Sunrider NuPlus

Sunrider NuPlus

Sunrider NuPlus is a formula made from Non-GMO herbal plants, seeds, roots, nuts and fruits which nourish the entire body at a cellular level.  This wonderful, delicious formula will be available once again in Canada in early December 2015!  (It was available from 1982 to 2011)  It has been available in USA and many other countries for over 30 years consistently. More details here: Sunrider NuPlus Delicious Flavours

It contains live enzymes, vitamins and minerals, not in isolated forms, but in a whole food form which your body understands and recognizes.

This “Whole Food” aspect of NuPlus is why this food is so powerful and you will feel extremely nourished from it, even more than your other meals!

NuPlus GMO Free Sunrider Canada Diana Walker 2015

NuPlus GMO Free Sunrider Canada Diana Walker 2015

Sunrider NuPlus Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 package Sunrider Mixed Berry NuPlus (15 grams) contains:

Calories 60
Total Fat 1 gram (Zero Saturated Fat and Zero Trans Fat)
Cholesterol 0 mg.
Sodium 15 mg
Total Carb 10 grams
Protein 3 grams
Dietary Fiber 0 grams
Sugar Less than 1 gram

SUNRIDER NUPLUS – Ingredients Summary

Ingredients  and Traditional Uses

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Coix Fruit  (Coix Lacryma Jobi Seed) (Main ingredient in NuPlus).

Extremely regenerative; powerful anti-oxidant, restores energy; counters diarrhea; helps eliminate excess water; strengthens defense and nervous systems; lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces muscle tension; expels poisons; beautifies skin.

Yellow Bean (Non-GMO Soybean Seed) (Second ingredient in NuPlus)

Delays aging, eases menopause (has good, harmless plant estrogen); beneficial to weight management; fights fatigue; helps regulate blood sugar; strengthens  the spleen; lessens indigestion; and lowers harmful LDL cholesterol without affecting beneficial HDL (soy compound genestein helps block formation of fatty  plaques, reducing a risk of heart disease). (NOTE: – Dr. Chen does not use indigestible soy protein ISOLATE. – see notes below) Dr. Chen soaks the beans  to start the sprouting process, which increases the nutritional benefits of NuPlus. The sprouting process allows more of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals  to be digested, plus it eases digestion and helps eliminate excess gas.

Chinese Yam Root

Counters coughing; helps correct hormonal imbalance, helps reduce inflammation; strengthens kidneys, stomach, spleen, lungs, adrenal glands, and reproductive system. (Dr. Chen will use only Chinese Yam since Mexican Yam contains saponin, which is medicinal and can be poisonous Dr. Chen has warned us of this source, telling us that it is a steroid containing cortisone.)

Fox Nut (Euryale Ferox Seed)

Helps relieve joint pains in legs and back, diarrhea, and chronic fever; increases energy.

Lotus Seed (Nelumbo Nucifera Seed)

Nourishes deficient spleen; strengthens heart and circulation; and helps peristalsis.

Lotus Root (Nelumbo Nucifera Root)

Absorbs clots and bruises; stops bleeding; and aids in circulation

Water Lily Bulb (Lilium Brownii)

Benefits poor circulation; helps relieve joint pains, diarrhea, incontinence, thirst, dizziness, restlessness, chronic fever, and stomach disorders;
increases energy and systemic balance.

Green Bean Seed (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

Nourishes and strengthens the liver; helps reduce age spots

Red Bean Seed (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

Nourishes and strengthens the heart.

Black Bean Seed (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

Nourishes and strengthens the kidneys, reproductive system, and immune system.

White Bean Seed (Phaseolus Vulgaris)

Nourishes and strengthens the kidneys and immune system; strengthens the pancreas; and helps to eliminate mucous.

Imperata Root

Is highly nourishing; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral

Sunrider NuPlus in NUPUFFS – A NuPlus Snack for the Family

1. Ingredients

Sunrider NuPuffs which contain Sunrider NuPlus, are a highly concentrated blend of Regular NuPlus foods, such as Coix Fruit, Chinese Yam, and Fox Nut, along with Brown Rice. Power-packed with complex carbohydrates and natural proteins, NuPuffs are low in calories, fat and sodium. Available in flavors: Cheese and Cocoa

2. How to Eat:

Available in 12 x 1 ounce bags. NuPuffs are a terrific, tasty treat for the entire family. Kids will especially love these flavorful snack “puffs”.
Each NuPuffs package contains one and one-half packages of Sunrider NuPlus.

  • A healthy alternative to snacks, such as chips, cookies or popcorn.
  • Cheese flavor NuPuffs are great as croutons in salads.
  • Cocoa flavor NuPuffs are great as a cereal

NuPlus has a strong regenerating effect on the adrenals, reproductive glands, liver, pancreas, kidneys and nervous system. It helps build lean muscle tissue, improves fat metabolism and greatly increases stamina and energy.

One Sunrider NuPlus is more nutrition than most people get in a day!

NuPlus is readily assimilated by everyone, no matter their health condition or age. When we eat foods, we have to grind it, digest it, break it down and then hope the body assimilates it. Just because we eat something doesn’t mean our body assimilates it! It’s true that it’s not what we eat, but what we assimilate that counts.
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Wishing you Vibrant Health and Success!
Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Sunrider Smoothie

Sunrider Smoothie Healthy Delicious Drink

Sunrider Smoothie Diana Walker NuPlus Quinary

Sunrider Smoothie Diana Walker NuPlus Quinary

Sunrider smoothie Recipe is quick and easy to make, and packed with nutrition.  One of Diana Walker’s favourite recipes contains Quinary and NuPlus.

Sunrider Berry Smoothie Recipe:

1 cup almond or hemp milk
1 cup blueberries or other berries, frozen
1 banana, frozen
2 tablespoons hemp hearts
1 package Sunrider NuPlus
1 package Sunrider Quinary
5 drops of Stevia (use SunnyDew or Sunectar – USA names) (called Suncare Plus and Suncare in Canada)
Ice cubes, if you like

* NuPlus comes in several flavours and in the video I am using Apple Cinnamon
* Sunrider Stevia is perfect for this drink. In USA it is called SunnyDew and Sunectar. In Canada the same formulas are called Suncare Plus and Suncare.

Blend and enjoy! (1 serving)

Eating  healthy and nutritious food can be easy when you have good recipes.

NuPlus Mixed Berry Smoothie – Serves 2

• 2 packets NuPlus Mixed Berry
• 16 oz. Fortune Delight Raspberry
• 1 cup strawberries (frozen or fresh)
• 1 cup blueberries (frozen or fresh)
• 2 cups spinach, fresh
• Ice (optional)

1. Put all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.
2. Add more Fortune Delight® or water as necessary to reach desired consistency.
3. For a cooler smoothie, add ice and blend, or use frozen berries.

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Sunrider Smoothie Recipe NuPlus Mixed Berry Smoothie

Sunrider Smoothie Recipe NuPlus Mixed Berry Smoothie

in Canada and USA.  Diana Walker is happy to help you start on this wonderful health journey!

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider

NBC-Nourish-Balance-Cleanse-Sunrider Diana WalkerNourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider (this is called the NBC Program)


1. NuPlus – 1 to 3 packages Daily (or Vitashake/Sunbars)

2.  Quinary – 3 to 10 capsules daily (or 1 package daily or more)

3.  Calli and Fortune Delight – 1 package of each daily (or more)


1.  NUPLUS – 1 to 3 packages daily  (or Vitashake/Sunbars)

2.  QUINARY – 3 to 10 capsules daily (or 1 package daily or more)

3.  CALLI AND FORTUNE DELIGHT – 1 package of each daily (or more)

4.  STEVIA – 10 to 20 drops daily (or more)

Sunrider SunPack NuPlus, Quinary, Fortune Delight

Nourish Balance Cleanse Sunrider Basic Program

SUNPACK – DAILY BALANCE, ONCE A DAY $218.91 U.S. / $297.96 Canada


3 NuPlus® Simply Herbs™ 10/15 g pks
3 Fortune Delight® Original 10/3 g pks
3 Quinary® 10/5 g pks powder

SUNPACK – DAILY BALANCE, TWICE A DAY  $410.53 U.S. / $555.01 Canada


1 NuPlus® Simply Herbs™ 60/15 g pks
1 Fortune Delight® Original 60/3 g pks
1 Quinary® 60/5 g pks powder

(also called “Meal in a Mug” or Regeneration Program)  

The Audio Link to listen to the Recording of this TeleClass is at the bottom of this page.  Scroll down and you can listen to it easily.  Enjoy!

Read  – Simplicity in Nutrition – Sunrider Nourish Balance Cleanse:  

Here is a PDF file with links to Recipes that you can make with the NBC Program:

Sunrider Recipes Links Diana Jan 31 2018

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider NuPlus Quinary Calli Tea

Nourish Balance Cleanse with Sunrider NuPlus Quinary Calli Tea

AUDIO – Amazing Audio – Be Sure to Listen!!

Simplicity In Nutrition!

Enjoy listening to this call!





Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Sunrider Leader

N – Nourish with NuPlus (and Vitashake):
For nourishment for all your cells, NuPlus is a balanced whole food concentrate that energizes and helps reduce unhealthy cravings. NuPlus is enzyme rich, complex carbohydrate food that fills in the gaps that regular meals do not satisfy. Also great for “Energy”. Vitashake and Sunbars are also incredible for nourishing the cells and energy.

B – Balance with Quinary:
For the five major systems: 50 concentrated foods designed to nourish the digestive, circulatory, immune, respiratory and endocrine systems, and to keep the energy balanced between the five.

C – Cleanse with Calli & Fortune Delight:
Calli – A great replacement for coffee or regular tea. This whole food beverage with unique herbal extracts assists in the body’s natural cleansing processes and reduces unwanted fat and cholesterol in the blood. It is rich in antioxidants and catechins. Calli enhances mental focus.

Fortune Delight – Is a great tasting all-natural powdered herbal concentrate beverage that is naturally low in calories and contains no fat, cholesterol, or artificial sweeteners – an excellent replacement for coffee, tea, soft drinks and soda. It helps with digestion and elimination of fats. Fortune Delight is rich in anti-oxidants and provides the body with much energy.

Sunectar (Suncare) and SunnyDew (Suncare Plus) is a very sweet stevia plant extract with no calories. In many countries it is used instead of sugar. Stevia is an excellent supplement to your diet to help maintain normal blood sugar levels – food for pancreas and adrenal.

Sunrider Stevia is all natural stevia leaf liquid extract with chrysanthemum flowers. It makes every Sunrider drink very tasty and will make water taste delicious.

Diana Walker, Sunrider


Sunrider Foods That Love You

Sunrider Foods That Loves You Back Happy Valentines Day!

Sunrider Foods That Loves You Back Happy Valentines Day!

Sunrider Foods That Love You!

Sunrider Foods – Your Choices Now will dictate your Health in the Future!
Choose Food that LOVES you back!

I am so grateful that my good friend Trudy Stoelting introduced me to Sunrider Chinese herbal nutrition almost 20 years ago! I made a Tribute to Trudy Video which I want to share with you. I am so very grateful to her for introducing me to these life-changing formulas, and I am also grateful to have such a wonderful friend.

Sunrider Foods That Love You Back!

If you are already a Sunrider Customer – I know you are LOVING your powerful nutrition, and that it LOVES you back!!
If you are not yet a Sunrider Customer – I would love to be your coach and Nutrition Consultant – just become a free Customer here:

When you listen to Trudy’s story and watch our “adventures” together  in the video above, you will learn that cravings for junk food disappear, and cravings for Healthy Food develop, just by simply implementing a few changes.  Add Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, Sunrider NuPlus, Vitashake, Stevia, Quinary, into your daily routine, and you will be Vibrantly Healthy!

Sunrider Foods – Important Link for More Photos and Trudy Stoelting Sunrider story here:


Trudy Stoelting Sunrider

Be sure to watch the full video – it’s just over 5 minutes long – I hope you enjoy it!


Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Update February 2016… It was wonderful to meet up with my good friend and Sunrider Leader Trudy Stoelting in Vancouver.  Trudy and her husband Rye flew in from Nova Scotia to visit family, and I arrived in Vancouver to visit family, so we were able to meet up for dinner and to celebrate 20 years of Sunrider with Calli Tea.  Here’s our photo!!

Trudy Stoelting and Diana Walker Sunrider Vancouver February 5 2016

Trudy Stoelting and Diana Walker Sunrider Vancouver February 5 2016

Vitashake Ingredients and Sunrider Recipes

Vitashake Sunrider Recipes

Vitashake is included in Sunrider Recipes – so Delicious, Nutritious and very convenient. Juiced and dried Whole Foods, no junk, no chemicals, no additives, non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegetarian. Available in 10 pack, Chocolate and Strawberry. Vitashake is “NuPlus Plus”, a great meal-replacement shake.

Vitashake with Cat Vacily Pets love Sunrider too

Vitashake with Cat Vacily Pets love Sunrider too

Unlike other brands that contain chemically processed or animal-based protein powders, our soy protein in VitaShake® is similar to super-concentrated tofu. This makes VitaShake® a wonderful nutritious shake for young and old people who require easily digestible food.

Also, because we use a whole food base with natural vitamins and minerals in our exclusive formulation, you will absorb more of the nutrients when you eat it.

NuPlus and Soy – Not GMO

Dr. Chen was asked about the soya in NuPlus. You hear a lot in the health industry about 90% of soy raised in the United States being Genetically Modified … and that soy is hard to digest, etc.

Dr. Chen explained that the soy in NuPlus and Vitashake is NOT Genetically Modified and is processed in a way that eliminates these concerns and makes it digestible and usable by the body.

Protein in NuPlus obtains the Protein from soy beans

This is very differently than basic soy-based protein formulas. Manufacturers of typical protein powders, such as whey or other soy based products, focus on isolating the proteins through high heat processes.  Also,

pasteurization’s high heat changes the protein structure. This alteration of protein makes it very hard on the digestive system and can create a toxic buildup.  Also, the essential flavonoids that naturally occur in soy beans are discarded in that type of isolation method.

Sunrider uses a very different and extremely complicated natural process through advanced technology that retains the healthy flavonoids in a complete form without isolating them.  The other repository of flavonoids in the soy and other bean’s skins are also added to NuPlus.

The body uses this high quality protein to build the cells, immune system antibodies and the building blocks of the body – amino acids.  This is superior pure nutrition at its best!

Chocolate Fortune Delight Recipe

1 package Cocoa VitaShake
1 package Raspberry Fortune Delight
in 1 cup hot water or hot almond milk
Sunrider Stevia

VitaShake Snack Balls Recipe

1 cup nut butter of your choice
1 cup honey
Cream these 2 ingredients.
Mix in:
1/2 cup Cocoa VitaShake
3/4 cup ground nuts of your choice
3/4 cup unsweetened coconut
Make into balls then roll in added coconut and VitaShake.
Vary this recipe and even add sunflower seeds, raisin, etc., if you like.
Try Strawberry VitaShake instead of the chocolate.
Could roll in secame seeds too. Have fun making your own kind and enjoy 🙂

Vitashake Ingredients

One packet contains one serving of NuPlus PLUS protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The fiber in the VitaShake is from FOS which is an extract from chicory root. The vitamins in the VitaShake are NOT isolates! Dr. Chen has combined them with NuPlus in the formulation process. Four VitaShake packets per day supplies 100% of your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

Each VitaShake contains Nutrition Breakdown:

Calories-95, Fat-less tan 1 gram, Carbohydrates-18 grams, Fiber-3 grams, Protein-4 grams, Sodium-54 mg, Cholesterol-O, Sugars-5 grams, and Vitamins A,C, D, E, K, B6, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Pantothentic acid, Phosphorous, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, and Molybenum.

Compare VitaShake with Ensure.

Ensure is made from water, sugar, isolates protein, isolated vitamins and minerals, and numerous chemicals. VitaShake is “real” food. The body can NOT digest most protein drinks because they are usually made from “isolated” protein.

Vitashake Health Benefits Energy, Brain Power, Flexibility

Vitashake Health Benefits Energy, Brain Power, Flexibility

One VitaShake is equal to 3 Vitadophilus, but the FOS doesn’t just implant in the colon like acidophilus, but also bifidus and faciem bacteria. Most fiber only “sweeps” the intestines, but FOS fiber also aids digestion, thus boosting assimilation of foods through the intestinal walls. When you have enough good bacteria in the intestines, you are better able to produce adequate amounts of B vitamins.

VitaShake also minimizes osteoporosis and candida, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and, over time, brings down LDL cholesterol and boosts HDL cholesterol. It also helps to make you feel full and satisfies and helps with the assimilations of carbohydrates. It is VERY important to drink 16 oz. of liquid each time you have VitaShake.

If you mix the VitaShake in only 8 oz. of liquid, be sure to drink another 8 oz. of liqid later to prevent bloating or constipation. As with all fiber, FOS needs to be accompanied by plenty of liquid.


Almond Dream Recipe
Vanilla Rice, Almond, or Coconut Milk (8 oz.)
Banana (frozen is best)
Raw Almonds -5 or 6
Dates 2 or 3
Simply Herbs NuPlus – 1 pkg. (or 1 scoop)
Vitashake, Cocoa or Strawberry
Quinary Powder – 1 pk. (optional)
Sunny Dew (or Sunectar) to taste
Blend in blender

VitaShake is a whole food powder made with concentrated herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It helps fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet with the added benefit of whole fiber. This “super shake” is also formulated with coix fruit, a powerful antioxidant, and fructooligosaccharide (FOS), a probiotic soluble-fiber carbohydrate that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. Phytonutrients and highquality soy protein (similar to superconcentrated tofu) add further nutritional balance. While most protein and nutritional shakes are a cocktail of chemical additives, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners, VitaShake is free of those potentially harmful ingredients.

It’s a unique product in today’s “shake” market with fewer than 100 calories a serving, no cholesterol, very low sodium, and very low sugar. And because we use a whole-food base with natural vitamins and minerals in our exclusive formulation, your body is better able to absorb the nutrients.

Mix VitaShake with your favorite Sunrider herbal beverage for a healthy breakfast, snack, or meal supplement.

Delicious, nutritious, and convenient, VitaShake is the perfect blend for your life.
Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader


GMO is the Soy in Sunrider NuPlus Genetically Modified?

GMO – is the Soy in Sunrider NuPlus Genetically Modified?

GMO is the Soy in Sunrider NuPlus Genetically Modified?   No – it is not and Dr. Tei Fu Chen explains that he has always used close-to-nature plant herbs and foods.  He is the Founder of the 30-year-old company Sunrider International and has reassured us for over 30 years that he is dedicated to safety and health.  Dr Chen says “Nature is the Best Farmer”.

GMO Sunrider Soy Nuplus and products Dr Chen explains

GMO Sunrider Soy Nuplus and products Dr Chen explains

Organic is the label for fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are grown commerically.  Wild foods are grown in nature, no pesticides, no chemicals, no additives.    Sunrider continues to meet and exceed the most rigorous standards of cleanliness, food safety, ingredient quality,

GMO  “Harvesting” Risk?

The question of safety is at the center of the complex and controversial issue of GMO foods. Genetically Modified Organisms are plants or animals “genetically engineered” to contain genes from an entirely different plant, animal, virus, or bacteria.

Potential Risks

Documents made public from a lawsuit revealed that scentists from FDA were uniformly concerned that GMO foods could lead to hard-to-detect allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems.

Sunrider’s Approach: “Nature is the Best Farmer”

Sunrider has always been committed to creating products the natural way; the herbs it uses are grown in the wild from non-GMO seeds. Sunrider’s foods, beverages, and supplements are made with only the finest concentrated whole-food ingredients from naturally occurring plant sources. As Dr. Chen says, “Nature is the best farmer”.

Sunrider’s High Standards

Sunrider continues to meet and exceed the most rigorous standards of cleanliness, food safety, ingredient quality, and manufacturing integrity. No artificial preservatives are used in our food products, a highly unusual fact in the food industry. Beyond any doubt, Sunrider products are “Simply the Best” for you and your family.

 This graphic/photo is from “Label GMOs Hollywood”:

GMO are not Foods

GMO are not Foods

There are not many worldwide companies that are NOT using GMO soy and corn and other plants that have been corrupted.  Dr. Chen has always been concerned about quality and has the highest standards.  I (Diana Walker) have had the privilege of annually touring the Sunrider Manufacturing Facilities during the past 16 years.



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Quinary Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration Diana Walker Sunrider Leader
NBC; N=Nourish; B=Balance; C=Cleanse

NuPlus by Sunrider provides Nourishment.  The whole food herbal plants in the Sunrider Sunpack formulas pay close attention to the energy needs of the body as a whole.  The organs are linked together and energy flows from one organ system to another. 

Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration Diana Walker

Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration Diana Walker

NuPlus – whole body cellular energy formula
Calli Herbal Beverage – cellular cleanser
Quinary – support and nourish and balance the 5 basic systems of the body, Circulatory, Respiratory, Immune (Defense), Endocrine and Digestive systems.

One food can not be as beneficial as a combination of many foods.  Each Sunrider formula is a blend of perfectly balanced whole foods that work together to provide cellular energy.

When we attempt to focus on a single organ or system, this interrupts the natural flow of energy, stressing the other organs and systems.  The integrated Sunrider whole food formulas are designed to work together to support the energy cycles of the body.

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Sunrider whole foods are amazing! Sunrider nutrition creates a nurturing environment where our bodies come alive!! Regeneration is the key. Click Here to Buy Sunrider Products:  Nourish, Balance, Cleanse with NuPlus, Quinary and Calli Tea – you’ll love the way you feel!

You can order Sunrider Calli Tea, Sunrider NuPlus, Sunrider Quinary and Sunrider Fortune Delight here: with Diana Walker as your Sunrider Leader and Nutrition Coach.  Get started today on your Vibrant Health Journey!

Sunrider Cinnamon Calli Eggnog Recipe 3

NBCSunriderGiftPackSunrider whole foods and whole food beverages like Cinnamon Calli Tea, and Cinnamon Fortune Delight, along with Apple Cinnamon NuPlus make delicious winter-time drinks, and you can use this one during the Christmas and New Year holiday season and any time during the year.



1 cup strong Sunrider Cinnamon Calli Tea or Cinnamon Fortune Delight
1 cup Vanilla rice milk or almond milk
1  ripe banana
1 package Sunrider NuPlus – use Regular or Simply Herbs or Apple Cinnamon NuPlus
5 drops Stevia (SunnyDew)
1 tsp Vanilla (try to get the alcohol-free kind) – optional
1 Tbsp raw almond butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon  (or use powdered Cinnamon Fortune Delight, just add to taste! and save some to sprinkle on top)
1/2 tsp nutmeg

1. Prepare your Calli Tea or Fortune Delight Tea first – use 1 Cinnamon Calli Teabag to 2 cups of water, or use 1 package of Cinnamon Fortune Delight to 1 cup of water in preparation.  Or make it stronger or weaker, depending on how much you like cinnamon!
2.  Blend all ingredients together in blender
3.  Pour into glasses
4.  Sprinkle some Cinnamon Fortune Delight straight from the package on top of each glass of Sunrider Eggnog, as well as some nutmeg
5.  Enjoy this delicious, nutritious, superior, high quality nutrition!


Hint – have a glass of this before leaving for a party – and it will curb your cravings and your appetite for all the high-fat, high-sugar food that is going to be there!

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader, Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA