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Lose Weight with Sunrider

Lose Weight – We had a wonderful webinar today with Brad Mummery.  Trudy Stoelting and Diana Walker led the Sunrider Lose Weight “Burning the Fat” webinar.

Lose Weight Burn the Fat Sunrider Diana Walker

Lose Weight Burn the Fat Sunrider Diana Walker

Watch video featuring Guest Brad who lost 45 pounds in 7 months using the Sunrider Lifestyle, with special emphasis on Fortune Delight, Metashaper, Metabooster, and Suntrim Plus.

Read Brad’s Story here:  https://diana1.com/brad


Lose Weight With Sunrider
– Fat Burning and Priorities of the Body:


Trudy’s Amazing Explanation – and she guides you in learning about your body’s priorities.

The body will take from the systems which are less important. 

Of course Endocrine (Heart) and Respiratory (Lungs/Breathing) are HIGH priorities, so other systems will be compromised soonest, because the body places the highest priority on keeping the Heart pumping and the Lungs breathing. 

Fat Metabolism is very low down on the priority scale.

The weakest system pulls down the other systems.

ENDOCRINE Heart beating (master gland for endocrine system)
RESPIRATORY Lungs, Breathing
CIRCULATION Brain, Eyes, Extremities
DIGESTION Keeping Body Fed
IMMUNE Body Strength – fighting virus & disease & repair of damaged tissue – part of Lymphatic system
CLEANSING & ELIMINATION Improves integrity of all organs, cells and lymph systems
FAT MANAGEMENT Least important, lowest priority for body.  Not life-threatening.

More information here:

1. Sunrider MetaShaper
2. Sunrider MetaBooster
3. Suntrim Plus

Lose Weight – Fat Burning and the Priorities of the Body

Learn more here: http://www.diana2.com/Fat_Priorities.html

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Jesse Walker

Jesse Walker uses the Sunrider Sunfit Weight Loss Program to lose 16 pounds.

At age 36, Jesse was finding it more difficult to lose weight, particularly his “love handles”. He weighed 165 most of his life but reached 180 pounds.  He lost 16 pounds with the Sunrider Sunfit Weight Loss Program.

Jesse Walker Fitness Sept 13 2014 Sunrider Sunfit Program

Jesse Walker Fitness Sept 13 2014 Sunrider Sunfit Program

Jesse found it was harder to maintain a healthy weight during the last few years. Then he started the Sunrider Sunfit Weight Loss Program. It helps with toning the muscles as well as weight loss. (of course, along with exercise and eating healthy foods). It became easier to eat healthy foods, since he started to lose cravings for junk foods with the Vitashake and Sunrider Stevia. Jesse used 2 Suntrim Plus capsules in the morning and 2 Suntrim Plus capsules in the afternoon. Also Jesse drinks Fortune Delight throughout the day.

In the following video you will see Jesse’s results achieved after just 3 months of using the Sunfit Program, along with exercise and good nutrition. Jesse works at a Swim-up Pool Bar in a Resort area in Grand Cayman Islands. He found it particularly hard to lose his “love handles”! He had tried everything that was popular. He had been using Whey Protein powder – which can often make you GAIN weight, and Jesse said he was getting “puffy” but did not know what to do. Then he started on Sunrider products, and had terrific results!

Jesse ate daily:
1.  One Vitashake (Strawberry)
2.  Four Suntrim Plus capsules (2 in morning, 2 in afternoon)
3.  Sunrider Stevia drops
4.  Fortune Delight – one or two packages a day

Diana Walker’s son, Jesse Walker,  lives in Grand Cayman Islands. Feels more Alive – wakes up early and runs the beach every day now. Sunfit Program really, really makes a difference for Jesse!

Benefits of SunTrim Plus

  1. Pre-satisfies your appetite within 30 minutes
  2. Naturally resets appetite capacity to a healthy lower level
  3. Helps your body to burn fat in places where fat is typically stored, such as thighs and stomach
  4. Works the first time you take it

More information on the Sunrider Sunfit Program here:

1.  https://diana1.com/suntrim-plus-calli-tea-and-fortune-delight-weight-loss/

2.  https://diana1.com/sunrider-international-sunrider-canada-vancouver-march-2013/

3.  https://diana1.com/suntrim-plus-calli-tea-and-fortune-delight-weight-loss/

Sunrider 2013 Fitness Program www.diana1.com Weight Loss with SunTrim Plus

Sunrider 2013 Sunfit Fitness Program www.diana1.com Weight Loss with SunTrim Plus


Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Sunrider Leader
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SunTrim Plus Calli Tea and Fortune Delight Weight Loss

SunTrim Plus

SunTrim PLUS is a new Sunrider product which reduces appetite naturally, containing green coffee beans which help with weight loss and reducing appetite in a healthy way, without cravings.

SunTrim PLUS is a fast-acting formula that works from the first time you take it! After just 30 minutes, this ground-breaking supplement helps you feel fuller so you don’t overeat. As you continue to take it, SunTrim Plus can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight by encouraging healthy eating habits.

Sunrider founder and herbal expert Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, designed SunTrim Plus to be a safe, effective, natural solution to your weight-loss goals. Unlike other weightloss pills, SunTrim Plus does not starve your body, make you lose your appetite, or leave you feeling sluggish, moody, or jittery.

Instead, our concentrated herbal formula “pre-satisfies” your appetite with cocoa bean, green coffee bean, resveratrol, green tea, and mangosteen. You naturally feel like eating less so you can achieve the results you are looking for!

Sunrider SunTrim Plus

SunTrim Plus Weight Loss Sunrider plant nutrition www.diana2.com

SunTrim Plus Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss

SunTrim Plus Green Coffee Beans Weight Loss by Sunrider

This new formula contains green coffee beans along with other herbs and antioxidants that was released in time for January 2013 New Year’s Resolutions. You feel very, very satisfied, so you don’t overeat.  It is very unique and superior quality. It is wonderful to eat smaller portions, and not feel hungry.

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Benefits of SunTrim Plus

  1. Pre-satisfies your appetite within 30 minutes
  2. Naturally resets appetite capacity to a healthy lower level
  3. Helps your body to burn fat in places where fat is typically stored, such as thighs and stomach
  4. Works the first time you take it

My son Jesse – this video was created in January 2013 in Grand Cayman Islands. Jesse found he lost 12 pounds with Hot Yoga and using Sunrider products, including Fortune Delight and the new SunTrim Plus product. Jesse invites you to visit him – and bring lots of SunTrim Plus!!

The Difference

  1. Does not starve your body or make you lose your appetite
  2. Does not leave you feeling sluggish, moody or jittery
  3. Contains no added stimulants, hormones, laxatives or fillers
  4. Supports weight management goals on a long-term basis

Suntrim Plus Diana Walker Sunrider Sunfit  Weight Loss Program

Suntrim Plus Diana Walker Sunrider Sunfit Weight Loss Program www.diana1.com/sunrider

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Sunrider Fortune Delight Buy Online

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker Canada and USA www.diana1.com

Fortune Delight Sunrider Diana Walker Canada and USA www.diana1.com

Sunrider Fortune Delight Buy Online

Cleansing Detox Tea from Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader – available in Canada and USA Fortune Delight and Weight Loss and Diet Coke  Sports Drinks Health Benefits Electrolytes Dehydration

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Fortune Delight is superior to weight loss drinks, diet drinks, sports drinks, and other drinks that most people drink all summer in the heat!Does Diet Coke Make You Gain Weight?

Does Diet Coke Make You Fat?
Read about the dangers of diet coke, sports drinks, regular iced teas and other harmful effects of many common drinks

Click here—->  Does Diet Coke Make You Fat and Gain Weight?

Fortune Delight is healthy rather than unhealthy (many of the other drinks have artificial ingredients or caffeine or sugar)

Fortune Delight is delicous

Fortune Delight is economical

Fortune Delight is simple to prepare – just open the package and add to water!

You can feel great even with hot weather with delicious Fortune Delight beverage.

Drink Fortune Delight and Buy Online, cleansing tea from Sunrider.  Healthy Benefits possible:

– helps us in hot weather

– helps us when exercising

– helps us stay hydrated – don’t let yourself get dehydrated

– Low calorie herbal food beverage for everyday use

– Helps remove impurities, which may be stored in fat cells

– Assists the body’s natural cleansing cycle

– Healthy substitute for pop or colored & sugar sports drink

– Has been known to help:

• Boost energy levels

• Balance electrolytes

• Quench thirst

• Prevent dehydration during and after exercise

• Prevent dehydration in children and adults

Powdered Sunrider Fortune Delight mixes instantly with water – it is juiced and dehydrated plants, very close to nature, no preservatives or synthetic substances in the wonderful, delicious Fortune Delight!

Fortune Delight Buy Online

Available in 5 delicious flavors.  You can drink Sunrider Fortune Delight Hot or Cold.  Cold and iced Fortune Delight is absolutely delicious in the summer heat, and so refreshing!

Available in 3 gm. packs that makes 2 to 4 cups, depending on how strong your body likes it.

* Regular
* Lemon
* Peach
* Raspberry
* Cinnamon


I mail free Sunrider Fortune Delight samples to all my new Customers in the United States and Canada.

Available in 20-gm.packs (Regular and Peach only) that makes 2 quarts to 1 gallon.

Fortune Delight has the ability to re-hydrate the body and help restore electrolyte balance,

Try a Minimum of 3 small packets a day in as much water as you choose to put it in.

Sunrider Fortune Delight is excellent on any Weight Loss Program

Adding Fortune Delight can aid the function of the water in the cells, keeping them hydrated and functioning properly due to the mineral content.

Athletes, those who work out, those wanting to lose weight, and every one of us working and playing in the heat – love our Fortune Delight.

Fortune delight keeps the body hydrated and cool.

These Sunrider beverages are superior to Gatorade and all the Sports Drinks on the market.

Sports Drinks are loaded with sugar, aspartame and blue and green food coloring which your liver and kidneys must filter out!! Make the SWITCH to healthy beverages!

Buy Sunrider Fortune Delight Cleansing Detox Tea online immediately – see in the top right area – you can easily shop online with Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, as your Nutrition Coach and sponsor.  I am available to answer questions and provide ongoing support and education.