Sunrider Digestion Video 1

Sunrider Digestion Video 1

How to have a Healthy Digestive System, Diana Walker friend Jim Pendree, both Sunrider Leaders. How to have healthy digestion. Chinese herbs and Raw foods health benefits. Will our foods help our body to regenerate or degenerate? Demonstration of how our body works, how to be healthy.

Sunrider Digestion #1 How to Have a Healthy Digestive System

I want to help you understand how you can be more fit, have more energy, and feel the greatest you possibly can.

Digestion Help Sunrider Digestion Herbs Diana Walker Assimilaid, Vitadophilus, Sunbar, Vitashake

Digestion Help Sunrider Digestion Herbs Diana Walker Assimilaid, Vitadophilus, Sunbar, Vitashake

Now, most people at one time or another have tried health products and have had the kind of result where they think, “I think I feel better, but I’m not sure.”  They don’t notice a change or a difference to how they felt before they started the product.  There are several reasons for that.  Most books and programs give you a neat idea, but that idea is never complete.  They’re always focused on one thing, and the general idea is that, if you give your body x-y-z nutrients, it will be okay.  It doesn’t work like that.  I’ve never found a book that was totally complete, as far as giving me everything I need to know to be healthy.

First, we take our basic nutrients – the core nutrients our body needs.  From that, we subtract two things.

We subtract

  1. Bad foods and bad beverages (things that we all know are bad for us!)
  2. Everyday Foods like Wheat (Gluten)

The first thing we subtract is bad foods and beverages.

These are things like

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Sweeteners – things that we know are very bad for us.

The second thing we subtract is basic foods (that are hard to digest).  What are some of these basic foods?

  • Wheat/Gluten
  • Corn (GMO) – includes High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Soy (GMO)

Wheat (Gluten) – To give you an example, 80% of the population have a sensitivity to wheat; they find wheat difficult to digest.  A lot of people have problems like this.  They have sensitivities to foods they eat on a daily basis, but they’re so used to experiencing how they feel with these foods in their diets that they don’t know anything different.  They don’t know how much better they could feel.  You have to take those foods out of your diet before you’ll actually understand – “Wow!  This is how I feel without those!”

So you have your basic nutrients, and then you subtract bad foods and beverages and basic foods you have trouble digesting.  What you have left over is energy That’s the core.

So let’s say, looking at this, that you buy some vitamins, and you add them to your diet, but you leave in all the bad “junk foods” and everyday foods.  It’s impossible for you to notice an improvement.  You’re not actually going to the source of the problem!

Sunrider Digestion Suggestions

Now we look at specific nutrients – the nutrients that the Chinese, for example, took 5000 years to figure out.  They found out what foods are on your specific system’s shopping lists – what your digestive system needs, or your circulatory system, or your immune system.  They found foods that they could provide the body with every day to be strong and healthy.  Over in the west, we eat per taste.  We look at our food choices, and we make our choices based on what we like.  In the east, they focus on what the food actually does, rather than how it tastes.

Whether or not you eat these system-specific foods determines whether or not your body will regulate or regenerate.  What does regenerate mean?  On a small scale, let’s say you cut yourself, and then you heal.  That’s what we’re used to.  But you can take that concept to a much further extent.  Why can’t your body fix its liver, or its large intestine, or its pancreas?  Truth be told, your body can regenerate almost anything.  In the west, we assume we have to go to the doctor to achieve that.  We have to take medication and allow that to fix us.
Sunrider Digestion System-Specific Foods include Sunrider Vitadophilus, Sunrider Sunbars, and Sunrider Vitashake.

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Vitadophilus Sunrider Digestion Acidophilus

VITADOPHILUS – Sunrider Live Lactobacillus Acidophilus for Healthy Digestion

1. Ingredients
Apple Fruit Powder, Apple Fruit Flake, and Lactobacillus Acidophilus

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Vitadophilus Sunrider Healthy Digestion whole foods Diana Walker

Vitadophilus by Sunrider Healthy Digestion whole foods Diana Walker

2. Description

*  VitaDophilus supplies a minimum of 20 million live culture bacteria to the body.
*  Delicious apples form the base of the VitaDophilus powder.
*  This beneficial bacteria inbeds itself in the walls of the intestines, facilitating the digestive process.
*  Can be very helpful with constipation.
*  Most people need to bring “good bacteria” balance to the intestinal tract to prevent the   spread of fungus through the body.
*  Fungus/Candida overgrowth is often at the root of health challenges.
*  Fungus overgrowth happens when the body Ph is acid, when a person has taken antibiotics, when there are hormonal imbalances, and from most poor diets, etc.
*  Sunrider Vitadophilus is encased in a tasty, protective apple coating helps get the live bacteria into the small intestine, instead of it breaking down when it hits the stomach acids like most acidophilus products do.


A Technician at an independent laboratory in Vancouver compared the Sunrider Vitadophilus by Dr. Chen to other Acidophilus formulas. Her purpose was really to show that there was no difference. To her surprise – out of several brands being tested, Sunrider’s Vitadophilus was the only formula that grew 100% pure – the others had other bacteria growing in addition to the good Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria. We hear many stories of people who have been using other brands, not getting results, switching to the Sunrider Vitadophilus and getting the results they had hoped for.

4. How to Eat:

  • Available in a box of 10 packages, 3 grams each.
  • 1 to 2 packages daily.
  • Never heat.
  • Tastes Great – children love it!
  • Pour directly into mouth; eat upon rising and at bedtime.
  • Vitadophilus is most effective on an empty stomach.

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