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SunTrim Plus, will be highlighted by Dr. Reuben Chen – son of Dr Tei Fu Chen, who is the Founder of Sunrider International.  Dr Reuben Chen will be in Canada in early March.  The event will take place at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond, BC.  Come and learn about Sunrider’s new Weight Management and fitness program.  Reuben Chen, M.D., will share details about this new program, plus present SunTrim+ and its benefits.

SunTrim Plus weight loss in Canada Dr Reuben Chen

SunTrim Plus in Canada event on Weight Loss with Dr Reuben Chen

This event will be attended by Sunrider Leaders from Canada and USA.

Some Sunrider customers have said:

  • I felt satisfied with less food
  • I didn’t gorge myself
  • I wasn’t constantly wanting to nibble
  • It changed my eating habits
  • I lost right around my belly
Cocoa Beans help stop cravings

Cocoa Beans, called Cacao, raw, appetite suppressant stops food cravings

Green Coffee Bean extract helps with weight loss

Green coffee Bean extract helps with weight loss

Green Tea helps with carb metabolism and weight loss

Green tea helps with carb metabolism

Garcinia Mangosteen suppess appetite

Garcinia Mangosteen suppress appetite

Polygonum Resveratrol antioxidant from plants

Polygonum Resveratrol antioxidant from plants

This is a natural formula containing plants.  Ingredients are Cocoa bean (cacao), Green coffee bean, Polygonum, Green tea, and Garcinia mangosteen.


Sunrider SunTrim Plus

SunTrim Plus Weight Loss Sunrider plant nutrition www.diana2.com

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, CEO, Diana’s Health Lifestyles, Cravings Coach


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