Kandesn Healthy Skin

Kandesn Healthy Skin

Kandesn Healthy Skin is possible – Eczema and Allergy Relief – Sunrider NuPlus and Calli.

Kandesn Healthy Skin Eczema story Sunrider NuPlus and Calli

Kandesn Healthy Skin Eczema story Sunrider NuPlus and Calli

Grandma Catherine holding Alexander – see his clear skin?  After incorporating Sunrider NuPlus herbal nutrition and Sunrider Calli herbal beverage into his life!
Baby Alexander, age 15 months, October 2007 – Grandma Catherine

From Catherine:

My daughter’s 15 month old son has been with me this past week… he has been getting NuPlus from his Grandma (ME).  His skin has completely changed… I will try to send some pictures of before and now.  It is truly amazing.  When he turned 3 months, he started to develop eczema really bad… as you will be able to tell in the pictures.  And then the allergies.  His skin around his wrists and all folds of his arms and legs and ankles have been literally raw and inflamed from itching… His eyes have been draining… and itchy.

Healthy Kandesn Skin (and Sunrider nutritional products)

When he arrived a week ago last Thursday he was still itching and living on atihistamines.  He is completely off the allergy medicines in 4 days… and sleeping so much better.

2 naps in the day and sleeps through the night. And absolutely no itching!

I mix Xander’s juice, with Calli, his mashed potatoes with Calli  and that way I know he is getting the Calli. He is so picky about foods, but loves his Nuplus mixed in with his Oatmeal or Rice cereal…. that makes his grandma happy that he is getting some good nutrition… and it is showing…. with his skin… He was just eating one serving and now he is up to a serving and a half.
That is good because of this.  He is 15 months.  And weighs 17 pounds. ……Catherine

Kandesn Healthy Skin and Psoriasis

Hi,   This is my story of how Sunrider has helped me feel good and feel good about myself.

I have always had good health and have worked hard at physical things.  In my 20’s and 30’s I worked out and maintained  a 175 lb. frame and good energy.  From 30 to 40 I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu, becoming a black belt and an instructor.

Then, about five years ago, diet, stress and alcohol caught up with me.  It started with a dry patch on the back of my head, which lead to patches on my arms and legs.  It then quickly appeared on my eyebrows, stomach, back, and eventually covered most of my body.  The patches were itchy, painful, and embarrassing, and the flakes made wearing anything black unthinkable.  Stress caused the patches to burn and itch, making my sleep more difficult.  Long days of scratching and tiredness resulted in low energy, will and drive.  Depression and lower self-esteem followed and I continued to struggle through life with no energy, no appetite and poor sleep.

I went to see numerous doctors over the years to resolve this.  The last one commented: “This is the worst case of psoriasis I’ve ever seen”. I had tried herbal remedies, acupuncture, vegetarian diets, liquid milk thistle, colon cleanses, poultices of radishes, aloe, and cortisone creams, but none of them worked, the psoriasis just spread.

Kandesn Sunrider Psoriasis Skin Healthy with Natural products

Kandesn Sunrider Psoriasis Skin Healthy with Natural products

My understanding was that the psoriasis was due to toxins being eliminated through the skin.  I believed if I cleaned my liver and colon, the toxins would not come out of my skin and the psoriasis would be healed. But after all of these attempts, my belief in overcoming the psoriasis was ebbing

Now the good part,

In the beginning of May 2002 I began to take a Sunrider basic whole food program.  I took Calli tea to cleanse on a cellular level, Fortune Delight tea to cleanse the major organs, NuPlus to nourish my body (in powdered, bar and snack form) and Quinary to help balance everything.  Though I was not expecting much, I started noticing results.  Within 2 weeks, I was falling asleep at 11:30, sleeping soundly, and waking up refreshed and full of energy.  After 5 weeks, my scalp, face, ears, eyebrows and arms had cleared up.  With more energy I began to exercise again.

I would have paid thousands of dollars had someone guaranteed me these results.  Now I spend a few hundred dollars a month on the Sunrider foods, which is about what I used to spend on coffee, soda, alcohol, and fast food.  People who had seen me scratching, and the red inflamed skin with the white flakes, are amazed when they see me now.

Some other significant things have happened.   With my energy level being so high I have exercised for seven weeks, losing 15 lb. of fat and gaining muscle tone.  Restful, sound sleep is taken for granted again.  My stress and anxiety have been reduced to non-existent and I am eating regularly.  I have no cravings for alcohol, soda or snacks.

This transformation is so incredible to me because of the short time frame, the complete recovery, and the additional benefits I’ve seen in my energy level and improved sleep.  I have also seen and heard now, so many other testimonies  of people with diabetes, fibromyalgia, crohnes disease, asthma , alcoholism,  and drug abuse that I have decided to share the Sunrider philosophy of regeneration and whole foods with others.

The Sunrider foods are not a cure.  They provide the body with the herbal formulations with 5,000 years of history through a wide variety of organic and whole foods so the body can heal itself.   J/Canada… May 2004

Sunrider and Kandesn Products are available here: Free Sunrider Customer Account 

Kandesn Norma Hill-Patton Diana Walker

Diana Walker Norma Hill-Patton Kandesn Sunrider Vancouver Canada

Kandesn Norma Hill-Patton Sunrider Vancouver Diana Walker Photo

Kandesn Makeup All Natural Skincare Diana Walker with Norma Hill-Patton Kandesn Sunrider Vancouver Canada.  Norma is such a wonderful, vibrant, caring person, and it is a privilege for me to have connected with Norma at many Sunrider meetings in Vancouver BC Canada and Conventions in California, USA.

Norma Hill-Patton has worked on major feature films such as “Out of Africa,” “Double Jeopardy”, “Insomnia” and “Catwoman.”  Norma is Halle Berry’s personal make-up artist and loves to use Kandesn natural skincare and makeup whenever possible.

Norma has been in the film and TV industry for 38 years and lives in Vancouver BC Canada.

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Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Sunrider Leader, Whole Foods, Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight available – also help with beautiful skin.

Kandesn Cosmetics Foundation Safe Makeup

Kandesn Makeup Sunrider Diana Walker Photo Vancouver Canada

Kandesn Makeup Sunrider Diana Walker Photo Vancouver Canada

 Kandesn All Natural Cosmetics and Skincare – the beautiful foundation and makeup lets your skin breathe naturally and is safe for your skin. 

The glass on the left has makeup from another company, and you see how it “globs” inside the glass.  Watch the video!  

That is what it does on your skin!  So your skin cannot breathe.  The makeup on the right is Sunrider Kandesn natural makeup, which is safe and beautiful for your skin and lets your skin breathe.Sunrider Kandesn Skincare and Cosmetics are made from all herbal and vegetable sources. 

You can easily get started and order your Sunrider Kandesn Makeup
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Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Sunrider Leader – Whole Food Nutrition and All Natural Cosmetics
Sunrider Canada, Sunrider USA

Kandesn Lipstick Natural Cosmetics & Skincare

Kandesn All Natural Cosmetics Sunrider Canada Sunrider USA

Kandesn All Natural Cosmetics Sunrider Canada Sunrider USA

Kandesn Lipstick and All Natural Cosmetics and Skincare by Sunrider International are herbal and vegetable based.  They look and feel beautiful on your skin.   Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Master Herbalist, takes great care to use only natural ingredients.  These all natural cosmetics nourish your skin, provide deep moisture.  Dr. Chen uses squalane – from vegetable oils – you could eat the lipstick and be fine, it is so natural! 

To purchase Sunrider Kandesn Skincare, you can:
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I have been using the Sunrider cosmetics and skincare for 14 years now and will not use anything else on my skin.  I love how I look and how it makes my skin feel.

John Teng, Sunrider International, describes how Sunrider Kandesn Lipstick is made with vegetable based squalane.  Most companies use cheaper ingredients which are harmful to the skin, and block the pores, so that your skin cannot breathe.  Your skin gets wrinkled and old faster.  With Kandesn Lipstick, your lips are hydrated and moist, and feel smooth.

Many companies use lanolin oil which blocks the pores.  Sunrider does not.  Others may use Ozokerite Wax – which is from coal and shale – and Micorcrystalline wax – which is from petroleum!

To purchase Sunrider Kandesn Skincare, you can:
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2.  Click here:  Order Sunrider Kandesn with Diana Walker as your sponsor

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Sunrider Leader – Whole Foods Nutrition, All Natural Kandesn Cosmetics