Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli Tea are Exclusive herbal beverages.
The formulas are based on ancient Chinese manuscripts.
The Calli Tea formula is exclusive and is the traditional drink of the Shao Lin monks in ancient China for meditation.

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1. Mental Clarity
2. Energy
3. Antioxidants and tea catechins
4. No preservatives
5. No fumigation and No irradiation
6. Zero calories
7. Fat-flushing
8. Delicious hot or cold

Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight

Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight


We recommend you add Sunrider Stevia for added nutritional value and sweet taste:
Sunrider Stevia:

Learn more about the Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight, Chinese Herbal Beverages, on these pages:


Sunrider Calli Tea Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Tea Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker


Watch my Calli Tea Video here:


* Available in 10 packs or 60 packs.

Calli comes in 3 different flavours:
* Original
* Cinnamon
* Mint


* Steep 1 teabag in 4 cups of hot (not boiling) water for 5 to 10 minutes.
(To lessen the cleansing effect, due to toxicity of the body,
you may choose to weaken the Calli with 1 Calli teabag per 8 cups of water).
* Remove bag. (tea leaves are great for plants – they love it too!)
* Do not microwave. Live enzymes and antioxidants can be destroyed.
* The purer the water, the fewer residues there will be on top.
Purified or distilled water is the best for preparing Calli.


Camellia Leaf, Perilla Leaf, Mori Bark Extract, Alisma Root Extract, Impetrate Root, and other herbs as flavoring.


Sunrider Fortune Delight Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker

Sunrider Fortune Delight Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker



Watch my sister Goldie in this video:

Watch my Fortune Delight video here:


· Available in 10 packs or 60 packs of 3 gram
(also available in 10 packs of 20 grams for Original and Peach)

Fortune Delight comes in 5 different flavours:
* Original
* Cinnamon (especially delicious hot)
* Lemon
* Raspberry
* Peach
(all great over ice – but be sure to dissolve the powder first in a little warm water, then add cold water and ice).


* Add 1 small packet (3 grams) to 2 to 4 cups hot or cold water
To lessen the cleansing effect, dilute your Fortune Delight even more.


Camellia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract and less than 1% natural flavours.


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Black, green, oolong, and white tea come from the Camellia Sinensis plant — also known as the tea plant. The leaf extract is the oil from its leaves ( 1 ). Camellia sinensis or tea leaf extract has gained popularity given the multiple health benefits of tea, especially those of green tea.

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract is the oil extract from the green tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Green tea and its major polyphenol constituents, the catechins, have been reported to have many health benefits.


Calli® is a unique herbal beverage made from a proprietary blend of green tea and herbal extracts.

Sunrider’s unique concentration method enhances the release of tea catechins, bioflavonoids, and other potent antioxidants in a way not possible with traditional grinding.

Calli’s exclusive formula provides potent antioxidant protection against free radicals and helps support the body’s natural processes of cleansing and elimination.

Calli® is made with natural ingredients and contains no fat, cholesterol, or artificial sweeteners.

Delicious hot or cold, it makes a healthy replacement for coffee, tea, latte, and cola.


Sunrider’s Calli Tea and Fortune Delight contain “trace amounts” of caffeine.

Quote from Sunrider:
“During the manufacturing process, we reduce the content of caffeine until only trace amounts of natural caffeine remain.
There is no added caffeine or chemicals.”


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“Health Is Our Greatest Wealth”!

Diana Walker
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Nutrition and Whole Foods



Sunrider Calli Night

Sunrider Calli Night Tea

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Calm Sleep Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Calm Sleep Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea herbal tea is a totally natural formula carefully produced with a combination of herbs designed to help you get a full night’s rest. 

Sunrider Calli Night Tea is an herbal tea that helps people sleep soundly through the night and is so gentle that it can be consumed during the day to relax.

This special herbal formula in a tea bag contains an exclusive combination of herbs.
There are no chemicals or caffeine added to this all-natural formula.
Sunrider Calli Night Tea is great to use along with Sunrider ESE.
See more details here:

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Ingredients

Passion Flower, Ho Shou Wu, Jujube Seed, Poria, Camellia Leaf, Sage Root, Rose Hip, Imperate Root, Wintermelon Seed

Calli Night was created to help us relax and get the most from our sleeping and resting hours.  It combines the best of the Calli base with special soothing ingredients designed to help relax the mind and calm the spirit, allowing the body to rest.  The secret to a successful combination of herbs lies in the “synergy” that is created…the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Creating synergy requires an extensive knowledge of herbs from centuries of empirical understanding, as well as knowledge of biochemistry and pharmacy (which Dr. Chen has).

Sunrider Customer HereOrder Sunrider Calli Night Tea

Passion Flower – is a pure and natural, mild sedative.  Useful to calm nerves and blood pressure.  It is traditionally used to alleviate neuralgia and insomnia.

Ho Shou Wu – the Longevity tonic… it has been used through the centuries in the Orient as a rejuvenator, at the same time being relaxing and sleep inducing.  Taken regularly it is said to restore hair color.  Ho Shou Wu offers “generative” energy.  Many of the remarkable benefits of this herb come from its ability to cleanse the blood of toxins, which has a strong rejuvenating effect. Clinical studies have shown it to increase lipid metabolism, thereby lowering cholesterol, and also to improve the body’s ability to metabolize glucose.

Jujube Seed – Nourishing to the heart and liver and calming to the nerves, therefore useful for insomnia, irritability, anxiety and stress.

Poria – Breaks up moisture and promotes diuresis.  Benefits stomach, spleen and digestion.  It is a calmative, nervine and emollient.  It is useful where there is a tendency to hold water, where there is difficulty urinating, for cellulite, diarrhea and vomiting.  Used for apprehension, insomnia and forgetfulness.  A good source of potassium.

Camellia Leaf – Vitamins C and B, 6% volatile oils, trace elements of caffeine (note: because it is correctly processed and balanced with the other herbs there is no stimulating effect).  Useful for menstrual problems, menopause (hot flashes), hypertension, kidney disorders, skin diseases (especially eczema), after childbirth, red and swollen throat, boils and abscesses, early stages of epidemic encephalitis and diphtheria.

Sage Root – Has potent bacteriostatic and immunologic effects as well as mind calming properties which make it useful for anxiety, mental stress and insomnia.  Assists in lowering cholesterol and liver triglycerides.

Rose Hip – High Vitamin C content.  Good for stress of all kind.  An infection fighter.

Imperate Root – Clears fever, stops bleeding, quenches thirst, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory.  Promotes urination where there is edema.  Stops nausea.

Wintermelon Seed – Clears toxins and mucous from the body.

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Sleep Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Sleep Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Regeneration

Sunrider whole foods are “True Foods”, healthy foods, like Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, NuPlus and Vitashake.  These are important “building blocks” for the “house of your dreams”!

If you give a contractor the blueprint for the house of your dreams, but only provide the building materials for a SHACK, there’s simply no way you’re ever going to get that dream house built.

The same is true for your body!!!

Without the necessary nutrients and building blocks your body requires to create healthy new cells,
you will not regenerate your body to its fullest potential.

If the body is fed nutritious food, the new cells will be healthier than before. This is healthy Regeneration.

Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration is very simple:  When the body is provided with proper nutrition, it has the innate ability to balance itself.

Every day, old cells die and new cells are born.

In fact, on average, every seven years you are literally a new person because every cell in your whole body has been replaced with new cells.

True Foods:

• Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables
• Fresh Organic Greens
• Raw Nuts, Sprouted Grains and Legumes
• Sunrider Whole Food Concentrates  –  NuPlus, Vitashake, Quinary
• Sunrider Stevia, Raw Honey and Pure Maple Syrup
• Sunrider Cleansing Teas  –  Calli Tea and Fortune Delight
• Sea Salt, Bragg’s All Purpose Seasoning

False Foods:
• Fast Food
• Processed Food with Chemicals, Preservatives and Additives
• Refined Grain Products with Gluten
• Isolated Vitamins and Minerals
• Sugar, Aspartame and Nutrasweet
• Coffee, Soda Pop and Artificially Sweetened Beverages
• Salt and High Sodium Condiments
• Factory Farmed Meat and Dairy
• Alcohol, Wine and Beer

Sunrider True Foods Diana Walker help with Healthy and Nutrition

Sunrider True Foods Diana Walker help with Healthy and Nutrition

False Foods junk food fast food leads to Degeneration

False Foods junk food fast food leads to Degeneration

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Sunrider Laura Spiess Pregnancy Healthy Baby

Laura Spiess Baby Pregnancy Sunrider Nutrition Story

Laura Spiess Baby Pregnancy Sunrider Nutrition Story











Sunrider Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Baby Sunrider Nutrition Story

My husband and I had been married about three years when we decided we wanted to have a baby. Eight or nine months later, when we were still not pregnant, I started charting and used an ovulation kit. We went to see a fertility specialist, a CNM, and a naturopath. The conclusion was I had low thyroid, luteal phase defect, endometriosis, and possible PCOS.

I started taking a homeopathic for my thyroid and it worked great…for about one month! I also tried every vitamin known to man for fertility. I started taking Clomid which forces your body to ovulate and helps lengthen your luteal phase. This did not work either, so I decided it was time to get my health back with Sunrider products.

Sunrider Prime Again, NuPlus, Calli Tea and Fortune Delight, Bella and Beauty Pearl

I started taking Prime Again, Bella, Beauty Pearl, and Nu Plus, along with my Calli Tea and Fortune Delight. Overall, my health started to improve. My hair stopped falling out, I had a lot more energy, felt more rested in the morning, and my cycles weren’t painful anymore. I was feeling great! Then it happened — we were blessed with expecting our first baby!

Sunrider Healthy Pregnancy

My pregnancy went very well. I kept taking Prime Again and the Sunrider basics.  With the exception of some morning sickness here and there I felt great. I absolutely loved being pregnant and felt wonderful!

Approximately nine months later, and a week late, we had a beautiful baby girl on the 4th of July. She was born while fireworks were going off and remains our little firecracker at one-and-a-half-years-old. She is an active toddler now and loves her Calli, Fortune Delight, and NuPlus! Thank you, Sunrider!

NOTE:  Sunrider Prime Again is a combination of herbs that work on the hormonal system.
Prime Again (called P.A. in Canada) is available in capsule form, 100 capsules to a bottle.
More information here——>  Prime Again in Quinary Formula

Diana Walker can help you get started on Sunrider formulas that help to strengthen and nourish your body.
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Sunrider and Olympics 2012 Sunrider International Sports Nutrition

Sunrider International provided Sunrider whole food nutrition to an athlete in the Olympics 2012 in London, England.

Sunrider International sponsored an Olympics 2012 Gold Medal Champion!

Sunrider - Olympics-2012-Judo-Champion- Sunrider-Calli

Sunrider – Olympics-2012-Judo-Champion- Sunrider-Calli

South Korea’s Kim Jao-Bum at London, England, 2012 Olympics, on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, won the Gold Medal in the Men’s Judo under-81-kilogram category. Sunrider International’s Facebook page contains more details and photos.
Here is one photo of Judo Gold Medalist Kim Jao-Bum, with Photo Credit to News Group Newspapers:

Kim Jao-Bum is sponsored by Sunrider International, with the company providing him with sports and nutrition products such as MetaBooster®, Sunrise®, VitaShake®, and Calli® Night.

Dr. Tei Fu Chen, founder of Sunrider, and Dr. Reuben Chen (Tei Fu Chen’s son) – have Black Belts in Judo so they were thrilled with this accomplishment.

Of course – too – I – Diana Walker – am thrilled that my Sunrider nutrition that I love so much was used by an athlete.  You do realize that Macdonalds and other unhealthy food companies are sponsors of the Olympics?  It is really great to know that athletes are using powerful nutrition instead!

Have you seen the amazing photos taken during the full moon at the Olympics – with the Olympic Rings Tower Bridge in London?  Photo Credit – News Group Newspaper.  This is spectacular!



I wish you Vibrant Health!

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Diana Walker, Cravings Coach
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

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Sunrider and Digestion #1 Video

Sunrider video on Sunrider and Digestion #1 and benefits of Calli Tea for digestion.

Diana Walker provides information on How to have a Healthy Digestive System

Digestion Sunrider Calli Tea for healthy digestion Diana Walker

Digestion Sunrider Calli Tea for healthy digestion Diana Walker

Diana Walker friend Jim Pendree, both Sunrider Leaders.

How to have healthy digestion. Chinese herbs and Raw foods health benefits.  Buy Sunrider Calli Tea in Canada and USA.

Will our foods help our body to regenerate or degenerate?

Jim provides a demonstration of how our body works, how to be healthy.

In the West we think we have to go to the doctor for help but there are holistic healthy lifestyles and whole foods that can help us on our path to improved health and vitality.

Diana Walker studied under Dr. Paul Bragg, world-famous Naturopath, in the 1970s.

Jim was also one of my mentors during Sunrider whole food nutrition education and meetings in Salmon Arm, BC,Canada.

Jim and Wanda served Calli Tea and Fortune Delight at weekly meetings for 10 years, and we all learned from Jim.  He presented the Digestive Diagram education to us, and helped us to discover how to have healthy digestive systems.  All disease can be traced back to this.  This is #1 in a series of education videos.

All diseases start in the stomach.

Starting at birth and until about age 2 we have normal levels of acid in our stomachs.  By age 8 the acid level drops considerably.  By our age, we don’t have a lot of acid left.  Acid in our stomach is accompanied with digestive enzymes to digest our food.

Our body strives for the best balance it can.

Lots of acid, means lots of mucus lining to protect our stomach walls.

Less acid, equals less mucus lining to protect our stomach and then when we eat foods that our body recognizes as acid it irritates the poorly protected walls of our stomach.

As our stomach gets irritated it tightens up.  It is a large muscle. (Make a fist – that is about the size of your stomach)  As it tightens up, the acid in our stomach is pushes up and we experience heart burn, reflux and indigestion.

The Doctor says, you have too much acid and suggests tums, or Rollaids or other medications to control the acid.  What little acid we did have is now gone.  Calli Tea can help our bodies come into balance and Diana Walker will help you open a free Sunrider Customer account.

Our body is always striving for balance, makes very little mucus to protect our stomach wall with and so any acid-producing food now irritates our stomach.

By age 40 – 50% of people inNorth Americahave Hiatus Hernias.  This is where the stomach pulls up above the diaphragm.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

Lose Weight with Sunrider

Healthy Eating Sunrider for Weight Loss Diana Walker

Healthy Eating Sunrider for Weight Loss Diana Walker

Healthy eating is the best way to lose weight. We were provided with many Sunrider success stories on stage at Sunrider Convention in Long Beach, California, July 2011.

Those Sunriders on stage provided us with tips on weight loss, and how Sunrider whole food nutrition was a powerful and pivotal part of that journey.

1. Don’t skip meals

2. Get plenty of rest and sleep

3. Move – get exercise, activities that you enjoy and will do consistently for results

4. Eat balanced snacks and meals – whole foods containing protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fat

5. Eat an abundance of whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds.

6. Eat a limited amount of animal and dairy products

Part of a successful weight loss and weight management program includes the 5 Basic Sunrider Foods every day:

Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, NuPlus, Sunnydew – Sunrider Stevia – and Quinary.

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I wish you Vibrant Health!
This article is for information purposes only and is separate from Sunrider International. It is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical problem, consult your physician.

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Kandesn Norma Hill-Patton Diana Walker

Diana Walker Norma Hill-Patton Kandesn Sunrider Vancouver Canada

Kandesn Norma Hill-Patton Sunrider Vancouver Diana Walker Photo

Kandesn Makeup All Natural Skincare Diana Walker with Norma Hill-Patton Kandesn Sunrider Vancouver Canada.  Norma is such a wonderful, vibrant, caring person, and it is a privilege for me to have connected with Norma at many Sunrider meetings in Vancouver BC Canada and Conventions in California, USA.

Norma Hill-Patton has worked on major feature films such as “Out of Africa,” “Double Jeopardy”, “Insomnia” and “Catwoman.”  Norma is Halle Berry’s personal make-up artist and loves to use Kandesn natural skincare and makeup whenever possible.

Norma has been in the film and TV industry for 38 years and lives in Vancouver BC Canada.

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Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Sunrider Leader, Whole Foods, Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight available – also help with beautiful skin.

Sunrider Video #1 Nourish Cleanse Balance Calli Tea

Sunrider Video #1 NOURISH AND CLEANSE = BALANCE.  Principle #1 of the Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration. Sunrider NuPlus, Calli Tea and Quinary are all based on the Philosophy of Regeneration.  Diana Walker video of John Teng, Sunrider International, Sunrider USA and Sunrider Canada, visit to Vancouver, BC Canada September 30, 2010:

Click here—-> Read More Details on Sunrider Principle #1 Nourish + Cleanse = Balance

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Sunrider Fortune Delight Diana Walker June20

Sunrider Fortune Delight Diana Walker

Order Sunrider products through Diana Walker  Sunrider Calli Tea and Sunrider Fortune Delight are 2 favorite healthy drinks.  Email:

Now with the summer here – I start my day with Sunrider Calli Tea   (instead of coffee, of course!) – and I drink Fortune Delight all day – often 2 or 3 packages or more.  My favourite is the Peach.  I do also love the Regular and Lemon and drink them often.  I always have Cinnamon and Raspberry in stock for occasional use, or to mix in a recipe – delicious!

Here’s my sister Goldie providing a demonstration of how to easily mix your Sunrider Fortune Delight:

Sunrider Fortune Delight Diana Walker

I made the above video last summer at Goldie’s home, and it is awesome having a family that all knows and loves the Sunrider products, and Fortune Delight is something we all have every day!

Do you want to buy Sunrider?  Buy Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli Tea online with Diana Walker as your Sunrider sponsor and mentor.   I provide free samples of Sunrider Calli Tea to all new customers  in USA and Canada in my “Diana Walker Sunrider Family”.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader, Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA