Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016

Diana Walker celebrates 20 Years as a Sunrider Business Leader in November 2016!  I tasted my first NuPlus in 1996, and the Sunrider business and Sunrider products have been life-transforming for me.

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016

This is an exciting time in Sunrider’s history.

Sunrider Convention 2016 will be held in Long Beach, California, at the end of July 2016

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016-2

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016-2

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Leader Convention 2016

I have my Flight booked, Convention ticket purchased, and I’m looking forward to seeing Sunriders from all over the world once again, at this celebration.  The theme for 2016 Sunrider Convention is “Innovate with Sunrider”.

Dr. Reuben Chen and Dr. Tei Fu Chen will be in Vancouver, BC, Canada again on April 29 and 30, 2016.  This is being arranged by Sunrider Canada, and I am honoured to be involved.


Sunrider Convention 2015

Sunrider Convention 2015

Sunrider Convention 2015 will be held on the Big Island of Hawaii – YAY!  I love Hawaii!  What a wonderful opportunity to reunite with friends and other Sunrider Customers and Leaders for almost a week.  The dates are June 23 to June 28, 2015.

Sunrider Convention 2015 Diana Walker Hawaii www.diana2.com

Sunrider Convention 2015 Diana Walker Hawaii www.diana2.com

Here is Sunrider Convention 2015 news sent by Sharon Farnsworth

(sent to Diana Walker and other Sunrider Leaders)

“I have had so many requests asking me if I knew where Sunrider will be having their next convention. Well, now we have the good news. the Big Island of Hawaii, at Waikoloa Marriott. That is really an exciting place. We have had at least two other Sunrider Conventions in Waikoloa, but I think we were at the Hilton. No matter what, it is heaven to go there. So mark your calendar, and make sure you start planning on joining us there. I am ready for Hawaii again. I can never go there often enough. It is such a wonderful place. If you have been there before, you know what I mean. If you have not been there before, now is the time to plan and make it happen for you.

I am so excited, and will be dreaming about being there. But it is more fun if you are with us. The more Sunriders that attend, the more fun it is and the better it will be. We can all be together in heaven for a few days.

Shelly was talking about taking her whole family, and going to the east side of the Island and visiting Volcano park and other places. There is always so much exploring to do there. Please do everything you can to join us.  Now is a good time to book your flight, as the rates are lower now than when it becomes closer to the event. Save those frequent flyer points, and maybe you can fly free or at least at a discount.
We were so excited with this news. Hope you will seriously make plans now to be with us. I can’t wait.”

We are so excited with this news. Spread the word.
Contact Diana Walker here if you would like to learn more about Sunrider Convention 2015

Sunrider Convention Photos Diana Walker Calli Tea

What a privilege to participate in Sunrider’s 30th Grand Convention.  This was held in Long Beach, California, USA.  I flew from Canada on August 15th to join the fun and celebrations.

We all drank lots of Sunrider Fortune Delight and Sunrider  Calli Tea of course.    I purchased the new Sunrider Sunbars in Oatmeal Raisin – they are delicious and I certainly hope we can have them available in Canada soon.

These are photos I took (Diana Walker) August 15th to 20th at Sunrider Grand Convention, Long Beach, California.

Some of the highlights included:

Sunrider SunTrim is now called SunTrim Plus.  It helps (1) keep you from overeating, as you feel full and (2) helps with belly fat – targets stored fat and weight around the middle of your body.  Junky food tastes junky.  Dr. Tei Fu Chen has designed this new formula to assist in weight management.

Kandesn Body Care, Skin Care and Makeup – is all vegetable based.  Much research and development is being done by Sunrider to develop even more anti-aging products.

Don Caster interviewed the Chens and the children – Dr. Reuben Chen, Wendy Chen, Sunny Chen, Dr. Eric Chen and Jonathan Chen.  Each of them are taking a role in the success of Sunrider International.

The Chens think in generations.  They want to pass on these fantastic products into the future.  The Chen children represent the next generation.  It is wonderful to see the love and respect the Chen children have for their parents, Dr Tei Fu Chen and Dr Oil Lin Chen.

The Chens are investing millions of dollars into the manufacturing plant for upgrades, to keep the company successful for today and tomorrow.

Buy Sunrider Calli Tea and Sunrider Fortune Delight with Diana Walker as your Sunrider nutrition coach and Leader.

All Sunriders who attend Grand Convention are taken on a tour of the manufacturing facilities, and we got to see the new technology and see the long-term future of Sunrider.

It is always wonderful to be around other Sunriders and health-minded people – what an energetic, positive group of people from around the world!  We had so much fun, and it was so great to share this experience with many friends and upline.  Trudy Stoelting flew from Nova Scotia, Canada, and I flew from British Columbia, Canada.  Sunriders attending from Europe, Australia, China, USA, and many other countries around the world.

This was my fifteenth Sunrider Convention.  I loved it!

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles


Sunrider Convention 2011 Diana Walker Long Beach California

Sunrider Convention 2011 in Long Beach California was outstanding.  Diana Walker took lots  of photos and some videos to share with others.  What a lot of fun with friends! Sunrider is the leading Herbal Whole Food Nutrition Company in the world, and we learned even more about Dr. Tei Fu Chen’s plans for the future of Sunrider!


I was so excited to be awarded the #1 Award in Canada.

This was the Silver Performance Award and only one person from Canada was awarded this – and it was me!

There was only 1 Gold Award – and about 50 Bronze awards worldwide.

So it was a real privilege and I feel very grateful.

The IBO Performance Award (Independent Business Owner) – Diana Walker Silver Award – for Sunrider International – was awarded to me on Saturday.  That evening we all attended a delicious banquet and Gala Evening – with live Entertainment, followed by dancing.

Health minded friends from all over the world.  Sunrider Canada was represented by many enthusiastic Sunrider Leaders, many have been my friends for 15 years.  The wonderful lady who shared Sunrider with me in 1996 – Trudy Stoelting – was there, of course.  We travelled from Vancouver, Canada, to Long Beach, California, for the 29th Sunrider Grand Convention.  (Next year the 30th Anniversary of Sunrider International will be celebrated in Long Beach).

Sunrider Convention 2011 – Diana Walker Gratitude Video for Award #1 in Canada

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader, Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA
CEO, Diana Walker Healthy Lifestyles
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/dianawalkerhealthylifestyles

Sunrider Convention Diana Walker

Sunrider Convention is almost here … Diana Walker Photos 2006 to 2011 at Sunrider Conventions….

again!  Just a week from now I will be flying to California for the Sunrider Grand Convention July 2011.

Sunrider Convention 2011 is being held in Long Beach, California.  I have been privileged to attend Conventions every summer for 15 years.  Also several trips, to Hawaii, and Cruises to the Carribean.  Here are other photos and audio and videos from previous Sunrider Conventions:

I am looking forward to being with friends from all over the world, health-minded friends who love to eat Sunrider nutrition, eat healthy, have fun, and get together to learn more from Dr. Tei Fu Chen and Dr. Oi Lin Chen at Sunrider Grand Convention.
Sunrider Leader
Certified TeleClass Leader

Party with Sunrider

Sunrider Diana Walker, Nory, Goldie, Trudy

Sunrider Diana Walker, Nory, Goldie, Trudy

Diana Walker, Trudy Stoelting, and Goldie Denise Caldwell tell our stories here:  PARTY WITH SUNRIDER!

I have put all the “Party With Sunrider” information on one page… We had such a wonderful time with Sunrider International.  Sunriders from Canada, USA, and all over the world, in California for the 2009 Sunrider Grand Convention, all drinking our Sunrider Calli Tea and Sunrider Fortune Delight!

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Business Leader

Sunrider Diana Walker Video

Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA and Sunriders from around the world attended the Sunrider International Grand Convention 2009 in Anaheim, California. Diana Walker, Trudy, and Goldie express their appreciation to Dr. Tei Fu Chen and Sunrider International for the wonderful Convention:

Sunrider Products were highlighted and enjoyed like Tei-Fu Metashaper, Sunrider Calli Tea, Sunrider Fortune Delight, along with many more new products.

Sunrider Diana Walker Audio 2009

SUNRIDER CONVENTION 2009 AUDIO Diana Walker Sunrider Leader Canada, sponsor in USA and Canada. Calli Tea. California Convention Highlights.


MP3 File

Click on the little arrow over on the left to listen to the audio.  Click on the square in the middle to stop the audio. Use the little slider to move along in the audio.  Of course, you can download the MP3 and listen on your MP3 player, if you prefer.  Audio is 35 minutes long.

Sunrider Dr Tei Fu Chen Diana Walker Photo

Sunrider Grand Convention 2009 held in Anaheim, California, was absolutely outstanding.  Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader.  Meeting with friends, drinking Calli Tea, and learning from Dr. Tei Fu Chen, Master Herbalist, in person.
Sunrider Dr Tei Fu Chen Diana Walker

Sunrider Convention 2009 Diana Walker Live

I am posting this live from Sunrider Convention 2009 in California.  What an amazing, amazing event.  We toured the Sunrider International Manufacturing facilities here in Torrance California on Wednesday.

Even though I live in Canada, and the headquarters for the world are in the United States, I feel like a part of a global family.  I have hundreds of Sunrider Customers in Canada and the United States.  I get to meet with, have meals with and participate in meetings with Sunriders from all over the world.

I’ve attended 12 Sunrider Grand Conventions, and 10 Leadership Sunrider Leadership trips (like to Hawaii and on Cruises) – and this may even top all of them — it is such a privilege to be “personally mentored” by a world-renowned Herbalist like Dr. Tei Fu Chen.

I say “personally mentored” even though of course there are thousands of others here at Convention – because he speaks to the heart of each one of us.  I feel like I am part of one big healthy, happy family — and seeing Dr. Tei Fu Chen and Dr. Oi Lin Chen on stage, and up close, is phenomenal and I am so grateful.

Dr. Chen spent several hours on Tuesday and more hours on Thursday telling us about the newest herbal products he has brought out – he does all the Research and Development – these are not outsourced.  All Sunrider products are unique and completely non-duplicatable.

Naturally, I am drinking my Sunrider Calli Tea and Sunrider Fortune Delight all day long – as are all the other Sunriders here!

I tasted the new Sunrider Chocolate Vitalite Sunbars — they taste as delicious as a fresh “brownie” or chocolate cake — amazing, amazing!! — they will not be available for 3 to 5 months.  On our tour of the Sunrider Manufacturing Plant we received samples that were “fresh-baked” – as Dr. Chen joked to us later.

Sunny Days will be available soon.  They are like a tasty “cough candy” – special formula.  I remember them from years ago.  In fact my son, who is 21 now – remembers them from when he was 10 years old – and was asking me about them recently – so I am excited to see those become available again soon!

Dr. Chen’s new water – Pearl – is “living water” –  alkaline naturally, and pure, pure, pure and really is natural from an underground source.

Dr. Chen’s Tei Fu MetaShaper is a super hit.  Inches are falling away from many people, especially around the hardest areas – you know what I mean – like the waist, hips and thighs!!!

Well, I better go and get ready for another wonderful day with 1000s of other Sunrider Leaders and Customers here in California.

Today we will have lots of entertainment – and this evening we will even have Cirque de Soleil and more.  It is a Gala Banquet and Gala Evening – I am so very grateful to be a part of this amazing company and living to my full potential and helping others with my Sunrider Family from all over the world.

Wishing You Vibrant Health!

Diana Walker, Cravings Coach
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
Sunrider Group Business Leader