Sunbar Sunrider

Sunbar Sunrider

Sunbar Sunrider – Healthy Energy Bar, Healthy Fiber Bar, Healthy Plant-based Vegetarian Snack Br.

We had fun creating this video – Sunbar Sunrider Webinar with Trudy and Diana on April 13, 2017

NOTE:  Sunrider Soy is Non-GMO  See more information here:

NOTE:  Sunrider Soybean is NOT Isolated Soy.  Read more here:
Soy Protein

Highlights include:
1. contain NuPlus
2. High Fiber
3. Protein Bars
4. Energy Bars
5. Vegetarian Bars
6. Can be Meal Replacement (2 bars)
7. Weight Loss
8. Nutritious Snack
9. Convenient

Sunbar Sunrider Diana Walker Energy Bar Fiber Bar Healthy Delicious

Sunbar Sunrider Diana Walker Energy Bar Fiber Bar Healthy Delicious

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VIDEO – Dr. Reuben Chen, Sunrider International

Sunbar Sunrider

The low-calorie, high-fiber meal replacement bar.

Have you ever read the ingredients in commercially available “health bars”? Most are loaded with sugars, fats and other unwanted ingredients. At 200-400 calories per bar, it’s almost a joke to call them health bars; many are just glorified candy bars. Where’s the health in that?

The 120-calorie healthy snack bar that actually IS good for you.

SunBars are a great source of fiber, protein, prebotics, and live enzymes. Instead of a sugary snack, treat yourself to a SunBar. It will give you the energy and nutrition you need while helping you maintain a healthy weight.

• Vegetarian
• Natural prebiotics
• Enzyme-rich
• 4 grams of soluble herbal fiber in each bar
• 7 grams of high-quality vegetable protein
• Only 120 calories per bar
• No added sugars
• No trans fats
• No saturated fats
• Two bars make a healthy meal replacement

Sunrider’s SunBars promote healthy digestion and elimination of waste by including plentiful amounts of fiber (from organic bamboo, psyllium, nuts and dried fruit) and prebiotics.

Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that feed the friendly microflora in your digestive system.

Prebiotics come primarily from carbohydrate fibers called oligosaccharides, found in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, most whole grains — and SunBar Sunrider

Sunbars: the low-calorie healthy choice.

As part of your healthy weight management program, SunBars can benefit you in two ways:
• as a delicious, healthy replacement for empty sugary snacks; and
• with beneficial fiber, as part of your daily internal cleansing routine.

At about $2.50 per bar, you can’t go wrong.

Sunbars are a great choice for your pocket book as well. Not only do they make superior meal replacements and snacks, but they also deliver 4 grams of soluble herbal fiber per bar — and we all know the benefits of eating high-fiber foods.

How to use SunBars.
If your diet has been lacking high fiber foods, start with ½ a Sunbar a day, and work your way up to two or three bars a day.

For best results, drink plenty of pure water, and healthful cleansing beverages such as Calli Tea and Fortune Delight along with your SunBars.

SunBars are available in these delicious flavors:
Chocolate and Fruit (and Oatmeal-Raisin in the States)
Sunbars are sold in packages of ten; each bar is individually wrapped for freshness.

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