Sunrider Products USA and Canada June 24

Dr. Tei Fu Chen is the founder of Sunrider International, and has based all Sunrider products on the Philosophy of Regeneration.  Photo by Diana Walker of Sunrider products in my home in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Sunrider Products Diana Walker

Sunrider Products Diana Walker

This Philosophy has 4 important principles.

Principle #3   VARIETY

We all understand the importance of variety.  You tell your children to eat all of their food at dinner time so they get variety.  You don’t just let them eat rice at every meal. 

Every food has a weak point and a strong point.  Juice made from berries, gingko biloba, ginseng, etc. have positive and negative features.  Sunrider’s big difference is how the foods are put together.  

The Sunrider Basic Foods (as seen in my photo above) – include: Calli Tea, Fortune Delight, NuPlus, Quinary and Stevia.  I eat and drink them daily.  That is about 75 juiced plants every day!  Talk about whole food nutrition!  You get raw food health benefits even though these are not raw, but they are juiced whole foods.

The methods are extremely important – for putting food together the “correct” way and in correct proportions. 

Sunrider has variety but there is an art to knowing how to mix foods together.  No other company can compete with Sunrider’s:
1.  Trade Secret Formulations
2.  Special methods of Extraction
3.  Concentration

The Sunrider whole foods are created in a very unique way so that the “whole food” is preserved and nutritional value is exceptional.  Oh, and did I say – they are also DELICIOUS!!

Where do I buy Sunrider?  Buy Sunrider Calli Tea online with Diana Walker as your Sunrider sponsor and mentor.   I provide free samples of Sunrider Calli Tea to all new customers and to interested customers-to-be in USA and Canada.

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader, Sunrider Canada and Sunrider USA