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Calli Tea Buy Low Prices

Calli Tea Retail prices for Sunrider Customers in Canada and USA are now lower than in 2005!
Click Here:   Sunrider Price Lists Canada and USA

Compare here:
2010    Calli Tea, box of 10 = $10.00
2009   Calli Tea, box of 10 = $13.80
2005   Calli Tea, box of 10 = $11.30

When you purchase a box of 10 Calli Teabags, you can make at least 6 cups for each package, which means a box makes 60 cups of delicious, nutritious  and excellent beverage.


Sunrider NuPlus and Sunrider Quinary and Sunrider Fortune Delight also are greatly reduced in prices effective March 1, 2010.

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