Pregnancy Babies Sunrider

Pregnancy Babies Sunrider

Many times I am asked, “Can an expectant mother eat the Sunrider products?” I have two daughters, Sherri and Shelly who have been good first hand examples for us to see what eating Sunrider before pregnancy and during pregnancy did for them and their children.  (quoted from Sharon F, Sunrider Leader)

Sunrider Babies Pregnancy Nutrition 2014 Diana Walker

Sunrider Babies Pregnancy Nutrition 2014 Diana Walker

We now have four grandchildren. Our latest, Jeremy John, arrived on November 23, 1997. His mother Shelly has eaten Sunrider for over 15 years. She continued eating Sunrider during her pregnancy. In addition to the experiences of my two daughters, over the years that I have been involved with Sunrider I have seen many women experience the benefits of Sunrider foods throughout their pregnancies. (This information was shared by Sharon F, Sunrider Leader) in 1997.

Pregnancy And Babies AndSunrider

The following is information that I have found to be helpful for expectant mothers and their little ones.

General Nutrition and Exercise

Before and during pregnancy, nutrition is absolutely important. In my opinion, and from observation, a couple cannot be too healthy when planning to have a baby, so before pregnancy is the best time to prepare, for both mother and father. A basic Sunrider food program cannot be under-estimated, both before and during pregnancy.

The diet is very important; the expectant mother is eating for two.
The nutrition will go to the baby first.

If the diet is not excellent, the mother can be left depleted. This can result in many of the common “pregnancy complaints” which we will discuss later. Eat plenty of fresh and steamed vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and good sources of protein. Stay away from junk food, fast food, and empty calories. Everything the mother eats should be nutritionally superior. During pregnancy it is imperative that the expectant mother take good care of herself and her developing baby.

Moderate daily exercise is also recommended. For the expectant mother, the best types of exercise are non- or low-impact exercise. Walking is always easy and safe, and it seems to help strengthen the muscles for the birthing process. Just listen to your body, and don’t overdo it. When you feel tired that is a signal for you to rest.

Pregnancy Babies Sunrider
Sunrider Nutrition for Pregnancy

Our Sunrider foods, as we know them today, came about because of Dr. Chen’s studies of ancient Chinese writings. I remember what Dr. Chen told us in the beginning that many of Sunrider’s formulas were based on formulas developed by or for the emperors of China. They wanted to be healthy themselves, to live long and well, and to have healthy wives and children. The Sunrider herbal foods we have today are “power-nutrition”. In addition to the basics, such as NuPlus, Calli and/or Fortune Delight and Quinary, there are several other formulas and single herbs that are absolutely wonderful for pregnancy.

Evergreen is imperative during pregnancy. Pregnancy Babies Sunrider – This is such a wonderful blood builder. It is rich in chlorophyll, which appears to help prevent excessive hemorrhaging or bleeding during labor and after.
After Jeremy was born, I heard the doctor say, “She is not bleeding, this is so unusual.” Shelly had been
drinking Evergreen throughout her pregnancy and during the early stages of labor.

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