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Diana Walker is author, Certified TeleClass leader, on green smoothies, raw foods, candida and gluten-free diets, Sunrider whole foods, healthy lifestyle topics, helping people go from craving junk food to craving healthy foods. Worked with Dr. Paul Bragg leading yoga and exercise classes on the beach in Hawaii. World famous Naturopath Dr. Paul Bragg, had first health food stores.


Brad Weight Loss Sunrider 2013 2016 2017 Brad Mammery – Weight Loss with Sunrider

Oh – Be sure and Click on the photo above, so you can more easily view it and see the dramatic 45 pound weight loss that Brad has achieved!

Brad’s Sunrider Story on Facebook:

Ok, here’s the deal! I spent the better part of my life (37 yrs 1976-2012) working for a railway company and although it buttered my bread pretty good and I got a really good pension from that…I never really got much satisfaction out of hauling coal, potash, grain and toxic chemicals back and forth over the
prairies for that time. in addition, I almost lost an eye and I did, in fact, lose about 35% of my hearing to this profession. Through all of it, I never once felt a real sense of satisfaction that I was being appreciated for my efforts and in the end, it was the exact opposite…kinda like a kick in the pants while I was on my way out the door.

Now, I’ve been involved with a company called “Sunrider International” for quite a few years, and I get a very genuine sense of the opposite kind of appreciation/support. In addition, I KNOW that what I’m doing is helping people to overcome health challenges and/or to pursue a very real opportunity to significantly expand their financial abundance. A much more rewarding path with a solid company that’s committed to helping me with success.

oh, I almost forgot to mention, I have taken off over 45 pounds in the last year thanks to the Sunrider program and making a few changes in my eating habits…..without a regular exercise routine…I have implemented THAT in the last month so….stay tuned for more. I feel better than I have in decades!

April 2016 Brad with Craig Holiday – Sunrider International

That one that shows Craig and I, the suit I’m wearing I bought in April of last year and it fit me perfectly. I took the suit in to have it taken in right after that pic was taken. I also bought a new watch in October and had to have a link taken out of the strap a few weeks ago, another one I had from last spring I had to have two links taken out.

There are two pair of pants that I haven’t been able to get into for over 15 years that I wear all the time now.

May 2017 Brad with Wendy Teng – Sunrider International

Rubbing shoulders with one of the most dynamic women I’ve ever met, Wendy Teng(Chen) Mother of 4, a Lawyer and Vice President of marketing of the World’s greatest health food company…Sunrider International…just like her parents…super smart!

Sunrider SunSpot

April 2017 SunSpot


Sunrider Canada Diana Walker

Sunrider Canada Diana Walker, Jim Pendree, Trudy Stoelting, and other Sunrider Leaders

Sunrider Canada Diana Walker Sunrider Webinar hosted by Jim Pendree on January 26, 2017.

This Sunrider Webinar was organized and led by Jim Pendree, with input from Diana Walker, Trudy Stoelting, Barb Rowe, Marlys McRae and other Sunrider Canada leaders.

Topic – What is unique about the Sunrider Products, the Quality of Sunrider Whole Foods, and the Sunrider Basic Nutrition:  Quinary, NuPlus, Vitashake, Sunrider Stevia, Calli and Fortune Delight were all covered.

Sunrider Canada Diana Walker

The stories from the Sunriders that helped with the call were very good…wow….!

I hope you have a chance to listen.

Sunrider Canada Diana Walker Jim Pendree Trudy Stoelting

Sunrider Canada Diana Walker Jim Pendree Trudy Stoelting

It is our pleasure to provide our combined knowledge and experience with Sunrider Chinese Herbal Nutrition.
Jim Pendree – over 30 years
Trudy Stoelting – over 20 years
Diana Walker – over 20 years
Barb Rowe – over 25 years
Marlys McRae – over 20 years
This is OVER 100 years of Sunrider experience packed into this 45 minute video.  We all live in Canada (Sunrider Canada)
I hope you enjoy it!

Sunrider Canada Diana Walker

Here is how I make my morning “green drink” smoothie, using the Sunrider Basics of Quinary, NuPlus, Sunrider Stevia:

Here is how my sister Goldie makes her morning drink with Simply Herbs NuPlus, Sunrider Quinary and Calli Tea:

Feel free to share with others!
Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader
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Fruit Water Infusers

Fruit Water Infusers

Fruit Water Infusers – Benefits of Drinking Fruit Infused Water with Fruit Water Infusers

Fruit Water Infusers Diana Walker www.diana1.com

Fruit Water Infusers Diana Walker www.diana1.com

I love Fruit Water Infusers.  There are many health benefits to drinking fruit infused water that you may not know about.

“Fruit Infused Water: Summer In A Bottle”

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Of course, drinking any water is a good thing, but with the added minerals and vitamins from fruit and taste you’ll be more likely to drink more which will improve the benefits.

  • Helps Make Your Mood Better – Having plenty of water, vitamins and minerals in your system will automatically make your mood better. You won’t be sleepy and tired from lack of hydration.
  • Provides a Toxin Flush – When you stay hydrated, your body is more likely to release toxins that it will otherwise hold on to when there is not enough hydration.
  • Satisfies Hunger and Sweet Tooth – Many times we’ve been accustomed to ignoring our thirst and instead eating something. So we don’t even know we are thirsty. Drinking fruit infused water will help both quench your thirst and your sweet tooth.
  • Increases Water Weight Loss – Your body holds on to water when you don’t drink enough. Fruit infused water will make you want to drink it, jump-starting your metabolism and thus helping you lose water weight.
  • Improves Digestion – Your digestion can get slowed down when you don’t drink enough water. Water can taste boring, but with fruit in it you’re more likely to drink enough which will keep your plumbing working smoothly.
  • Increases Your Workout Results – When you are better hydrated you can work out longer and more intensely. Plus with the added vitamin and mineral boost, you’re also getting the right vitamins and minerals that improve work out recovery.
  • Improve Immunity – Drinking fruit infused water will help keep you healthy. The nutrients in the fruit will help you to maintain a more balanced pH which can substantially lower your chances of getting cancer and other diseases.
  • Keeps You Younger – Staying hydrated keeps your skin plumped up, making you look younger, hiding fine lines and wrinkles, plus the infusion of vitamins and minerals will keep your skin healthy and smooth.
  • Increase Your Energy – When you get enough vitamins in your body, and are hydrated enough, you will be full of life and energetic. Ingesting fruit infused juice will make you feel fabulous.

Vitamins, Minerals and Hydration keep your energy high and you’ll experience fewer down times, headaches, and problems. Keeping a pitcher of fruit infused water for yourself and your guests offers a wonderful way to ensure that you stay hydrated, and it’s also good for a party.

Asobu Water Bottle Infuser

Fruit and Tea Infusion Pitcher

Circleware VAnencia Glass Beverage Drink Dispenser

Jokari 4 Count Healthy Steps Water Infusers

Ultra High Capacity Premium Under Sink Direct Connect Water Filter by Nahla Pure

Sunrider Fortune Delight

If you want a quick and easy way to drink healthy, you can enjoy Sunrider Fortune Delight.

It’s easier than using Fruit Water Infusers.  Juiced and powdered plants –  fruit and Chinese Herbs.  Tastes Delicious!
See more information here Sunrider Fortune Delight

Sunrider Customer HereBuy Sunrider Fortune Delight here:

Diana Walker mails out Free Samples of Fortune Delight for all new Customers.
Choices of Flavors:  Peach, Lemon, Cinnamon, Raspberry or Regular – Contact Diana Walker!!





Menopause Stress can increase the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Anything you can do to reduce your level of stress will help you feel better during this time of your life.

Menopause Stress Mood Swings Beauty Pearl

Menopause Stress Mood Swings Beauty Pearl

There are natural ways of reducing stress:

  • Aerobic exercises like running, jogging, walking, swimming, and cycling can reduce stress. Exercise should ideally be done for thirty minutes a day on most days of the week.
  • Anaerobic exercise, such as weight machines and lifting weights can be done about twice a week to increase muscle tone and lessen your stress.
  • You can also practice meditation or guided imagery in order to reduce stress. In meditation, you focus on breathing and on progressively relaxing your muscles so you are in a completely relaxed state. This can be done sitting up in a comfortable position or lying down on your bed or on a mat. In guided imagery, you focus on your breath and imagine yourself in a peaceful location, focusing on the sights, sounds, and smells of being in that location. You can take yourself there whenever you feel you are under stress in order to reduce your perception of stress.
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, and QiGong are wonderful mind-body exercises to relieve stress.
  • Massage, a spa day, or even a weekend in nature can do wonders to reduce stress levels.
  • Some people get rid of their stress by de-stressing their lives. When you do this, you tackle those things that negatively affect the stress in your life. This might mean getting rid of a stressful job, managing a stressful relationship, or handling stressful finances.
  • Take up a hobby that reduces the impact of stress on your life.
  • Make yourself a priority; make sure to relax several times per day.


Free “Managing Menopause” Ebook Available.
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Menopause Mood Swings There are numerous natural remedies for mood swings.

Some of them include the following:

• Make sure you eat a diet with healthy foods in it. Avoid processed foods and foods containing things like sugar, salt, and high fructose corn syrup.
• Eat smaller portions. If you get food cravings, try eating a small snack instead of loading up on unhealthy foods.
• Take in at least five portions of vegetables per day and at least 2 servings of fruit per day. Eat foods that are high in color as these contain healthful phytonutrients that can improve your mood and cognitive function.
• Eat organic foods whenever they are available. Try to avoid foods that may contain hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and food preservatives.
• When eating fruits, stick to the whole fruits instead of the juice of the fruit. Whole fruits contain fiber, which are good for your bowels.
• Decrease your intake of caffeine. This means eating less caffeine-containing sodas, black tea, and coffee.
• Instead of black tea, switch to healthier green tea or purified water to avoid caffeine intake.
• Eat as many berries as you can. They contain healthful antioxidants, which scavenge for oxygen free radicals and can improve the way your brain works.
• Eat more canola oil and olive oil and stay away from saturated fats (found in meats and dairy products) and trans fats, found in processed foods.
• Eat foods that are high in vitamin C, including citrus fruits, red peppers, and spinach. These contain antioxidants that can increase the dryness of your skin and can cause wrinkling.
• Increase the amount of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. You can find omega 3 fatty acids by eating higher amounts of canola oil, flaxseed oil, walnuts, and fatty fish.
• Eat foods high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. You can increase the anti-inflammatory effect by adding turmeric, cayenne pepper, garlic, and rosemary to the foods you eat.
• Get more exercise. You can do this by increasing the amount of walking you do, by cycling, swimming, or engaging in any exercise that gets your heart rate going and increases your respiratory rate.
• Stop smoking. Women who smoke often have worse menopausal symptoms when compared to women who do not smoke and will get their menopausal symptoms 2 years earlier than those who don’t smoke.
• Avoid perfumes as these can disrupt the balance of chemicals in your body.
• Engage in stress-relieving activities. This can mean enjoying a hobby or taking the time to read a book.
• De-clutter your life so you have fewer things to be stressed out over.


The most effective Natural remedy I have found is Sunrider Beauty Pearl

Sunrider Customer HereIf you would like to buy Sunrider Beauty Pearl – fill in the form here:

Diana Walker will assist you in getting started on her favourite Natural Product for Stress and Mood Swings of Menopause and other times of life!


Sunrider Vitaspray B Vitamins

Sunrider Vitaspray

Sunrider VitaSpray Diana Walker Sunrider Leader

Sunrider VitaSpray Diana Walker Sunrider Leader

Sunrider VitaSpray for B Vitamins, and particularly Vitamin B12

Each spray provides 200% of the recommended daily value of vitamin B12 with a proprietary blend of herbal extracts and minerals, including citrus bioflavonoids, luo han guo, biotin, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, selenium, and more.

Sunrider VitaSpray is an all natural, no sugar vitamin spray that refreshes your breath. It contains Vitamin B- 12, Vitamin B complex, minerals, and herbal extracts.

VitaSpray enables the vitamins to be absorbed into the body quickly and efficiently under the tongue. This is much safer and more comfortable than B-12 injections. It will easily fit into your purse or pocket.

Sunrider VitaSpray – Do you need some Quick Energy? Feel Stressed?


Sunrider VitaSpray Aidan

Sunrider VitaSpray Aidan

Do what Aidan does! He uses VitaSpray! He loves it! In fact he could spray a whole bottle in just a few hours. So we have to watch him! He craves the stuff!

Aidan is my grandson and he is a very picky eater so Vitaspray is great for him, especially when he feels stressed. Me too! We usually need it together! Ha! Ha!

All jokes aside. I have seen amazing recoveries with VitaSpray. Why?

You probably have read that the B Vitamins are called our “Stress Vitamins”. So when under more stress than usual it is good to take extra vitamin B’s. NuPlus and VitaShake are jam packed with naturally occurring vitamin B’s in whole food form, so make sure to have your NuPlus daily.

However, for something quick, just squirt a little VitaSpray. It instantly is absorbed into your system by just a few quick sprays into your mouth! It tastes great and refreshes your breath! You’ve got to try it!

Sunrider VitaSpray is Available in spray-form only

This method of delivery helps ensure greater absorption of the vitamin B12 and other nutrients found in this herbal complex.

Why we need vitamin B12:

  • Maintain optimum health
  • Support metabolism functions
  • Promote red blood cell formation
  • Address the central nervous system
  • Help boost low energy levels

Sunrider Vitaspray – Vegetarians, Vegans, Seniors

Because vitamin B12 primarily comes from animal products such as eggs, meat, poultry, shellfish, and milk, people following a vegetarian or vegan diet are more likely to require B12 supplements.

Others who may require B12 supplements are those over 60, because deficiency problems increase as we age, those with absorption problems, and those with less than ideal gastrointestinal health.

Sunrider Vitaspray is also handy for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules.

“VitaSpray®is absolutely one of my favorite Sunrider® products. As a Professor of Nutrition, I realize the importance of B vitamins and especially B12. VitaminB12 helps in maintaining the health of the nerve cell and the nervous system.Vitamin B12 is also needed for the synthesis of the red blood cells. B12 has been found to be very much needed for the growth and development of children.My children use VitaSpray® daily to help keep them focused and alert at school.It is easy to use and fast acting. As a nutritionist, I look for the bestproducts for my clients and VitaSpray® is the best vitamin B12 spray on th emarket. It is a brilliant product with fabulous results.” Dr. Karen S. D., Massachusetts

“My husband and I carry VitaSpray® with us everywhere we travel—he loves it as part of his Sunrider ‘jet lag’ tool kit. Our granddaughter enjoys a spray under her tongue before and after school, and I also recommend it to my Sunrider customers and Reiki clients. They feel the difference immediately!” Maureen S., Florida

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The primary ingredient in VitaSpray® is Vitamin B12, a water-soluble vitamin, part of the Vitamin B complex that is so important in the maintenance of optimum health. People following a strict vegetarian diet are more likely to require B12 supplements, because B12 comes primarily from animal products, such as eggs, meat, poultry, shellfish and milk products.

Vitamin B12 is important for metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and the maintenance of the central nervous system.* Each spray of this specially formulated herbal complex provides 200% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin B12, and is especially handy for people who have difficulty swallowing vitamin tablets and capsules.

Vitamin B-12 has been touted as the “pep vitamin” because it helps form and regenerate healthy red blood cells, which carry energy giving oxygen into our bloodstreams.

Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) is necessary for red blood cell formation, antibody production, cell growth, maintenance of good red blood cells.

Vitamin B-1 (thiamine HCI) helps the body turn starch or sugar into energy, good vision, skin, nails and hair.

Vitamin B-5 (panthenol) is sometimes referred to as the “anti-stress” vitamin.

Vitamin B-3 (niacin amide) functions in over 50 metabolic reactions in the body. All of these are important in the release of energy from carbohydrates.

Biotin (part of the B-complex) is important for maintaining tissue health, is necessary in the body’s utilization of the Bcomplex vitamins and for converting folic acid into its biologically active form.

Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) is necessary for the synthesis and breakdown of amino acids, (the building blocks of protein) and bromeliad is an enzyme extracted from the stem of the pineapple. It is mainly a proteolytic digesting substance, which means that it breaks down proteins into smaller peptonids in fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Calcium is for building and maintaining bones and teeth.

Potassium is needed for a healthy nervous system and regular heart beat, plus it plays a major role in conjunction with sodium to control water balances in and out of the cell walls.

Magnesium is responsible for more biochemical reactions in the body than any other mineral.

Try Sunrider VitaSpray here:

Sunrider VitaSpray Diana Walker
Sunrider VitaSpray Diana Walker

Sunrider Vitaspray Vitamin B12
Sunrider Vitaspray Vitamin B12

Sunrider Calli Night

Sunrider Calli Night Tea

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Calm Sleep Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Calm Sleep Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea herbal tea is a totally natural formula carefully produced with a combination of herbs designed to help you get a full night’s rest. 

Sunrider Calli Night Tea is an herbal tea that helps people sleep soundly through the night and is so gentle that it can be consumed during the day to relax.

This special herbal formula in a tea bag contains an exclusive combination of herbs.
There are no chemicals or caffeine added to this all-natural formula.
Sunrider Calli Night Tea is great to use along with Sunrider ESE.
See more details here:  https://diana1.com/top-joi-ese-sunrider/

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Ingredients

Passion Flower, Ho Shou Wu, Jujube Seed, Poria, Camellia Leaf, Sage Root, Rose Hip, Imperate Root, Wintermelon Seed

Calli Night was created to help us relax and get the most from our sleeping and resting hours.  It combines the best of the Calli base with special soothing ingredients designed to help relax the mind and calm the spirit, allowing the body to rest.  The secret to a successful combination of herbs lies in the “synergy” that is created…the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Creating synergy requires an extensive knowledge of herbs from centuries of empirical understanding, as well as knowledge of biochemistry and pharmacy (which Dr. Chen has).

Sunrider Customer HereOrder Sunrider Calli Night Tea


Passion Flower – is a pure and natural, mild sedative.  Useful to calm nerves and blood pressure.  It is traditionally used to alleviate neuralgia and insomnia.

Ho Shou Wu – the Longevity tonic… it has been used through the centuries in the Orient as a rejuvenator, at the same time being relaxing and sleep inducing.  Taken regularly it is said to restore hair color.  Ho Shou Wu offers “generative” energy.  Many of the remarkable benefits of this herb come from its ability to cleanse the blood of toxins, which has a strong rejuvenating effect. Clinical studies have shown it to increase lipid metabolism, thereby lowering cholesterol, and also to improve the body’s ability to metabolize glucose.

Jujube Seed – Nourishing to the heart and liver and calming to the nerves, therefore useful for insomnia, irritability, anxiety and stress.

Poria – Breaks up moisture and promotes diuresis.  Benefits stomach, spleen and digestion.  It is a calmative, nervine and emollient.  It is useful where there is a tendency to hold water, where there is difficulty urinating, for cellulite, diarrhea and vomiting.  Used for apprehension, insomnia and forgetfulness.  A good source of potassium.

Camellia Leaf – Vitamins C and B, 6% volatile oils, trace elements of caffeine (note: because it is correctly processed and balanced with the other herbs there is no stimulating effect).  Useful for menstrual problems, menopause (hot flashes), hypertension, kidney disorders, skin diseases (especially eczema), after childbirth, red and swollen throat, boils and abscesses, early stages of epidemic encephalitis and diphtheria.

Sage Root – Has potent bacteriostatic and immunologic effects as well as mind calming properties which make it useful for anxiety, mental stress and insomnia.  Assists in lowering cholesterol and liver triglycerides.

Rose Hip – High Vitamin C content.  Good for stress of all kind.  An infection fighter.

Imperate Root – Clears fever, stops bleeding, quenches thirst, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory.  Promotes urination where there is edema.  Stops nausea.

Wintermelon Seed – Clears toxins and mucous from the body.

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Sleep Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Night Tea Relax Sleep Sunrider Diana Walker

Sunrider Sunfit Lose Weight

Sunrider Sunfit Lose Weight Suntrim Plus Diana Walker 2

Sunrider Sunfit Lose Weight Suntrim Plus Diana Walker 2


Sunrider Sunfit Lose Weight – Being overweight is one of the most common manifestations of malnutrition.

Extra pounds are symptoms of imperfect nutrition and lifestyle patterns that need revision.

“The only thing diets are good for is gaining weight. Each time an individual goes on a diet, particularly a fad diet, they lose muscle, lean tissue, water,
and a little fat. When they regain the weight they lost after going off their diet, they replace the weight lost, with almost all fat! It will become
progressively harder to lose weight after repeated reducing regimens.”

Dr. Peter Lindner, American Society of Bariatric Physicians, Specialist on Obesity.


Sunrider Weight Loss and Weight Management is different!

The Sunrider nutritional products works in harmony with the theme of Regeneration. This means the focus is to regenerate the body’s fat maintenance process whereas most other diet programs focus on weight loss with little regard to how it is accomplished.

Many diet products use food substitutes, chemicals or diuretics to artificially force the body to lose weight (usually water and lean tissue are lost). This
results in temporary weight loss and a feeling of hunger and fatigue.


High protein diets have merit as they fill you up.
This stops you from consuming as many simple carbohydrates, which is the main cause of our society being so over-weight, along with processed foods, and lack of exercise.


The problem with high protein diets is animal protein can overload digestion, which creates fermentation.
This is very unhealthy for the body.
Animal protein is acidic and higher in fat than plant protein.

High protein diets often result in

* fluid retention
* digestion problems
* decrease in vitality
* mood problems
and can lead to health problems.

The failure rate for most diets remains at a dismal 95 percent.
The weight loss programs that claim astonishingly high success rates are generally ignoring dropout rates and successful maintenance, which is what matters in the long run.


“It is actually comparatively easy to lose weight; what is hard is keeping it off!

When you look at a person five to ten years after the person dieted, the failure rate approaches 98 percent.” Ellen Hopkins, Newsday.


When you stop eating food on a regular basis, to lose weight, the body will HANG ON TO FAT!!… thinking that it is in a famine and that it better save the fat for fuel.

The body starts burning lean tissue for blood sugar instead of fat!

Another reason for the body doing this is that it takes more energy to burn fat than it does muscle.
Reducing calories too much makes it almost impossible to burn fat.
The result is that you lose weight (muscle and water weight) but not fat.

In contrast, the Sunrider Weight Loss, Weight Management program emphasizes Fat Management.

Sunrider provides highly nutritious whole foods in a concentrated form.
* fortifies the body
* reduces cravings
* reduces fatigue

Cravings and Fatigue are the two most difficult problems to combat while establishing dietary control.

When you use this program, your body will experience fat loss.

The Sunrider foods will help you keep it off by balancing your body and keeping your cravings for unhealthy foods to a minimum.

Sunrider Sunfit Lose Weight – LOSE WEIGHT WITH SUNRIDER

With busy schedules, few people closely monitor the foods they eat and often consume what is convenient.

Sunrider has two choices of nutritionally dense foods to add to your program, Nuplus and Vitashake.

Nuplus and Vitashake are both essential and are considered basic herb food staples.

They make great choices for part of
* breakfast
* mid-meal snacks
* before or after exercise.

They help reduce cravings for unhealthy foods and contain no preservatives.

Feel free to contact your sponsor in Sunrider with any questions you may have.

Sunrider Customer HereIf you would like Diana Walker to be your Sunrider Sponsor and Coach
Go Here:  http://www.diana2.com/free_sunrider_account.html


comes in five delicious flavors: Pina Banana, Mixed Berry, Apple Cinnamon, Simply Herbs, and Original.
Nuplus contains mainly vegetables and beans depending on flavor.
60-65 calories depending on flavor,
0 fiber, and
3 grams of protein per serving.
Simply Herbs and Original Nuplus both consist of 100% complex carbohydrates and Original Nuplus is formulated with no beans.

The Nuplus fruit flavors consists of 91% complex carbohydrates and 9% simple carbohydrates.

Ingredients: Coix Lacryma, Soybean Seed, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Lotus Seed, Lotus Seed, Water Lily Bulb, Green Bean, Red Bean, Black Bean, White Bean and Imperate Root, and depending on flavor, Apple, BlueBerry, Banana and Pineapple.


comes in 2 delicious flavors, Chocolate and Strawberry.
Some of the ingredients in Vitashake are similar to Nuplus except Vitashake contains
added vitamins and minerals
a probiotic for intestinal health,
95 calories,
3 grams of fiber and
4 grams of protein per serving.

Overall, it can be a little more satisfying than Nuplus and even though it contains a touch of milk and added sweetness, consumers with food sensitivities love it.

Ingredients: Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed, Stevia, Soy Protein, Alkali Processed Cocoa Powder, Fructooligosaccharides, Natural Flavor, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut Seed, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Water Lily Bulb, Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Phosphate, Imperata Root, Magnesium Oxide, Stearic Acid, Carrageenan, Calcium Carbonate, Soy Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, Manganese, Niacinamide Ascorbate, Chromium, Fumarate, Molybdenum, Selenium, Vegatable Oil, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide, Copper Gluconate, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Iodine, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12.


FORTUNE DELIGHT: assists the natural elimination processes to remove impurities from your body.

Many of the undesirable elements that we take into our bodies are eliminated, while others are stored and even trapped in the body (especially in fat cells).  Fortune Delight complements the natural processes, assisting in elimination of wastes and impurities.

Fortune Delight is a very important part of the Sunrider Weight Loss program.
Drink 6 to 8 cups per day any time.
Mix 2-3 cups of water per 3gram pack.

Ingredients: Camellia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract and Lalang Grass Root Extract.


SUNCARE (product of Canada) or SUNECTAR (product of US):
are very effective at balancing blood sugar.

Most people are on the blood sugar rollercoaster every day.
This is caused by the consumption of sugar, refined foods and foods that convert to sugar quickly.

Allowing blood sugar levels to rise is one of the main reasons people have difficulty burning fat.

A half glass of unsweetened juice could easily be enough to raise blood sugar levels.

When this happens the pancreas produces insulin to lower sugar levels.

One of the side affects of insulin, is it coats fat cells and makes it almost impossible to burn fat for four to eight hours.

Sunrider Suncare (Stevia) is sweet to the taste but converts to glucose slowly, so just a few drops can balance blood sugar for three-four hours.

While helping blood sugar, can help reduce sugar cravings.

There are no preservatives, it contains no calories and is safe to use throughout the day.

The main ingredient is Stevia Extract and is combined with Chrysanthemum Flower to perfect and preserve the formula naturally.


Suntrim Plus encourages healthy eating habits and is ideally taken 30-45 minutes before meals.

Suntrim Plus:
* reduces appetite
* reduces absorption of fat and glucose
* balances blood sugars
* you feel satisfied
* boosts metabolic rate
* high in antioxidants to help with anti-aging.

Start with 2 –3 capsules twice or three times per day before meals and increase as desired.

Note: When some people start on Suntrim Plus, they experience what seem to be cramps or they may become nauseous. If this happens, make sure you are drinking a cup or more of Fortune Delight with the Suntrim Plus. If it persists, try adding a small amount of food or a piece of Sunbar.
You could also reduce the amount to one capsule per serving, for a week or more.

Ingredients: Theobroma Cacao Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Fruit Extract, and Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract.


The Sunrider Sunbars is a very nutritious meal replacement bar.
It consists of
3 grams of fibre,
6 – 7 grams of protein, depending on the flavor,
3 grams of fat,
2 grams of sugar from fruit
120 calories per 30-gram bar.

Eat 1 to 2 per day at meal times, or as a between-meal snack.

Drink a cup of Fortune Delight or water with each bar.

Ingredients: Soy Protein Nuggets, Apple Juice, Psyllium, Bananas, Mangos, Pineapple juice, Strawberry Powder, Almonds, Honey, Lycii fruit, Chinese Asparagus
Root, Coix fruit, Soybean oil and Wheat Germ oil.

SunFit® Pack

If your goal involves weight management, improving fitness, or simply living a healthier lifestyle, then the SunFit® Pack is for you. Easy and enjoyable to integrate into your daily routine, this selection of herbal-based products is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The SunFit® Pack includes Sunrider® products to put you on track to the body you’ve always wanted and features Sunrider’s weight-management superstar, SunTrim® Plus.

SunTrim® Plus

is a ground-breaking product that works within 30 minutes to help you feel fuller so you don’t overeat. As you continue to take it, SunTrim® Plus can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight by encouraging healthy eating habits. Our concentrated herbal formula contains powerful ingredients such as cocoa bean, green coffee bean, resveratrol, green tea, and mangosteen.

Fortune Delight® provides healthy, natural hydration backed by the power of antioxidants to promote the benefits of SunTrim® Plus while harmonizing with the body’s natural cleansing process..

VitaShake® is a whole-food powder with fewer than 100 calories a serving, no cholesterol, very low sodium, and very low sugar, making it an ideal supplement to help achieve your weight-loss goals.

SunBar® provides true nutrition and sustained energy in a concentrated herbal food bar. Rich in fiber and protein, it is made with whole-food ingredients such as dried fruits, legumes, soy, and nuts.

SunFit® Pack includes:

SunTrim® Plus (50 capsules/bottle)
Fortune Delight® (10/3g packs) Raspberry
VitaShake® (10/25 g Packs) Strawberry
SunBar® (10/30 g bars) Fruit in Canada; Oatmeal Raisin in USA
Sunrider Stevia



Metabooster supports all bodily functions that require energy and enhances metabolism at the cellular level. MetaBooster contains a powerful antioxidant that can assist to regenerate DNA and helps protect cells from damage from radio waves. Metabooster also assists in breaking down toxic
substances and helps in oxidizing fats. Many people comment on the increased energy they experience and how much faster they heal from injuries of all types when consuming MetaBooster. Start with 2-3 capsules twice or three times per day and increase as desired. Ingredients: L-arginine, Acety-L-Camitine Hydrochloride, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-lysine.


Cortisol is a hormone that our body naturally produces. When we experience stress, cortisol can be over produced. The over production of
this hormone can cause a variety of problems in the body—the storage of fat around the midsection, inflammation, and thyroid issues to name a few.

Metashaper helps naturally reduce the over production of cortisol in the body. Metashaper is also very high in antioxidants, and increases metabolic efficiency. Start with 2-3 caps twice or three times per day and increase as desired. Ingredients: Tea Concentrate, Garcinia Concentrate, Soy Concentrate, Polygonum,Concentrate.

SLIMCAPS: (Not available in Canada)

It’s common for our body to store a variety of different forms of toxicity and fat in different areas of the body, the pouch under the chin, lower back fat, lymph etc. Slimcaps help eliminate waste that is stored in all areas including the lymph, liver, kidneys, and small and large intestines. You feel very clean when you use Slimcaps. When Dr. Chen released Slimcaps he explained it as “helping squeeze the fat out of the body.” People often use Slimcaps for regularity also. Start with 1 to 2 capsules per day and increase if needed. Ingredients: Capillary Artemisia Stem, Gardenia Flower (gardenia augusta), Chinese Rhubarb Root, White Peony Root, Aehmannia Root, Chinese Goldenseal Root (coptis chinensis), Baikal Skullcap Root, Phellodendron Bark, Aloe Vera Leaf, Saigon (cinnamon bark), Mushroom Powder (poria cocos), Tree Peony Root, Chinese Thoroughwax Fruit.

VITATASTE: helps with cravings, addictions and to balance blood sugars. It also decreases the absorption of sugar. It is a great addition if strong
cravings persist after consuming Nuplus and Suncare or Sunectar. You can also open a capsule and put it in your mouth. Vitataste allows you to taste the elements behind sugar and intensifies the taste of salt in the food you eat. You will be shocked at how for the next 2-3 hours, you won’t taste the sweetness in anything you eat or drink, but the taste of salt is intensified, while healthy foods like vegetables and raw nuts, for example, will taste even better than before.
Vitataste is also fabulous to give to children before the consumption of sugar at parties. If they swallow the capsules, they will still get some enjoyment
from the cake for example, but won’t be affected by the sugar. Start with 2-3 capsules, two or three times per day or as needed. Ingredients: Lycii Fruit, Wuxue Teng, Coix Fruit, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Water Lily Bulb, Imperate Root and Fox Nut.

Feel free to contact your sponsor in Sunrider with any questions you may have.

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Note: This information is not intended to diagnose or treat illness. Always consult a physisian before starting an exercise or fat management program.

Sunrider Convention 2016

Sunrider Convention 2016

Sunrider Convention 2016 Diana Walker celebrates 20 Years as a Sunrider Business Leader in November 2016!  I tasted my first NuPlus and my first Fortune Delight in 1996, and the Sunrider business and Sunrider products have been life-transforming for me.  I will always be SO grateful to my friend and Sunrider sponsor Trudy Stoelting.  One of our favourite highlights of Sunrider Convention is the Tour of the Manufacturing Facilities.  You will see that we all dress as though we are going into an operating room.  The environment is meticulously clean, and the tour is fascinating.  We can smell the wonderful herbs as we take the guided tour, and we see the giant juicers.  The tour takes hours, the facilities are so gigantic!

Sunrider Foods Organic Diana Walker 2011

Sunrider Foods Organic Diana Walker 2011


Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016

See more information here Sunrider Fortune Delight

Sunrider Customer HereBuy Sunrider Fortune Delight here:

Diana Walker mails out Free Samples of Fortune Delight for all new Customers.
Choices of Flavors:  Peach, Lemon, Cinnamon, Raspberry or Regular – Contact Diana Walker!!

This is an exciting time in Sunrider’s history.

Sunrider Convention 2016 will be held in Long Beach, California, at the end of July 2016

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016-2

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016-2

Sunrider Convention 2016 Diana Walker Business Leader

I have my Flight booked, Convention ticket purchased, and I’m looking forward to seeing Sunriders from all over the world once again, at this celebration.  The theme for Sunrider Convention 2016 is “Innovate with Sunrider”.

Dr. Reuben Chen and Dr. Tei Fu Chen were again in Vancouver, BC, Canada April 30, 2016.  This was arranged by Sunrider Canada, and I was honoured to be involved.  Invited in the afternoon to a fairly private meeting, plus dinner, then the public meeting.

Dinner photo with Dr. Tei Fu Chen and Dr. Reuben Chen and Craig Holiday, along with other Sunrider Canada Leaders, below.  (Diana Walker Note – I’m on left at the end of the table).  Jim Pendree is at the front left, and Sheryl Fitzharris is front right in the photo.

Sunrider Convention 2016 Sunrider Leaders Vancouver Canada

Sunrider Convention 2016 Sunrider Leaders Vancouver Canada


Sunrider Convention 2016 Diana Walker

Sunrider Convention 2016 Diana Walker

Dr Tei Fu Chen Sunrider Diana Walker Vancouver Oct 16 2015

Dr Tei Fu Chen Sunrider Diana Walker Vancouver Oct 16 2015

Sunrider Convention 2016 Business

Sunrider Convention 2016 Business

Sunrider Convention 2016 Diana Walker Leader

Sunrider Convention 2016 Diana Walker Leader

See more information here Sunrider Fortune Delight

Sunrider Customer HereBuy Sunrider Fortune Delight here:

Diana Walker mails out Free Samples of Fortune Delight for all new Customers.
Choices of Flavors:  Peach, Lemon, Cinnamon, Raspberry or Regular – Contact Diana Walker!!

See more information here:  https://diana1.com/are-sunrider-chinese-herbs-safe/

Vitafruit Sunrider

VitaFruit Sunrider for Healthy Skin, Youthful Vitality

Vitafruit Sunrider Diana Walker

Vitafruit Sunrider Diana Walker

VitaFruit Sunrider is made with concentrated herbal fruits such as sea buckthorn, which contains 12 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange! This “super juice” nourishes your body with antioxidants, iron, vitamins, and fatty acids to provide superior health and beauty benefits.

  • 100% fruit based with no added corn syrup
  • Healthy, delicious, convenient
  • Portable and sharable 15-mL vial

The term “Juice wars” refers to the ever increasing abundance of Exotic Fruit Drinks claiming to cure everything from cancer to bad breath.

For years, Sunrider has had its own delicious functional beverage Vitafruit, which contains miraculous fruits, like Luo Han Guo.

VitaFruit Sunrider – The Magic Key Ingredient of VitaFruit, Luo Han Guo, literally means “Long Life Fruit.”

Just now being seriously studied for its anti-aging properties, Luo Han Guo is grown in a small, mountainous region in China. Proof of these amazing properties is reflected in the health and vitality of the local people where it is cultivated, many of whom live over 100 years. It is interesting to note that many efforts to cultivate the fruit in other parts of the world have failed, and it only seems to thrive in its indigenous environment in the mountains of western China.

In China and other parts of the world, Luo Han Guo is used as a natural sweetener. Yet, it is low glycemic and calorie free. It contains morgisides which offer a pleasant, sweet taste without elevating blood sugar. It has also been traditionally used to improve conditions like constipation, headaches, fatigue, for clearer vision, healthy skin and hair.

Like all Sunrider products, VitaFruit is concentrated. You’re not only getting the concentrated benefits of the Luo Han Guo fruit, but many other nutrient rich berries, herbs and fruits in the formula as well.

VitaFruit is naturally rich in whole food antioxidants, Vitamins A, E, a stable C, hundreds of bioflavinoids, B complex, trace minerals, 2000 to 3000
carotenoids, amino acids, and live fruit enzymes.

VitaFruit provides known, and hundreds of unknown, antioxidant nutrients in balanced amounts.

Tissue Repair

Its greatest benefit is in doing tissue repair done to the cells by free radicals. Thus, it is a great anti-aging product. It also increases the army of white blood cells in your blood stream making it a great immune system food as well. Sunrider’s Research and Development team has stated that VitaFruit contains thousands of phytonutrients not yet discovered.

Vitafruit Sunrider Diana Walker Health_2015-03-19_1700

Vitafruit Sunrider Diana Walker Health_2015-03-19_1700

Vitafruit Sunrider Skin  and Hair Benefits

VitaFruit greatly benefits the skin, restoring lustre, radiance and softness to prematurely aging skin for a more youthful and healthful appearance.  Regular use will give a glow to your face and extra shine to your hair. It supports the collagen of the skin. Whenever I use a lot of  VitaFruit, I tend to get more compliments about my skin!

Superior Processing The vast majority of juice products on the market are pasteurized. The pasteurization process uses heat to kill bacteria and harmful organisms that can create food borne illnesses. Pasteurization reduces the very real risk of contamination and health threatening bacteria in liquid juice products. While it appears to be a great thing, in reality it is not. The heat process of pasteurization not only kills the bad bacteria, but it substantially alters or kills the majority of good, live nutrients, that we so desperately need in the first place. Don’t be fooled by terms such as “flash pasteurization”. It is still a process that requires high heat, higher than what the live nutrients and enzymes can stand.

No Preservatives

Many companies also add preservatives to give the juice long shelf life. With VitaFruit, Dr. Chen decided to use honey to preserve the live nutrients and enzymes and to stabilize the formula. Honey has been used for centuries as a natural preservative. It will not alter the synergistic balance of other foods and won’t spoil. They’ve even found honey in the pyramids of Egypt that was edible after thousands of years.

VitaFruit is also extremely lifestyle friendly. Just stir a tablespoon in a glass of water and you have a delicious drink. I prefer to mix it with my Fortune Delight and drink it all day. It will energize, refresh and hydrate you. Don’t let the fact that its sweet fool you. You will not gain weight with VitaFruit, in fact you may lose a few pounds since it has thermogenic properties as well. We have the best fruit beverage and those of us who use VitaFruit can always feel the benefits.

Vitafruit Sunrider 2016-02-15_2255

Vitafruit Sunrider 2016-02-15_2255

Vitafruit Sunrider Ingredients

Benincasa hispider
Also called Wintermelon Seed (Tung-kua-tzu). This is a cold, sweet herb. It enters the spleen and stomach meridians, where it cleanses heat and moistens lungs.

Citrus limon
Also called Lemon (Ning meng). This is an extremely sour herb. With no indication of either essence or meridians, it stimulates production of body fluids, quenches thirst, relieves heat stroke, and stabilizes pregnancy.

Citrus sinensis
Also called Orange Peel (Tian chen). This is a warm herb, with spicy, slightly bitter flavor. It enters the liver meridian, where it promotes the flow of stagnated vital energy, relieves abdominal distention by moving vital energy downward, and induces lactation.

Momordica grosvenor
Also called Luo Han Guo (Luo han guo). This is a neutral herb, with sweet flavor. It enters the lung and spleen meridians, where it moistens the lungs, removes phlegm, and controls cough.

Honey, Dates, Bitter Orange

VitaFruit Sunrider

Concentrated, all-natural VitaFruit Sunrider, rich in natural Vitamin C.

Blend it with ice or add it to your favorite cold Sunrider herbal beverage.

• Contains exotic natural herbs blended into a unique, tasty and refreshing beverage.
• No added chemicals, preservatives, enzymes or isolates.
• Naturally rich in vitamin C.
• Keeps the body hydrated for high energy and healthy appearance.
• Easily assimilated and efficiently utilized by the body.

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