Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli Tea are Exclusive herbal beverages.
The formulas are based on ancient Chinese manuscripts.
The Calli Tea formula is exclusive and is the traditional drink of the Shao Lin monks in ancient China for meditation.

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1. Mental Clarity
2. Energy
3. Antioxidants and tea catechins
4. No preservatives
5. No fumigation and No irradiation
6. Zero calories
7. Fat-flushing
8. Delicious hot or cold

Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight

Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight


We recommend you add Sunrider Stevia for added nutritional value and sweet taste:
Sunrider Stevia:

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Sunrider Calli Tea Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Tea Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker


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* Available in 10 packs or 60 packs.

Calli comes in 3 different flavours:
* Original
* Cinnamon
* Mint


* Steep 1 teabag in 4 cups of hot (not boiling) water for 5 to 10 minutes.
(To lessen the cleansing effect, due to toxicity of the body,
you may choose to weaken the Calli with 1 Calli teabag per 8 cups of water).
* Remove bag. (tea leaves are great for plants – they love it too!)
* Do not microwave. Live enzymes and antioxidants can be destroyed.
* The purer the water, the fewer residues there will be on top.
Purified or distilled water is the best for preparing Calli.


Camellia Leaf, Perilla Leaf, Mori Bark Extract, Alisma Root Extract, Impetrate Root, and other herbs as flavoring.


Sunrider Fortune Delight Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker

Sunrider Fortune Delight Product Fact Sheet Diana Walker



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Watch my Fortune Delight video here:


· Available in 10 packs or 60 packs of 3 gram
(also available in 10 packs of 20 grams for Original and Peach)

Fortune Delight comes in 5 different flavours:
* Original
* Cinnamon (especially delicious hot)
* Lemon
* Raspberry
* Peach
(all great over ice – but be sure to dissolve the powder first in a little warm water, then add cold water and ice).


* Add 1 small packet (3 grams) to 2 to 4 cups hot or cold water
To lessen the cleansing effect, dilute your Fortune Delight even more.


Camellia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract and less than 1% natural flavours.


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Black, green, oolong, and white tea come from the Camellia Sinensis plant — also known as the tea plant. The leaf extract is the oil from its leaves ( 1 ). Camellia sinensis or tea leaf extract has gained popularity given the multiple health benefits of tea, especially those of green tea.

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract is the oil extract from the green tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Green tea and its major polyphenol constituents, the catechins, have been reported to have many health benefits.


Calli® is a unique herbal beverage made from a proprietary blend of green tea and herbal extracts.

Sunrider’s unique concentration method enhances the release of tea catechins, bioflavonoids, and other potent antioxidants in a way not possible with traditional grinding.

Calli’s exclusive formula provides potent antioxidant protection against free radicals and helps support the body’s natural processes of cleansing and elimination.

Calli® is made with natural ingredients and contains no fat, cholesterol, or artificial sweeteners.

Delicious hot or cold, it makes a healthy replacement for coffee, tea, latte, and cola.


Sunrider’s Calli Tea and Fortune Delight contain “trace amounts” of caffeine.

Quote from Sunrider:
“During the manufacturing process, we reduce the content of caffeine until only trace amounts of natural caffeine remain.
There is no added caffeine or chemicals.”


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Thank you for choosing me to provide education and tips.
“Health Is Our Greatest Wealth”!

Diana Walker
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Nutrition and Whole Foods



Sunrider Cleansing and Detox

Sunrider Cleansing and Detox

Sunrider Cleansing and Detox and The Philosophy of Regeneration – Sunrider is a lifestyle that coordinates and balances the workings of all the systems of our body.  When our body’s systems are balanced and synchronized, they all work together harmoniously in the way they were intended.   WE FEEL GOOD!

Sunrider Cleansing and Detox Diana Walker

Symptoms are the body’s signal that something is wrong.

The best way to get rid of symptoms is to correct the cause.  When the cause of the symptom is removed, our whole body can function properly.  Our body is designed to take care of itself.  Our body is a self-contained, self-healing, self-regulating survival machine.  When we disobey the natural laws the disease momentum increases, and it can be like a runaway car.
As we begin to eat Sunrider foods the disease momentum is brought to a stop and we begin to feel better.  Then we must get the car turned around and begin the trip toward health.  It is back up the same road.  We have no way of knowing just what road you took to find Sunrider, so we cannot tell what road you will take back, but it will be exactly the same one.  This time you will be traveling in the direction of health.


Sunrider nutrition is gentle yet powerful.

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Sunrider Cleansing and Detox – The regeneration cycle may produce symptoms new to you.
If you had a hysterectomy, as your body’s energy is rebalanced, the body will attempt to send the proper amount of energy to the uterus.  But of course, there is no uterus.  The energy has been dispatched and now must be diverted into alternate pathways, causing temporary discomfort.  If you had a broken arm, which healed naturally, you will not get these symptoms as that area is cleansed because it healed in a way nature intended.
A lack of body awareness accompanies a sickened condition.  This is what permits the body to degenerate.  If a person is in tune they will become aware something is wrong and make the necessary changes as they go along to overcome the problem before it has a chance to become a full blown disease.

Some symptoms of healing:
*Headaches *Chills *Dripping nose   *Body odour
*Rashes *Boils    *Old aches and pains coming back






Some toxins in the body that may cause reactions as they leave.

Pharmaceutical Drugs
One of the largest sources of the body toxins are the drugs people take to fight disease.  Medicinal drugs are very strong to overcome the body’s natural defense system.  They are either eliminated or stored within to be eliminated later.
As you get better and the drugs are discontinued, the old toxins enter the bloodstream for elimination.  The circulation of these old drug toxins in the system may produce bewildering symptoms that can be alarming.  You may even taste them in the mouth as they leave the body.

Every drug taken leaves its mark on the body.  They are stored in the fatty tissues and the organs.  As the body regains health, the drug deposits are put into circulation  for elimination.  Several varieties  may enter the bloodstream at the same time causing rashes as they leave the body through the skin.

Suggested Sunrider products:  Since the drugs are stored in the fat and leave the body with the fat, drink the Fortune Delight and eat the Sunrider  Sunbar.

Caffeine and Nicotine
Heavy smokers or coffee drinkers may experience nervous irritability and emotional outbreaks the same as drug addicts when they are detoxing.  Nicotine and caffeine damage the nervous system and upset the vascular system, so symptoms such as headaches, edginess, mental cloudiness are expected.  People who go on a health program, or lifestyle change, and still drink coffee and smoke are committing serious offense on their bodies.  They will pay the price.
Sunrider Cleansing and Detox – Suggested Sunrider  products:  With the Sunrider program, the symptoms of going off the addicting caffeine and nicotine are greatly reduced or not present at all.  Products which help with addictions are Sunny Dew or Sunectar (it is the sugar in cigarettes, pop, etc. that are so addicting), NuPlus (good nutrition just naturally helps with cravings), Vitataste, ESE, Sunrider Calli to pull out old toxins.

Salt and Other Condiments
Old salt deposits in the body exit through the skin and kidneys.  Sometimes you will have a salty taste in the mouth.
Suggested Sunrider products:  Because the craving for salt is simply a body out  of balance as with sugar based items, the Sunrider program is very much the same as for nicotine and caffeine.

White Sugar Withdrawal
Eliminating sugar from the diet may make a person feel slightly nervous and hyperactive.  Mood changes, are noticeable.  Reformed sugar addicts may feel periods of depression as their blood sugar tries to right itself.
Suggested Sunrider products:  With the Sunrider program, the symptoms of going off the addiction effects of sugar are greatly reduced or not present at all.  The same products as for the other addictions.

Heavy Metal Elimination
Almost every person is poisoned by deposits of heavy metals in the body.  Lead, aluminum, mercury, copper and arsenic collect in organs throughout the body.  They are difficult to eliminate, and may cause headaches and a general achiness all through the body.  The gums may hurt and the kidneys may throb as these metals leave the organs and bones.  Heavy metal poisoning is very common due to all the environmental toxins.  As you eliminate these metals, bear the aches and realize they are leaving your body forever.
Suggested Sunrider products:  With the Sunrider program the symptoms of ridding the body of heavy metals are greatly reduced or not present at all.  The most important product for removal of heavy metals is Sunrider Calli Tea beverage.  It pulls the heavy metals from the tissues and flushes them out of the body.

Meat Eating and the Acid Body Condition
· Meat eating creates an acid condition in the body.  When meat is eliminated, the body tries to return to its natural alkaline condition.
· A sour disagreeable odor may emit from the body as the acids leave or are neutralized.
· Bad breath, dark urine and a bitter taste in the mouth.
· Weakness in the arms or legs may occur, because the body’s energies are going toward neutralizing and eliminating the acid toxins.
· Exercise, good sleep and lack of stress, sunshine and fresh air are powerful help.
Fresh fruits and vegetables also very beneficial.
Suggested Sunrider products:  These symptoms may or may not occur.
The products suggested are Calli, NuPlus, Quinary, Sunbars.

Headaches are the body’s most common warning signal of toxicity.  The toxic load in the body has increased so fast that poisons are circulating in the bloodstream and cause irritation to the brain and nerves.  A quick way to relieve headaches is a brisk outdoor walk or run.  Increases elimination and provides relief.
Suggested Sunrider products:  Areas to look at with headaches are the digestive and hormonal systems.  Most headaches are caused by a build up of toxins in the colon, impacted colon, or an imbalance in the hormonal system.  Sunbreeze Oil or Balm are very soothing while waiting.

Upset stomach and Diarrhea
When food is not being digested properly or is passing right through the body, this is the body’s way of telling you to go light on food because you are going through a time of cleansing.
Suggested Sunrider products:  Calli, Assimilaid (A.D. in Canada), Evergreen, Vitadophilus, Sunbars.

You need to eat food high in water content, fruit (such as melons).  Also drink lots of water.  There is not enough fluid in the body so fluid is drawn from the colon to help the body.  This leads to impactions of fecal material and since they can’t leave the colon, a leaching back into the body of these materials through the liver and back to the tissues.
Suggested Sunrider products:  Lots of Calli, Fortune Delight, Sunbars, Fibertone, Assimilaid (A.D. in Canada), Evergreen, Vitadophilus.

Weight Loss or Management
Weight loss or managing the weight is a side benefit of cleaning up the diet.  Since sodium holds water in the tissues, from five to fifteen pounds of water alone may be lost when salt is greatly reduced in the diet.
In some individuals, five to twenty pounds of old fecal matter may be eliminated from the colon.
The body will also try to eliminate all diseased tissue in an effort to rebuild a healthy body.  Movement will help rebuild the body with lean, muscle tissue.  Almost all symptoms during a transition to a health promoting diet are due to the body’s efforts to detoxify itself as rapidly as possible.
Suggested Sunrider products:  NuPlus, Calli, Fortune Delight, Quinary, Sunbars, Sunrider Stevia (Sunectar/SunnyDew in USA and Suncare/Suncare Plus in Canada, Vitataste, Vitadophilus

Sunrider Cleansing and Detox
The basic foundation of Sunrider is the “Philosophy of Regeneration” Which means:

1.   The body has the ability to heal itself, naturally.
2.  When given the proper nutrition from live, organic, pure, whole foods.
3.  Each person must take responsibility for themselves.

Sunpack is Sunriders foundation of proper nutrition.  The Sunpack includes foods to Nourish Balance and Cleanse our body for proper nutrition from live, organic, pure, whole foods.

Read more about NBC – Nourish, Balance, Cleanse (Sunrider Sunpack – also called the Basic Program)

Nourish with Nuplus, Sunny Dew, Sunectar
Balance with Quinary.
Cleanse with Calli, Fortune Delight
Relax with Sunbreeze Oil or Balm.

Movement, plenty of rest, fresh air and sunshine.  Have faith in yourself!  You will become a new person, healthier and more alive!!!  Keep yourself positive, loving, forgiving, kind and happy.

It would be my joy and pleasure to help you get started on these wonderful and delicious plant-based whole foods here:

Sunrider Customer HereI mail free Sunrider samples to all new Customers.

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?  The more understanding and knowledge people have, the less expensive the products will be to them. Then again, it depends how people use the products, how much they use and how many different products they consume.

Sunrider Calli Tea Beverage

I have friends who like Calli beverage very strong. They put two bags in one cup. You might think this is very expensive ($2 a cup). Well, it is still cheaper than a cup of coffee at Starbucks and much healthier for the body!

Then there are Sunriders who will make 4 to 8 liters (1 – 2 gallons) of Calli beverage out of just one bag ($0.02 a cup).
This way 50 people can enjoy a cup of Calli from just one bag.

Are Sunrider Products Expensive Diana Walker

Are Sunrider Products Expensive Diana Walker

Some people like Sunrider products so much that they use every one of the more than 400 products that Sunrider provides.

And then there are Sunriders who are so eager to see positive results fast, they consume large quantities of products each day. This can be more costly.

Sunrider products are very inexpensive when we understand their value, considering they give us results like no other products on the market.

Are Sunrider Products Expensive? Sunrider products are 7 to 40 times concentrated.

The fact that Sunrider products are 7 to 40 time concentrated means that the company will take up to 40 lbs and concentrate it down to 1 lb or they will take 40 kg and concentrate it down to 1 kg.

Sunrider extracts the bulk and water out of herbs and plants and end up with just nutrients still in a life force form that are so essential for our body.

Read PDF File here:   Are Sunrider Products Expensive Diana Walker

Regular food today is Depleted of Nutrients

The regular food today is so depleted of nutrients and there is no wonder that people get tired, have low energy or end up sick.

We still eat regular food for bulk and some nutrition but we need to supplement.

Vitamins and minerals are NOT the answer. They are just chemical isolates, without life force and are difficult for the body to absorb or even eliminate.

You can choose Sunrider foods, not just for their powerful concentration, but also for the variety of different herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables that are not available in our grocery stores but are so essential for the well being of our body.


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If we eat just our basic NBC program which is: Nu-Plus, Calli and Quinary, we will enjoy over 100 different highly concentrated foods.

In the grocery stores you will find around 75 fruits and vegetables and of course we cannot eat them all each day.  This is the Sunrider difference.

Are Sunrider Products Expensive?  NO! Here is The Sunrider Difference:

  1.  Because the products are so concentrated we will not overeat and at the same time will nourish our body with 100’s of foods each day to keep the body healthy, strong and in balance.
  2. Sunrider products are formulated and enhanced, making sure the herbs work the best for us and that there are no side effects.
  3. All the herbs are food grade herbs and can be eaten in large amounts.
  4. Sunrider foods are inexpensive when you consider the high concentration, formulation and enhancement which create great value and incredible positive results.

Sunrider products are foods not just supplements and can replace many groceries and drinks. This way we can save about 50% on food and up to 100% on drinks.

Related Post by Diana Walker re Sunrider 30-Day Cost:

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Sunrider Calli Night

Sunrider Calli Night Tea

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Calm Sleep Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Calm Sleep Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea herbal tea is a totally natural formula carefully produced with a combination of herbs designed to help you get a full night’s rest. 

Sunrider Calli Night Tea is an herbal tea that helps people sleep soundly through the night and is so gentle that it can be consumed during the day to relax.

This special herbal formula in a tea bag contains an exclusive combination of herbs.
There are no chemicals or caffeine added to this all-natural formula.
Sunrider Calli Night Tea is great to use along with Sunrider ESE.
See more details here:

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Ingredients

Passion Flower, Ho Shou Wu, Jujube Seed, Poria, Camellia Leaf, Sage Root, Rose Hip, Imperate Root, Wintermelon Seed

Calli Night was created to help us relax and get the most from our sleeping and resting hours.  It combines the best of the Calli base with special soothing ingredients designed to help relax the mind and calm the spirit, allowing the body to rest.  The secret to a successful combination of herbs lies in the “synergy” that is created…the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Creating synergy requires an extensive knowledge of herbs from centuries of empirical understanding, as well as knowledge of biochemistry and pharmacy (which Dr. Chen has).

Sunrider Customer HereOrder Sunrider Calli Night Tea

Passion Flower – is a pure and natural, mild sedative.  Useful to calm nerves and blood pressure.  It is traditionally used to alleviate neuralgia and insomnia.

Ho Shou Wu – the Longevity tonic… it has been used through the centuries in the Orient as a rejuvenator, at the same time being relaxing and sleep inducing.  Taken regularly it is said to restore hair color.  Ho Shou Wu offers “generative” energy.  Many of the remarkable benefits of this herb come from its ability to cleanse the blood of toxins, which has a strong rejuvenating effect. Clinical studies have shown it to increase lipid metabolism, thereby lowering cholesterol, and also to improve the body’s ability to metabolize glucose.

Jujube Seed – Nourishing to the heart and liver and calming to the nerves, therefore useful for insomnia, irritability, anxiety and stress.

Poria – Breaks up moisture and promotes diuresis.  Benefits stomach, spleen and digestion.  It is a calmative, nervine and emollient.  It is useful where there is a tendency to hold water, where there is difficulty urinating, for cellulite, diarrhea and vomiting.  Used for apprehension, insomnia and forgetfulness.  A good source of potassium.

Camellia Leaf – Vitamins C and B, 6% volatile oils, trace elements of caffeine (note: because it is correctly processed and balanced with the other herbs there is no stimulating effect).  Useful for menstrual problems, menopause (hot flashes), hypertension, kidney disorders, skin diseases (especially eczema), after childbirth, red and swollen throat, boils and abscesses, early stages of epidemic encephalitis and diphtheria.

Sage Root – Has potent bacteriostatic and immunologic effects as well as mind calming properties which make it useful for anxiety, mental stress and insomnia.  Assists in lowering cholesterol and liver triglycerides.

Rose Hip – High Vitamin C content.  Good for stress of all kind.  An infection fighter.

Imperate Root – Clears fever, stops bleeding, quenches thirst, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory.  Promotes urination where there is edema.  Stops nausea.

Wintermelon Seed – Clears toxins and mucous from the body.

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Sleep Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Sleep Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Cleansing Calli Tea

Sunrider Cleansing Calli Tea

Sunrider Calli Tea Cleansing Detox Fortune Delight

Sunrider Calli Tea Cleansing Detox Fortune Delight

– Details on Medicinal Cleanse and Detox
versus Nutritional Cleanse and Detox




Calli Tea Detox and

Comparison of Cleansing
Substitution vs Regeneration Sunrider

Calli Tea Cleansing Substitution vs Regeneration Sunrider

Calli Tea Cleansing Substitution vs Regeneration Sunrider

SUBSTITUTION when using Cascara Sagrada and Senna for Laxatives and Cleansing
* Body functions weakened
* Forces body to cleanse
* “Clean house” once a year!

REGENERATION when using Sunrider Cleansing Calli Tea
* Body functions strengthened
* Nourishes the cleansing cells
* Assists body’s natural cleansing process
* “Clean house” daily!


Calli Tea Detox Cleansing Food Herbs Medicine versus Food Herbs

Calli Tea Detox Cleansing Food Herbs Medicine versus Food Herbs













Cascara Sagrada and Senna – not healthy for long-term use

* Harsh, Irritant Laxatives like Cascara Sagrada and Senna – stay away from these
* Short-term use
* Side Effects – Potassium loss,
muscle weakness, malnutrition,
cramps, diarrhea
* Laxative dependency syndrome
* Forces body to cleanse

Sunrider Cleansing Calli Tea and Fortune Delight
* Gentle Cleanse (inside shower)
* Use daily
* Side Effects – more energy, clearer
thinking, more balanced, adds
essential minerals, antioxidants
* No dependency
* Assists body’s natural cleansing

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Pregnancy Babies Sunrider

Pregnancy Babies Sunrider

Many times I am asked, “Can an expectant mother eat the Sunrider products?” I have two daughters, Sherri and Shelly who have been good first hand examples for us to see what eating Sunrider before pregnancy and during pregnancy did for them and their children.  (quoted from Sharon F, Sunrider Leader)

Sunrider Babies Pregnancy Nutrition 2014 Diana Walker

Sunrider Babies Pregnancy Nutrition 2014 Diana Walker

We now have four grandchildren. Our latest, Jeremy John, arrived on November 23, 1997. His mother Shelly has eaten Sunrider for over 15 years. She continued eating Sunrider during her pregnancy. In addition to the experiences of my two daughters, over the years that I have been involved with Sunrider I have seen many women experience the benefits of Sunrider foods throughout their pregnancies. (This information was shared by Sharon F, Sunrider Leader) in 1997.

Pregnancy And Babies AndSunrider

The following is information that I have found to be helpful for expectant mothers and their little ones.

General Nutrition and Exercise

Before and during pregnancy, nutrition is absolutely important. In my opinion, and from observation, a couple cannot be too healthy when planning to have a baby, so before pregnancy is the best time to prepare, for both mother and father. A basic Sunrider food program cannot be under-estimated, both before and during pregnancy.

The diet is very important; the expectant mother is eating for two.
The nutrition will go to the baby first.

If the diet is not excellent, the mother can be left depleted. This can result in many of the common “pregnancy complaints” which we will discuss later. Eat plenty of fresh and steamed vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and good sources of protein. Stay away from junk food, fast food, and empty calories. Everything the mother eats should be nutritionally superior. During pregnancy it is imperative that the expectant mother take good care of herself and her developing baby.

Moderate daily exercise is also recommended. For the expectant mother, the best types of exercise are non- or low-impact exercise. Walking is always easy and safe, and it seems to help strengthen the muscles for the birthing process. Just listen to your body, and don’t overdo it. When you feel tired that is a signal for you to rest.

Pregnancy Babies Sunrider
Sunrider Nutrition for Pregnancy

Our Sunrider foods, as we know them today, came about because of Dr. Chen’s studies of ancient Chinese writings. I remember what Dr. Chen told us in the beginning that many of Sunrider’s formulas were based on formulas developed by or for the emperors of China. They wanted to be healthy themselves, to live long and well, and to have healthy wives and children. The Sunrider herbal foods we have today are “power-nutrition”. In addition to the basics, such as NuPlus, Calli and/or Fortune Delight and Quinary, there are several other formulas and single herbs that are absolutely wonderful for pregnancy.

Evergreen is imperative during pregnancy. Pregnancy Babies Sunrider – This is such a wonderful blood builder. It is rich in chlorophyll, which appears to help prevent excessive hemorrhaging or bleeding during labor and after.
After Jeremy was born, I heard the doctor say, “She is not bleeding, this is so unusual.” Shelly had been
drinking Evergreen throughout her pregnancy and during the early stages of labor.

Pregnancy Babies Sunrider – More Resources

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2.  Babies, Pregnancy, and Sunrider Newsletter Sharon’s Notes 1998

3.  June 2005 Babies and Pregnancy In Depth Newsletter

4.  Pregnancy Babies Sunrider – Birth, Nursing, Healthy Moms from Marilyn updated 2005

 5.  August 2009 Paul’s Sunrider and Children

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader



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Sunrider Convention Photos Diana Walker Calli Tea

What a privilege to participate in Sunrider’s 30th Grand Convention.  This was held in Long Beach, California, USA.  I flew from Canada on August 15th to join the fun and celebrations.

We all drank lots of Sunrider Fortune Delight and Sunrider  Calli Tea of course.    I purchased the new Sunrider Sunbars in Oatmeal Raisin – they are delicious and I certainly hope we can have them available in Canada soon.

These are photos I took (Diana Walker) August 15th to 20th at Sunrider Grand Convention, Long Beach, California.

Some of the highlights included:

Sunrider SunTrim is now called SunTrim Plus.  It helps (1) keep you from overeating, as you feel full and (2) helps with belly fat – targets stored fat and weight around the middle of your body.  Junky food tastes junky.  Dr. Tei Fu Chen has designed this new formula to assist in weight management.

Kandesn Body Care, Skin Care and Makeup – is all vegetable based.  Much research and development is being done by Sunrider to develop even more anti-aging products.

Don Caster interviewed the Chens and the children – Dr. Reuben Chen, Wendy Chen, Sunny Chen, Dr. Eric Chen and Jonathan Chen.  Each of them are taking a role in the success of Sunrider International.

The Chens think in generations.  They want to pass on these fantastic products into the future.  The Chen children represent the next generation.  It is wonderful to see the love and respect the Chen children have for their parents, Dr Tei Fu Chen and Dr Oil Lin Chen.

The Chens are investing millions of dollars into the manufacturing plant for upgrades, to keep the company successful for today and tomorrow.

Buy Sunrider Calli Tea and Sunrider Fortune Delight with Diana Walker as your Sunrider nutrition coach and Leader.

All Sunriders who attend Grand Convention are taken on a tour of the manufacturing facilities, and we got to see the new technology and see the long-term future of Sunrider.

It is always wonderful to be around other Sunriders and health-minded people – what an energetic, positive group of people from around the world!  We had so much fun, and it was so great to share this experience with many friends and upline.  Trudy Stoelting flew from Nova Scotia, Canada, and I flew from British Columbia, Canada.  Sunriders attending from Europe, Australia, China, USA, and many other countries around the world.

This was my fifteenth Sunrider Convention.  I loved it!

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles


Does Sunrider Calli and Fortune Delight Have Caffeine?

Sunrider Calli Tea Diana Walker photo Caffeine in Calli Tea?

Sunrider Calli Tea Diana Walker photo Caffeine in Calli Tea?

Does Sunrider Calli and Fortune Delight Have Caffeine?

Does Sunrider Calli and Fortune Delight Have Caffeine?  Get off Coffee  Click Here —> Order Sunrider Calli Tea


Does Sunrider Calli and Fortune Delight Have Caffeine? Here is a quote from Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Master Herbalist and founder of Sunrider International in 1982.  This quote is contained in Sunrider’s Business Update in April 2009:

Camellia Sinensis – Green Tea and Black Tea

When you put traditional green tea in a pot of hot water, you get the good stuff like antioxidants (tea catechins and tea flavonoids) but you also get high levels of caffeine, tannic acid, and alkaloids at the same time.

The challenge is to extract the beneficial ingredients and minimize the undesirable substances like caffeine and tannic acid.

Unfortunately, accomplishing the process is easier said than done.  This process is so important that Sunrider has invested millions of dollars in our extraction process to mazimize the antioxidants and to minimize the caffeine and tannic acid in our herbal beverages.” – Quote from Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Master Herbalist, and owner of Sunrider International.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, was able to get off 8 cups of coffee a day with Sunrider Calli Tea Herbal Beverage.  Watch the video here:

Do you want to get off coffee or cola drinks?

Click here ——-> Buy Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli Tea with Diana Walker in Canada and United States

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Sunrider Video #3 Variety

SUNRIDER VIDEO #3 VARIETY Principle #3 of the Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration. Sunrider NuPlus, Calli Tea and Quinary are all based on the Philosophy of Regeneration.  There is no one single plant or herb that is a “Magic Potion” or “Magic Bullet” – We all need a Variety of Whole Food Nutrition.
Diana Walker video of John Teng, Sunrider USA and Sunrider Canada, visit to Vancouver, BC Canada September 30, 2010:
Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader  1-800-840-0014

Sunrider Fortune Delight Diana Walker June20

Sunrider Fortune Delight Diana Walker

Order Sunrider products through Diana Walker  Sunrider Calli Tea and Sunrider Fortune Delight are 2 favorite healthy drinks.  Email:

Now with the summer here – I start my day with Sunrider Calli Tea   (instead of coffee, of course!) – and I drink Fortune Delight all day – often 2 or 3 packages or more.  My favourite is the Peach.  I do also love the Regular and Lemon and drink them often.  I always have Cinnamon and Raspberry in stock for occasional use, or to mix in a recipe – delicious!

Here’s my sister Goldie providing a demonstration of how to easily mix your Sunrider Fortune Delight:

Sunrider Fortune Delight Diana Walker

I made the above video last summer at Goldie’s home, and it is awesome having a family that all knows and loves the Sunrider products, and Fortune Delight is something we all have every day!

Do you want to buy Sunrider?  Buy Sunrider Fortune Delight and Calli Tea online with Diana Walker as your Sunrider sponsor and mentor.   I provide free samples of Sunrider Calli Tea to all new customers  in USA and Canada in my “Diana Walker Sunrider Family”.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader, Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA