Sunrider and Digestion #1 Video

Sunrider video on Sunrider and Digestion #1 and benefits of Calli Tea for digestion.

Diana Walker provides information on How to have a Healthy Digestive System

Digestion Sunrider Calli Tea for healthy digestion Diana Walker

Digestion Sunrider Calli Tea for healthy digestion Diana Walker

Diana Walker friend Jim Pendree, both Sunrider Leaders.

How to have healthy digestion. Chinese herbs and Raw foods health benefits.  Buy Sunrider Calli Tea in Canada and USA.

Will our foods help our body to regenerate or degenerate?

Jim provides a demonstration of how our body works, how to be healthy.

In the West we think we have to go to the doctor for help but there are holistic healthy lifestyles and whole foods that can help us on our path to improved health and vitality.

Diana Walker studied under Dr. Paul Bragg, world-famous Naturopath, in the 1970s.

Jim was also one of my mentors during Sunrider whole food nutrition education and meetings in Salmon Arm, BC,Canada.

Jim and Wanda served Calli Tea and Fortune Delight at weekly meetings for 10 years, and we all learned from Jim.  He presented the Digestive Diagram education to us, and helped us to discover how to have healthy digestive systems.  All disease can be traced back to this.  This is #1 in a series of education videos.

All diseases start in the stomach.

Starting at birth and until about age 2 we have normal levels of acid in our stomachs.  By age 8 the acid level drops considerably.  By our age, we don’t have a lot of acid left.  Acid in our stomach is accompanied with digestive enzymes to digest our food.

Our body strives for the best balance it can.

Lots of acid, means lots of mucus lining to protect our stomach walls.

Less acid, equals less mucus lining to protect our stomach and then when we eat foods that our body recognizes as acid it irritates the poorly protected walls of our stomach.

As our stomach gets irritated it tightens up.  It is a large muscle. (Make a fist – that is about the size of your stomach)  As it tightens up, the acid in our stomach is pushes up and we experience heart burn, reflux and indigestion.

The Doctor says, you have too much acid and suggests tums, or Rollaids or other medications to control the acid.  What little acid we did have is now gone.  Calli Tea can help our bodies come into balance and Diana Walker will help you open a free Sunrider Customer account.

Our body is always striving for balance, makes very little mucus to protect our stomach wall with and so any acid-producing food now irritates our stomach.

By age 40 – 50% of people inNorth Americahave Hiatus Hernias.  This is where the stomach pulls up above the diaphragm.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader


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