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NuPlus – For nourishment for all your cells, this delicious NuPlus smoothie mix is a balanced whole food concentrate that energizes and helps reduce unhealthy cravings. This plant-based formula is enzyme rich, complex carbohydrate food that fills in the gaps that regular meals do not satisfy.  Ideal for Gluten-Free and Vegetarian and Vegan Diets and those interested in having more Raw Foods and Whole Foods in their daily eating plan.

I love this rich blend of whole juiced plants, packed with vitally alive nutrients, carefully combined and concentrated in a powder form.

Ingredients include: coix fruit, soy bean, Chinese yam, fox nut, lotus seed, lotus root, waterlily bulb, green bean, red bean, black bean, white bean and imperate root.

More Sunrider NuPlus Details:

Healthy Smoothie with whole foods, raw plants

Healthy Smoothie with whole foods, raw plants

Possible NuPlus Health Benefits include:

  • Regenerating effect on: adrenals; reproductive glands; liver; pancreas; kidneys; nervous system
  • Helps to build up lean muscle tissue.
  • Improved fat metabolism
  • Increased stamina and energy
  • Aids in convalescence and speeds recovery.
  • Quicker recovery from surgery.
  • Promotes general feeling of well-being.
  • Promotes better use of all other nutrients.
  • Promotes reduced cholesterol.
  • Promotes clearer thinking.
  • Allows reduced craving for unwholesome food.
  • Reduces the occurrence of mood swings.
  • Enhanced concentration.
  • Quicker recuperation from stress.
  • Better sleep
  • Relief from arthritis, asthma, PMS, high blood pressure.
  • Coix fruit found effective in treating arthritis & joint disease in Japan.
  • Increased endorphin levels in the brain
  • Raised seratonin levels in the brain in four days (relief of depression due to seratonin imbalance).
  • Raised dopamine levels in the brain in two to three weeks (relief of depression due to dopamine imbalance).

NuPlus – The Raw Foods Recipe shown in photo above is:

1 package NuPlus, Mixed Berry
1/2 cup fresh raw cantaloupe, cubed
1 cup almond or rice or soy milk
2 ice cubes
6 drops of Stevia

Place all ingredients in your blender, whiz up and Enjoy!

Prepared by an Independent Distributor
Note: this information is for nutritional purposes only. It is not the intent to diagnose, prescribe, or imply treatment. If you have a medical condition, consult a physician.

VIDEO by Diana

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– Learn more here about the Sunrider NBC Basic Regeneration Program (NBC stands for Nourish, Balance, Cleanse)

1. Diana and Goldie TeleClass (called Denny on the audios)

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Success Story: By Trish Powers

A Success Story by Trish Powers

I suppose everyone in Sunrider has a product, which they’d hate to do without. For me, although I love the Calli, Fortune Delight, Quinary, and other products, the food my body needs most is NuPlus. You see, it seems to me that, just as certain families may have a tendency not to produce, say enough insulin, it is also true that some families tend to have a tougher time producing proper brain chemistry, resulting in depression and other disorders like learning disabilities and eating disorders.

Before Sunrider, I had suffered from lifelong depression, which appeared to worsen, the older I got. Despite all manner of pharmaceutical intervention, by age 40, I could no longer work. The doctors, exasperated with my case, finally pronounced my condition “old age” (at 40 mind you!), and told me that I’d just have to learn to live with it.

There was nothing left for me to do but to pray for a miracle. Two long years later, that’s exactly what I got…in the form of a SunPack, of all things. I ate the SunPack as directed, and on the fourth day, I was granted my miracle… the depression was lifting! I could once again think and remember and make decisions.

It seems that what was wrong with me was that my brain was just hungry! For some reason I just couldn’t make the brain chemistry my body was so desperate for.

Could it have been so simple all along? Skeptically, I put my own theory to the test. After I had eaten my entire first supply, I didn’t replace it right away. Guess what? I found that if I went without these herbs for four days, the symptoms returned. My dear husband Tom, who had watched me struggle for nearly a quarter of a century, observed all this and simply by emphatically said, “Don’t ever run out of that stuff again!”

I have since learned that in certain kinds of depression like Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), blood seratonin levels normalize when patients spend two hours a day in the sun, four days in a row (just like four days of Sunrider!). Here up north in snowy Michigan, this is my “sunshine in a canister.” And guess what? I took my husband’s advice: Twelve years later, I have never let myself run out of “that stuff” again!

I will be happy to provide more education and assistance on this valuable health product.

Join me here:  Diana Walker Healthy Lifestyles

Sunrider NuPlus Delicious Flavours

This comes in 6 different varieties and is packaged in 15g packets.

Boxes of 10-packs or 60-packs. The packets are convenient to take with you or use at home.
Original is ideal for those on liquid diets, Candida, and for babies.

Ingredients in Original formula:  Coix Fruit, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Waterlily Bulb, Imperate Root. (Does not contain any type of beans.)

Simply Herbs (in 15g packets) mild flavor – so it works great for adding to recipes. Has a smoother texture than the varieties with fruit pieces.
Ingredients: Coix Fruit, Soy Beans, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Waterlily Bulb, Green Bean, Red Bean, Black Bean, White Bean, Imperate Root.

The following 4 varieties are Simply Herbs with the addition of natural, freeze-dried fruit pieces. Each is available in 15g packets or bulk.
Apple Cinnamon (good for digestion and circulation)
Mixed Berry (good for concentration and focus)
Naturally Plain (good for the heart)
Pina Banana (good for stress and headaches)

This delicious powder can be eaten straight from the package, in water, juice or Calli and/or Fortune Delight. Add SunnyDew to taste. Great added to smoothies, fruit or pasta salads, rice or soymilk, yogurt, cereal, baked goods, or any table food you like!

This is a whole, bio-available food the body recognizes, can easily assimilate and use for regeneration.
Buy Healthy Raw Juiced Plant Food for Smoothies

VIDEO by J.W. Emerson

 Is the Soy Genetically Modified?

Dr. Chen explained that the soy in his products is not genetically modified and is processed in a way that eliminates these concerns and makes it digestible and usable by the body. Having eaten these herbs on a daily basis for 30 years as of this month … I can tell you that it is one food I will not go without. (quote from Sunrider Leader)

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Wishing you Vibrant Health and Success!
Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

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Sunrider NuPlus Healthy Smoothie with whole foods, raw plants

Sunrider NuPlus Healthy Smoothie with whole foods, raw plants

Confused? No need to be.

NuPlus (Simply Herbs, Apple Cinnamon, Pina Banana, Mixed Berry, Naturally Plain, or Original) is a nutritious drink that fills in nutritional gaps in your diet.
The VitaShake (Strawberry or Chocolate)  has added Nutrients and Fiber.
The SunFit Protein Plus (Vanilla) has extra Protein.
The SunTrim Shake (Chocolate) is the only shake that is not based on the NuPlus. It is a completely different formula which not only supplies nutrients, but is for the specific purpose of making you feel fuller longer and giving you lasting energy in order to eat less and lose weight and inches.

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