Fortune Delight Energy Drink

Fortune Delight Energy Drink

Fortune Delight Energy Drink Why Drink Fortune Delight?

1.  Mental Clarity
2.  Energy
3.  Antioxidants and tea catechins
4.  No preservatives
5.  No fumigation and No radiation
6.  Zero calories
7.  Nutrients to our body
8.  Weight-Loss and Weight-Management programs, great to add in
9.  Muscle repair
10. Reduced cravings for unhealthy beverages
11. Delicious hot or cold
12. Easy to use, in powdered form

Fortune Delight Energy Drink Diana Walker

Fortune Delight Energy Drink Diana Walker

Fortune Delight Energy Drink is a High-Quality beverage to drink.

Higher benefit than water alone to get to your cellular level, alkaline to your body.

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Fortune Delight Energy Drink is Super Healthy!

This is an easy area to change in your life – drink Fortune Delight instead of life-destroying, unhealthy drinks like coffee, sodas, vitamin waters, artificial sweetener diet drinks, high sugar fruit juices and alcohol.

Our body is made up of water, and we need to keep our fluid levels up.

* 65% water – fluid in our body
* helps maintain temperature
* maintains viscosity to blood
* transports oxygen
* transports waste out of the system
* takes nutrients to the cellular level
* brings better balance within the body
* beverages take a critical role in our health
* fluid intake into your body is a key element.

1.  Blend of both black and green tea Camellia Senisis  and cleansing Chinese herbs and plants – Juiced and powdered
2.  Exclusive to Sunrider International.
3.  Based on ancient Chinese Herb philosophy of Yin and Yang – what goes in must come out.
4.  Cleanses, transports nutrients throughout the system.
5.  Creates necessary energy – Healthy Energy Drink
6.  High in Flavonoids, Catechins, Antioxidants, Phyto-nutrients

Camellia Senesis Methods – produce different antioxidants and phyto-nutrients:
Green tea – dry air or steam
Black tea –  fermented, rolled and dried

Difficulty in traditional tea products – is that special methods are needed to make sure the nutrients remain intact – factors like the heat, water, and time  can determine amount of nutrients that you receive.  With Sunrider products  Dr. Tei Fu Chen is a Master Herbalist and has created consistency in each product, so we know the value we are receiving.

Fortune Delight Energy Drink is Concentrated

Concentration means – Sunrider brews the Fortune Delight in 3500 gallon vats and controls the antioxidants and flavonoids
In Fortune Delight, other plants and herbs add synergestic effect that you never get from a single herb – like peppermint or chamomile.

We want sustained energy, muscle repair, nutrients to our cells for vibrant health.
The way in which Sunrider concentrates Fortune Delight – consistent product every single time. Created in 3500 gallon vats with pure water
Perfect cup of tea
Water is removed and we have powder.

Beauty of this product is that Sunrider is able to control the process to maintain maximum nutrients antioxidents flavonoids.

In 1986  Dr. Chen introduced Fortune Delight.  In 1982 Dr. Chen had already introduced  Calli Herbal Beverage      Both beverages keep intact the beneficial qualities of the plant in terms of nutrients, helping our body in repair and cleansing.


1.  Put the Fortune Delight powder into a little bit of room temperature water, helps to dissolve.
2.  Add 4 to 6 cups of water, hot or cold.
3.  Drink with meals, drink between meals, drink any time of the day, as much as you want!
4.  Drink in place of any other beverages.
5. Restaurant, gym, travel, work.
6.  Simple and easy and transportable product.
7.  No refrigeration required.
8.  Convenient
9.  Drink in place of coffee.
10.  Drink in place of sodas and power drinks.
11.  Children, Teenagers, Elderly enjoy this healthy energy drink also – safe and nutritious
12.  Use travel container, liter of water, add SunnyDew for sweeter taste

Raw materials – Chinese herbs and plants – for Sunrider Fortune Delight – from areas of the world that grow it the best.
Finest locations that this plant can be grown in – highest catechins and flavonoids.
Dr. Chen contracts with farmers to grow in the wild, for years in advance, to maintain that source.
Tests it in the country that it is grown, and arrives in Torrance, California, USA.
Tested for residue and tested that it has the nutrients that we are looking for.
Distributed worldwide.

Fortune Delight Energy Drink – Notes re Caffeine and Tannin

The naturally-occuring caffeine is not completely removed, because then the valuable polyphenols, flavonoids, and tea catechins are flushed out and we do not get the value of Camellia Sinensis.  Dr. Chen is a master of creating the Fortune Delight powdered extract of Camellia, retaining all the value of the live, whole plant.

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Free Samples of Fortune Delight for all Diana Walker Customers in USA and Canada –Click Here to Buy Online

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Wishing you Vibrant Health!
Diana Walker, CEO, Diana Walker’s Healthy Lifestyles