu Chen started juicing plants 36 years ago.  His expertise in juicing and drying the exact herbs and plants that we need to live a vibrantly healthy life, is unsurpassed.
  3. The Fortune Delight, Vitashake and Evergreen are a delicious and convenient way to get powerful antioxidants and nutrition daily.
  4. It is so easy to get Whole Food Concentrates.  Whole foods are what we want.  Our bodies do not know how to process vitamins and minerals when they are isolated.  That is not how we are made!  Our cells need whole food nutrition, preferably lots and lots of PLANTS!

Owner expertise is especially important in the health and beauty industry to evaluate the safety, quality, and effectiveness of the herbs.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen has a degree in Pharmacy and is a world-renowned Herbalist.

Dr. Oi-Lin Chen is a licensed Medical Doctor in the United States.

They lead a team of scientists to research, formulate, and manufacture all of Sunrider’s products. You will never find questionable or unsafe ingredients in our products.

Fortune Delight®
Comes in 5 Delicious flavours: Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Cinnamon and Original
See more information here:

* Cleanses the body with naturally derived antioxidants
* Provides healthy hydration for workouts or dieting
* Revitalizes without a sugar or caffeine “crash”
* Supports any weight-loss program

Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight and Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration

What makes Sunrider products the best?

• The Philosophy of Regeneration®:

A unique blueprint by which every Sunrider® product is made to help Nourish, Balance and Cleanse the body so it can run optimally.
See more here on NBC (Nourish, Balance, Cleanse with Sunrider):

• Concentration:

Of course antioxidants are good for you, but their benefits are multiplied exponentially with proper concentration.
That’s why every Sunrider® product is highly concentrated—to provide maximum benefits and effectiveness.

• Owner Expertise:

Sunrider’s owners are professionals in Medicine, Pharmacy, and Herbal Studies
They know exactly what they are doing and what goes into every product.
To assist in product endeavors, Sunrider hires only the most talented, experienced, knowledgeable professionals.

According to the Philosophy of Regeneration™, the body can balance itself when nourished and cleansed with the proper nutrition.

Thus, all Sunrider® products are exclusively formulated to keep a balance between yin (nourish) and yang (cleanse) and the body’s five systems.

Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight

It would be my joy and pleasure to help you get started on these wonderful and delicious plant-based whole foods here:

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Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight

Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight and Vitashake

Sunrider Diana Walker Fortune Delight

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge:
Sunrider is embarking on a series of Slim Down Challenges.

Here is the link to the Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge on Facebook:

My wonderful friend and Sunrider sponsor, Trudy, has provided a very helpful outline of a routine that she is following while travelling in New Zealand!
NOTE:  Trudy also added the fact that she drinks Fortune Delight all day long.  Her favourite is Original.  My favourite Fortune Delight is Peach.  You also have choices of Lemon, Raspberry and Cinnamon.  They are all delicous!

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge

Vitashake or Nuplus or what is recommended by the Slim Down Challenge program, mixed into Fortune Delight or Calli tea, with a package of Quinary added and Sunectar.
Add a Sunbar and that is Breakfast.

You have a choice, you can have Sunrider’s Sunfit Protein Plus (only available in USA), or use Sunrider NuPlus or Vitashake, with fruit and Almond Milk in a smoothie (add Spinach/Celery/Cucumber)
and Fruit (1/2 Banana, several Strawberries)
or a green salad with lemon juice, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini
or other vegetables, along with 3 – 4 oz. of lean protein.
I love chicken or fish and I like to add a few Cashews
or Almonds ( about 10) to my salad.

Steamed or stir fried vegetables,
(I love broccoli, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms,
cabbage and whatever I have in the fridge)
along with 3 – 4 oz of lean protein.
Everything from eggs, to fish, to chicken, or beef,
have this along with ½ cup steamed rice, or ½ cup pasta,
or 1 small potato (sweet or regular)
You can make your supper into a stew or soup if you prefer.

Lunch and supper are switchable.

Mid morning and mid afternoon
if you are hungry have a snack of fruit or
vegetables or a Sunrider Sunbar.
Eat enough to feel satisfied but not overfull.

I have been eating like this for two weeks.
It is very sustainable and the good news is
I am down 5 pounds in that time.
No real big effort other than really eating
healthy and since I am in a warm climate
I get to walk outside and smell the roses!

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge


With the Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge,
they recommend two shakes a day.
Breakfast and Lunch, or Breakfast and Supper
with one good balanced meal a day.
I just find that I need two meals,
one smaller than the other.
I seem to need the extra protein.
If people are in the U.S. they can get the
two new shakes that have a lot more protein.
Hence the two shakes a day and one balanced meal.

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge Canada

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge Canada

The four products recommended in Canada are

Vitashake    or   NuPlus

Sunrider Sunbar


Fortune Delight

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge USA

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge USA

The four products recommended in USA are

  1.  Sunfit Protein Plus

  2.  Suntrim Shake

  3. Fortune Delight

  4. Vitataste

Doing these two times a day you can lose up to 4%
of your body weight in 4 weeks.
It is really working for me right now with those one
Sunrider meal and a small lunch with a larger supper.
I am well on my way to dropping 4% in three weeks
at the rate I am going.
I feel satisfied too and not hungry all the time.
Feels good.

I forgot to say you can have a boiled egg for a snack
instead of the fruit or vegetables or sunbar if you want.
It all works.

It is much easier to do away from home and away from busy, busy lives.
Right now we are pretty relaxed and I love it.

Love you too girl,

I can tell you are having a great time from your avalanche of photos on face book.





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Enjoy Vitashake


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Here is the link to the Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge on Facebook:

“Sunrider is pleased to announce the SunFit National Slim Down Challenge! We are a national community of people supporting one another in our weight loss & fitness goals. Together, we create an inspiring environment for you to be your best you. Through the encouragement and support of our SunFit Team and our participants, we will share ideas, challenges and successes that help us all lead our most healthy and fulfilling lives.”


Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge

Starting 4 weeks of 4 Sunrider Products for 4% Weight Loss

4:00 pm today (Pacific Time)

MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019


Phone: 1-408-638-0968

Access Code:  228 281 178#

Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge
Make a Commitment to Get Fit Today!

Are you interested in jump-starting your weight-loss
goals for summer AND learning skills that help you 
maintain your results?

The National Slim Down Challenge is the perfect program
to support you in your efforts.

The Sunrider National Slim Down Challenge is a
healthy weight-loss challenge that encoursges
people to lose weight and get fit in just 4 weeks.

By participation, you will experience a collaborative
approach to weight loss in an environment that is
supportive, encouraging and challenges you to be
the best YOU.

Weekly meetings, led by a Sunfit Team of specialists,
and an interactive Facebook Group and Support Chat
set you up with the tools you need to succeed!

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?  The more understanding and knowledge people have, the less expensive the products will be to them. Then again, it depends how people use the products, how much they use and how many different products they consume.

Sunrider Calli Tea Beverage

I have friends who like Calli beverage very strong. They put two bags in one cup. You might think this is very expensive ($2 a cup). Well, it is still cheaper than a cup of coffee at Starbucks and much healthier for the body!

Then there are Sunriders who will make 4 to 8 liters (1 – 2 gallons) of Calli beverage out of just one bag ($0.02 a cup).
This way 50 people can enjoy a cup of Calli from just one bag.

Are Sunrider Products Expensive Diana Walker

Are Sunrider Products Expensive Diana Walker

Some people like Sunrider products so much that they use every one of the more than 400 products that Sunrider provides.

And then there are Sunriders who are so eager to see positive results fast, they consume large quantities of products each day. This can be more costly.

Sunrider products are very inexpensive when we understand their value, considering they give us results like no other products on the market.

Are Sunrider Products Expensive? Sunrider products are 7 to 40 times concentrated.

The fact that Sunrider products are 7 to 40 time concentrated means that the company will take up to 40 lbs and concentrate it down to 1 lb or they will take 40 kg and concentrate it down to 1 kg.

Sunrider extracts the bulk and water out of herbs and plants and end up with just nutrients still in a life force form that are so essential for our body.

Read PDF File here:   Are Sunrider Products Expensive Diana Walker

Regular food today is Depleted of Nutrients

The regular food today is so depleted of nutrients and there is no wonder that people get tired, have low energy or end up sick.

We still eat regular food for bulk and some nutrition but we need to supplement.

Vitamins and minerals are NOT the answer. They are just chemical isolates, without life force and are difficult for the body to absorb or even eliminate.

You can choose Sunrider foods, not just for their powerful concentration, but also for the variety of different herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that are not available in our grocery stores but are so essential for the well being of our body.


Click here:


If we eat just our basic NBC program which is: Nu-Plus, Calli and Quinary, we will enjoy over 100 different highly concentrated foods.

In the grocery stores you will find around 75 fruits and vegetables and of course we cannot eat them all each day.  This is the Sunrider difference.

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?  NO! Here is The Sunrider Difference:

  1.  Because the products are so concentrated we will not overeat and at the same time will nourish our body with 100’s of foods each day to keep the body healthy, strong and in balance.
  2. Sunrider products are formulated and enhanced, making sure the herbs work the best for us and that there are no side effects.
  3. All the herbs are food grade herbs and can be eaten in large amounts.
  4. Sunrider foods are inexpensive when you consider the high concentration, formulation and enhancement which create great value and incredible positive results.

Sunrider products are foods not just supplements and can replace many groceries and drinks. This way we can save about 50% on food and up to 100% on drinks.

Related Post by Diana Walker re Sunrider 30-Day Cost:

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Sunrider Newsletter by Diana Walker here:

Sunrider Foods Organic

Sunrider Foods Organic

Sunrider Foods Organic Question – Sometimes, our customers and IBOs wonder if we use organic ingredients.

Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation.

A government agency must inspect and certify the farm before the food can be labeled “organic.”

Our products primarily use herbs and plants that grow in the wild in their natural environment.

Dr. Chen states:  I believe nature is the best “farmer”. Man cannot successfully duplicate many of nature’s best creations. That’s why we use ingredients grown by nature rather than organic farms.”

As a manufacturer of health foods, I am especially concerned about the environment. Because of pollution, many foods, even organic foods, may contain unacceptable levels of heavy metals. We monitor the heavy metal content of our herbs and often reject hundreds of pounds of herbs that do not meet our strict standards.

In addition to the heavy metal content, I also care about how our foods are handled. All herbs and plants, whether grown in the wild, in an organic farm, or in a traditional farm, have dirt, pests, and other contaminants. We take the extra steps of cleaning the herbs by hand and machine rather than grinding and/or irradiating the herbs along with their contaminants.

Sunrider Foods Organic Diana Walker 2011

Sunrider Foods Organic Diana Walker 2011

We also use a trade-secret manufacturing process to extract and concentrate the beneficial essences from our herbs. This makes the final product much more powerful and effective than just mixing the herbs on the ingredient listing.

I want all of you to have confidence that Sunrider uses the best ingredients and makes the best products.

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen
Founder and Chairman of the Board

Sunrider Foods Organic Question and see more here on Sunrider Non-GMO:

Sunrider Nutrition is Non-GMO

Legal Corner Last Updated: 06/19/2009

Sunrider Uses Whole, Natural Soybeans in VitaShake® and NuPlus

All Sunrider® products are formulated and manufactured according to the Philosophy of Regeneration™.
We maintain the highest level of quality control and even use pharmaceutical grade machinery in our state-of-the-art, company owned manufacturing facilities to create our natural, whole food products.

Sunrider Self-Manufactures

Sunrider self manufactures in order to ensure the safety, quality, and efficacy of our products.  Do you realize how RARE that is in today’s world?  Most companies purchase their products from other manufacturers!

In accordance with the Philosophy of Regeneration™, Sunrider strives to use a large of variety of herbs and natural ingredients in order to nourish, balance, and cleanse the body.

Recently, a shipment of our all-natural products was stopped at the Chinese border by Chinese customs officials. Each and every one of our marvelous products was scrutinized by these officials, who ultimately refused to allow VitaShake® to enter China due to their claim that there may be trace amounts of genetically modified soybeans in the product, which were not declared on the product label.

Sunrider subsequently provided China with our IP Certificate (Identity Preserved Certificate), which certifies that our ingredients have in fact been sourced only from non-genetically modified soybeans.

While 80% of soybeans produced in the U.S. are genetically modified, Sunrider has chosen to use only whole, natural soybeans. Because genetically modified soybeans may be grown in the same or adjacent fields as natural soybeans, it is possible that trace amounts of genetically modified soybeans may come into contact with natural soybeans.

Sunrider still takes it upon itself to clean its natural soybeans through rigorous production processes and quality control so that they are as free of contaminants as possible, including GMO.

Our label accurately reflects our choice in this natural ingredient.
Sunrider will continue to use only the best natural ingredients in accordance with the Philosophy of Regeneration™.


During the 2009 Convention we had an explanation directly from Dr. Tei Fu Chen.
We are so very, very fortunate to have Dr. Chen – he is a Genius, and a Visionary.

Dr. Chen explained how it has taken him years to develop a process to get rid of heavy metals.
“We use 3 layers of Extraction and Filtration.
We are so proud. These are the safest products on the market”


Dr. Chen does NOT:
1. Use Fumigation — there is still so much residue left.
2. Use Radiation – this kills everything, even the taste changes

Dr. Chen has a new Registered Technique to:
1. Get rid of Heavy Metals
2. Sterilize the Herbs



All of Sunrider’s herbs are food grade herbs. The formulas are designed for the challenges of our time.

We are inundated with toxins at every turn, in the air, water and food. Our foods are deplete of nutrients and our stress levels are soaring.

Sunrider Foods Organic?

The Sunrider products are designed to Nourish the body with pure nutrients, rich in live enzymes and co-enzymes (known as vitamins), phytonutrients, antioxidants. The products also feed the cleansing systems of the body so that the body has the strength and capability to eliminate the toxins that it has stored. The products serve to bring balance back to the body. The Chinese understand that all illness is a lack of balance.

2004 – Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Founder of Sunrider International – Visionary and Ahead of His Time!

(In 2004) Dr. Chen has recently purchased a new, 1 million square foot building, which is nearly five times bigger than the City of Industry manufacturing in California. He will be using this building for the new revolutionary process that he developed a year ago.

Dr. Chen has shared with us how polluted the world has become. At one time he was able to just clean the herbs and the product was pure. Now the toxins are in the water, air and soil, which contribute to high concentrations of heavy metals inside fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish and meat. In an outstanding achievement for Sunrider, Dr. Chen has developed a new sterilization process that is able to eliminate toxicity in the plants and eradicate bacteria, insects and mould. At the same time, Sunrider products that had previously been concentrated 7 times will now be concentrated up to 40 times. People are experiencing very positive results in just days. Sunrider is the only company in the world with this highly advanced technology.

Most companies in the USA must fumigate or radiate the herbs. Sunrider does not do this because the herbs are already cleaned at our overseas plants, and are approved.

Fumigation is a process that uses poisonous gas to remove insects, bacteria and mould.

Radiation is even more unsafe and will change the chemical composition of herbs, making them lose their function.

Too many people are getting diagnosed with diseases created by poor nutrition and toxicity. The government is warning us not to eat much fish and other food because they are polluted with heavy metals. Dr Chen is not just talking but doing something about it. Due to his commitment to quality, Sunrider could soon be the one of the only safe foods available.

Sunrider Foods Organic – You are already spending money on groceries, drinks, skincare, cosmetics, etc.
You can get more for their money by switching to Sunrider!

Please use this form if you would like to buy Sunrider products:

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Digestion Stomach Problems

Digestion Stomach Problems Video 3

By age 40 no digestive enzymes left.
You are not digesting your food properly.
You are using antacids because you think you need them.
You are causing the problems with what you eat and drink (along with stress).

Digestion Stomach Problems caused by Stomach Busters Video #3

“Stomach Busters” include:
• Coffee
• Regular tea
• Alcohol
• Sugar
• Chocolate
• Salt
• Preservatives
• Artificial Sweeteners
• Tobacco

To add to that, we’ve got:
• Prescription drugs, and things like aspirin
• Stress

These are the things that are hardest on our stomachs. Too much of any one of these things will make your stomach feel uncomfortable because it shocks it.

Digestion System Problems Age 40 Serious Not Enough Enzymes, Antacids are not the solution

Digestion System Problems Age 40 Serious Not Enough Enzymes, Antacids are not the solution

If the stomach was working perfectly, you’d have lots of digestive enzymes and lots of mucus. The mucus helps the stomach protect itself from stomach acid.

Digestion Stomach Problems – By Age 8 !

They’ve determined that by age 8 many children’s stomachs have already gone into shock and have already become weakened by constant sugar and chocolate and salt, etc. Most people think they can eat terribly one day, and the next day they’ll have a fresh start, but it doesn’t work that way. There’s a certain amount of accumulation.

Digestion Stomach Problems – By Age 40

By age 40, many people have very little digestive enzyme left, and as the stomach loses digestive enzyme, the mucus layer deteriorates.

So you have very little digestive enzyme or mucus, and you’ll eat, say, some chocolate, or an orange with that little bit of citric acid in it. In your stomach, the stomach acid is immediately driven upwards and there’s no protection from the mucus, and it irritates the wall of your stomach. Your stomach starts spasming, so it tightens and squishes. When it squishes, it just pushes that acid even higher up into the esophagus where there’s no mucus at all and we feel a burn. We think, “Oh, I have an overactive stomach,” and we reach for an antacid.

Digestion Stomach Problems – Low Digestive Enzymes

Meanwhile, everything in the stomach is tightening and something needs to give. It’s struggling and straining against the diaphragm. So it’s either going to pull your head down – which doesn’t usually happen!! – or it’s going to start pulling itself up past the diaphragm.

It gets a bolus stuck there, under the diaphragm, and that’s what a Hiatus Hernia is. The bolus stretches the valve at the top of the stomach out of place, and when you lie down at night, you can have the problem where the acid runs right into your throat.

Sometimes people don’t experience this to a great extent, but they do notice the pressure in their chests and more problems elsewhere. The biggest problem from this, from low digestive enzymes, is that you aren’t digesting your foods properly. Undigested food, especially proteins, starts passing down into the intestines and your liver is absorbing these nutrients up so it can transfer them into your blood stream. The liver will pick up these chunks of undigested protein that were supposed to be emulsified, but are now being absorbed in a chunk. That’s where your food allergies come from – specialists will always tell you that it’s the protein in food that your body reacts to. Why is your body reacting to a protein? Because you don’t have the digestive enzymes to break it down.

Digestion Stomach Problems can be caused by “Stomach Busters” which include:

(1) Coffee
(2) Regular Tea
(3) Alcohol
(4) Sugar
(5) Chocolate
(6) Salt
(7) Prescription Drugs
(8) Artificial Sweeteners
(9) Tobacco and
(10) Prescription Drugs
(11) Stress

Children – by age 8 – have weakened stomachs. So sad that they eat so much crap. Accumulation. By age 40, very little digestive enzymes left Very little acid left in stomach. No protection. Mucous becomes less. Stomach tightens. We feel burning and reach for Antacid. Acid runs into your throat. Acid indigestion. This is due to eating the Stomach Busters…. or Stress, usually!

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Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader
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More Digestion Audios and Videos…
Click here: Digestion Help

Sunrider Digestion Video 1

Sunrider Digestion Video 1

How to have a Healthy Digestive System, Diana Walker friend Jim Pendree, both Sunrider Leaders. How to have healthy digestion. Chinese herbs and Raw foods health benefits. Will our foods help our body to regenerate or degenerate? Demonstration of how our body works, how to be healthy.

Sunrider Digestion #1 How to Have a Healthy Digestive System

I want to help you understand how you can be more fit, have more energy, and feel the greatest you possibly can.

Digestion Help Sunrider Digestion Herbs Diana Walker Assimilaid, Vitadophilus, Sunbar, Vitashake

Digestion Help Sunrider Digestion Herbs Diana Walker Assimilaid, Vitadophilus, Sunbar, Vitashake

Now, most people at one time or another have tried health products and have had the kind of result where they think, “I think I feel better, but I’m not sure.”  They don’t notice a change or a difference to how they felt before they started the product.  There are several reasons for that.  Most books and programs give you a neat idea, but that idea is never complete.  They’re always focused on one thing, and the general idea is that, if you give your body x-y-z nutrients, it will be okay.  It doesn’t work like that.  I’ve never found a book that was totally complete, as far as giving me everything I need to know to be healthy.

First, we take our basic nutrients – the core nutrients our body needs.  From that, we subtract two things.

We subtract

  1. Bad foods and bad beverages (things that we all know are bad for us!)
  2. Everyday Foods like Wheat (Gluten)

The first thing we subtract is bad foods and beverages.

These are things like

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Sweeteners – things that we know are very bad for us.

The second thing we subtract is basic foods (that are hard to digest).  What are some of these basic foods?

  • Wheat/Gluten
  • Corn (GMO) – includes High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Soy (GMO)

Wheat (Gluten) – To give you an example, 80% of the population have a sensitivity to wheat; they find wheat difficult to digest.  A lot of people have problems like this.  They have sensitivities to foods they eat on a daily basis, but they’re so used to experiencing how they feel with these foods in their diets that they don’t know anything different.  They don’t know how much better they could feel.  You have to take those foods out of your diet before you’ll actually understand – “Wow!  This is how I feel without those!”

So you have your basic nutrients, and then you subtract bad foods and beverages and basic foods you have trouble digesting.  What you have left over is energy That’s the core.

So let’s say, looking at this, that you buy some vitamins, and you add them to your diet, but you leave in all the bad “junk foods” and everyday foods.  It’s impossible for you to notice an improvement.  You’re not actually going to the source of the problem!

Sunrider Digestion Suggestions

Now we look at specific nutrients – the nutrients that the Chinese, for example, took 5000 years to figure out.  They found out what foods are on your specific system’s shopping lists – what your digestive system needs, or your circulatory system, or your immune system.  They found foods that they could provide the body with every day to be strong and healthy.  Over in the west, we eat per taste.  We look at our food choices, and we make our choices based on what we like.  In the east, they focus on what the food actually does, rather than how it tastes.

Whether or not you eat these system-specific foods determines whether or not your body will regulate or regenerate.  What does regenerate mean?  On a small scale, let’s say you cut yourself, and then you heal.  That’s what we’re used to.  But you can take that concept to a much further extent.  Why can’t your body fix its liver, or its large intestine, or its pancreas?  Truth be told, your body can regenerate almost anything.  In the west, we assume we have to go to the doctor to achieve that.  We have to take medication and allow that to fix us.
Sunrider Digestion System-Specific Foods include Sunrider Vitadophilus, Sunrider Sunbars, and Sunrider Vitashake.

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Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader
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More Sunrider Digestion Audios and Videos:
here: Digestion Help

Sunrider Regeneration

Sunrider whole foods are “True Foods”, healthy foods, like Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, NuPlus and Vitashake.  These are important “building blocks” for the “house of your dreams”!

If you give a contractor the blueprint for the house of your dreams, but only provide the building materials for a SHACK, there’s simply no way you’re ever going to get that dream house built.

The same is true for your body!!!

Without the necessary nutrients and building blocks your body requires to create healthy new cells,
you will not regenerate your body to its fullest potential.

If the body is fed nutritious food, the new cells will be healthier than before. This is healthy Regeneration.

Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration is very simple:  When the body is provided with proper nutrition, it has the innate ability to balance itself.

Every day, old cells die and new cells are born.

In fact, on average, every seven years you are literally a new person because every cell in your whole body has been replaced with new cells.

True Foods:

• Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables
• Fresh Organic Greens
• Raw Nuts, Sprouted Grains and Legumes
• Sunrider Whole Food Concentrates  –  NuPlus, Vitashake, Quinary
• Sunrider Stevia, Raw Honey and Pure Maple Syrup
• Sunrider Cleansing Teas  –  Calli Tea and Fortune Delight
• Sea Salt, Bragg’s All Purpose Seasoning

False Foods:
• Fast Food
• Processed Food with Chemicals, Preservatives and Additives
• Refined Grain Products with Gluten
• Isolated Vitamins and Minerals
• Sugar, Aspartame and Nutrasweet
• Coffee, Soda Pop and Artificially Sweetened Beverages
• Salt and High Sodium Condiments
• Factory Farmed Meat and Dairy
• Alcohol, Wine and Beer

Sunrider True Foods Diana Walker help with Healthy and Nutrition

Sunrider True Foods Diana Walker help with Healthy and Nutrition

False Foods junk food fast food leads to Degeneration

False Foods junk food fast food leads to Degeneration

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider

NBC-Nourish-Balance-Cleanse-Sunrider Diana WalkerNourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider (this is called the NBC Program)


1. NuPlus – 1 to 3 packages Daily (or Vitashake/Sunbars)

2.  Quinary – 3 to 10 capsules daily (or 1 package daily or more)

3.  Calli and Fortune Delight – 1 package of each daily (or more)


1.  NUPLUS – 1 to 3 packages daily  (or Vitashake/Sunbars)

2.  QUINARY – 3 to 10 capsules daily (or 1 package daily or more)

3.  CALLI AND FORTUNE DELIGHT – 1 package of each daily (or more)

4.  STEVIA – 10 to 20 drops daily (or more)

Sunrider SunPack NuPlus, Quinary, Fortune Delight

Nourish Balance Cleanse Sunrider Basic Program

SUNPACK – DAILY BALANCE, ONCE A DAY $218.91 U.S. / $297.96 Canada


3 NuPlus® Simply Herbs™ 10/15 g pks
3 Fortune Delight® Original 10/3 g pks
3 Quinary® 10/5 g pks powder

SUNPACK – DAILY BALANCE, TWICE A DAY  $410.53 U.S. / $555.01 Canada


1 NuPlus® Simply Herbs™ 60/15 g pks
1 Fortune Delight® Original 60/3 g pks
1 Quinary® 60/5 g pks powder

(also called “Meal in a Mug” or Regeneration Program)  

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Read  – Simplicity in Nutrition – Sunrider Nourish Balance Cleanse:  

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Sunrider Recipes Links Diana Jan 31 2018

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider NuPlus Quinary Calli Tea

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider NuPlus Quinary Calli Tea

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Simplicity In Nutrition!

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Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Sunrider Leader

N – Nourish with NuPlus (and Vitashake):
For nourishment for all your cells, NuPlus is a balanced whole food concentrate that energizes and helps reduce unhealthy cravings. NuPlus is enzyme rich, complex carbohydrate food that fills in the gaps that regular meals do not satisfy. Also great for “Energy”. Vitashake and Sunbars are also incredible for nourishing the cells and energy.

B – Balance with Quinary:
For the five major systems: 50 concentrated foods designed to nourish the digestive, circulatory, immune, respiratory and endocrine systems, and to keep the energy balanced between the five.

C – Cleanse with Calli & Fortune Delight:
Calli – A great replacement for coffee or regular tea. This whole food beverage with unique herbal extracts assists in the body’s natural cleansing processes and reduces unwanted fat and cholesterol in the blood. It is rich in antioxidants and catechins. Calli enhances mental focus.

Fortune Delight – Is a great tasting all-natural powdered herbal concentrate beverage that is naturally low in calories and contains no fat, cholesterol, or artificial sweeteners – an excellent replacement for coffee, tea, soft drinks and soda. It helps with digestion and elimination of fats. Fortune Delight is rich in anti-oxidants and provides the body with much energy.

Sunectar (Suncare) and SunnyDew (Suncare Plus) is a very sweet stevia plant extract with no calories. In many countries it is used instead of sugar. Stevia is an excellent supplement to your diet to help maintain normal blood sugar levels – food for pancreas and adrenal.

Sunrider Stevia is all natural stevia leaf liquid extract with chrysanthemum flowers. It makes every Sunrider drink very tasty and will make water taste delicious.

Diana Walker, Sunrider


Sunrider Foods That Love You

Sunrider Foods That Loves You Back Happy Valentines Day!

Sunrider Foods That Loves You Back Happy Valentines Day!

Sunrider Foods That Love You!

Sunrider Foods – Your Choices Now will dictate your Health in the Future!
Choose Food that LOVES you back!

I am so grateful that my good friend Trudy Stoelting introduced me to Sunrider Chinese herbal nutrition almost 20 years ago! I made a Tribute to Trudy Video which I want to share with you. I am so very grateful to her for introducing me to these life-changing formulas, and I am also grateful to have such a wonderful friend.

Sunrider Foods That Love You Back!

If you are already a Sunrider Customer – I know you are LOVING your powerful nutrition, and that it LOVES you back!!
If you are not yet a Sunrider Customer – I would love to be your coach and Nutrition Consultant – just become a free Customer here:

When you listen to Trudy’s story and watch our “adventures” together  in the video above, you will learn that cravings for junk food disappear, and cravings for Healthy Food develop, just by simply implementing a few changes.  Add Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, Sunrider NuPlus, Vitashake, Stevia, Quinary, into your daily routine, and you will be Vibrantly Healthy!

Sunrider Foods – Important Link for More Photos and Trudy Stoelting Sunrider story here:


Trudy Stoelting Sunrider

Be sure to watch the full video – it’s just over 5 minutes long – I hope you enjoy it!


Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Update February 2016… It was wonderful to meet up with my good friend and Sunrider Leader Trudy Stoelting in Vancouver.  Trudy and her husband Rye flew in from Nova Scotia to visit family, and I arrived in Vancouver to visit family, so we were able to meet up for dinner and to celebrate 20 years of Sunrider with Calli Tea.  Here’s our photo!!

Trudy Stoelting and Diana Walker Sunrider Vancouver February 5 2016

Trudy Stoelting and Diana Walker Sunrider Vancouver February 5 2016