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Sunrider Vitashake is a whole food concentrate enhanced with vitamins and minerals in a delicious powder form. Like NuPlus, VitaShake helps fill in the nutrition gaps you may have in your diet with the added benefit of whole fiber.  Available in Strawberry and Chocolate, delicious and easy to get powerful whole food nutrition.

Vitashake Health Benefits Energy, Brain Power, Flexibility

Vitashake Health Benefits Energy, Brain Power, Flexibility

Some benefits are:

*  Feeds every cell in your body
*  Helps balance blood sugar
*  Provides nutrients for calm peaceful energy
*  Diminishes cravings for foods which cause energy loss and mood swing
*  Nourishes joints and muscles
*  Nourishes Immune System
*  Gives energy to brain (promoting mental and emotional stability)
*  Relaxes for better sleep
*  Helps improve muscle tone
*  Promotes healthy cholesterol levels and helps burn fat
*  Helps the body regulate metabolism

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Contains all 5 flavors and 5 colors of food (balance)

NUPLUS recipe is over 3,000 years old. It was originally called “Angels Porridge.” It was known to be a potent body tonic for strength, longevity, and beauty. This porridge was revered by the Emperors of China for its potent strengthening and adapting properties.

Nuplus comes in 5 flavors: Simply Herbs, Naturally Plain, Pina Banana, Mixed Berry, Apple-Cinnamon and “Regular” (Regular contains no beans and is used for babies under 3 months and people with extremely weak digestion)

VITASHAKE is a newer version of Nuplus.

Dr. Chen uses Nuplus and then chelates vitamins and minerals to the original formula. It also has FOS which assists the body in growing healthy probiotics (good bacteria) in the intestines. He also added more protein rich whole food and fiber to this formula. It is a bit more filling then Nuplus and stays with you longer. It comes in 2 flavors: Strawberry and Cocoa.

Eat them every day and experience these positive changes in your body!!

These simple-to-use foods can be mixed in water or made into a decadent shake. See attached recipes

Tip of the week: Don’t forget to “chew” your Shake. Digestion begins in the mouth. If you do not “chew” your shake you could experience bloating as this whole food needs the alkaline saliva in your mouth to be fully digested and metabolized. Also never eat anything in a rush or under stress. Take 5-10 deep breaths before eating. You will experience better energy, digestion and metabolism of ALL of your food. This is key to fat loss!!


The name means Nutrition Plus. It is not an isolated protein powder. To the contrary, it is a very concentrated blend of Coix Lachryma-jobi, Soybean Seed, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Waterlily Bulb, Green Bean, Red Bean, Black Bean, White Bean and Imperate Root. This is a balanced blend of complex carbohydrates that combine concentrated herbs with soybeans, other legumes, and natural freeze dried fruit. The ancient Chinese developed this as a very unique combination to feed all the body systems and keep the body healthy. It contains naturally occurring bioflavonoids, antioxidants, amino acids, and other beneficial phytochemicals. Below is some information from pharmacological research on various ingredients.

Coix Lachryma-jobi – Coix Fruit

Pharmacological research shows that Coix Fruit, reduces spasms, inhibits tumors, lowers blood sugar, stimulates general immunity, reduces inflammation, reduce muscle tension and lowers cholesterol. The components of Coix Fruit includes glycerides of palmitic acid, myriatic acid, 8-octadecenoid acid, coixenolide, and phytin, help maintain a healthy immune system, nervous system, and normal cholesterol levels. In Japan, Coix Fruit is known as a natural treatment for arthritis and joint disease.

Soybean Seed

Pharmacological research shows that Soybean decreases hot flashes during menopause, inhibits the growth of some tumors, reduces harmful cholesterols without effecting beneficial cholesterols, lowers blood pressure, and reduces fatigue, obesity, and hypoglycemia.

Chinese Yam

Pharmacological research shows that Chinese Yam exerts a general nutritive effect. The constituents of Chinese Yam – starches, proteins, choline, mucine, and allantoin, sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, as well as amino acids such as phenylalanine-help regulate metabolism and digestion.

Lotus Seed/Root

Pharmacological research shows that Lotus Root inhibits bleeding. It also shows that Lotus Seed relaxes smooth muscles, neutralizes toxicity and inhibits infection. The seeds contain asparagin, fats, proteins and some starches, and trace elements of calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. They are taken to tonify the spleen, reinforce the kidneys and nourish the blood. Other conditions treated with Lotus Seeds include palpitations, insomnia and irritability.

Possible benefits of eating NuPlus

Easily digestible, improved fat metabolism, help build lean muscle tissue, increase stamina and energy, promotes general feeling of well-being, reduced cravings for unwholesome food, enhanced concentration, better sleep, and many other good results!

I personally love to start my day with NuPlus or Vitashake (a super NuPlus with added vitamins and minerals bonded to the food and FOS that feeds the friendly bacteria in your intestines). I use it as a meal replacement or convenience food when I am working. I bring a shaker bottle with liquid such as ½ almond milk and ½ water and add my Vitashake and that’s how simple it is.

I have been eating it since 1996 and enjoy 1 to 3 servings a day. I really notice a difference when I don’t eat it. Remember this is designed to keep the body from malfunctioning.

You can use a blender with fruits, flax seeds, etc. to give it even more calories and be a heartier, healthier drink.

I also add NuPlus to food – sprinkle on salad, mix in oatmeal/cereal, stir in yogurt or applesauce, on nut butter sandwiches. You get the idea. It’s great for babies, children, elderly, pregnant women – it’s safe for everyone including pets.

Sunrider Recipe – Nutty Nuplus Balls by Suzanne Garner


1 tbl. Almond butter

2 tbl Cashew butter

1 tbl Sunflower butter

1 tbl Sesame Tahini

2 tbl honey (or sweetener of choice)

1 pkg (3 tbl) NuPlus Plain or 1 package Vitashake

1 pkg Vitadophilus (friendly bacteria by Sunrider – apple flavor- delicious)

2 tbl sweet rice flour, or as needed to make texture not sticky. Roll in unsweetened coconut, oat bran or sweet rice flour. Refrigerate for 15 – 20 minutes, store in refrigerator. Makes 15 balls. You may replace any nut butter above, using 4-5 tbls. total, butter of your choice.

NuPlus flavors are Original, Naturally Plain (apple), Pina-Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Mixed Berry, Simply Herbs (no fruit added).

Available in 10 packs and 60 packs.

Vitashake flavors are Cocoa and Strawberry. Available in 10 pack.

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Vitashake Sunrider



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