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Today I am at my home in Vancouver preparing for my Sunrider Conference Call with John Teng, North America Sales Manager for Sunrider International, which includes Canada and USA.  

Diana Walker John Teng Sunrider

Diana Walker John Teng Sunrider



I had studied nutrition in my 20s, and I had led a wonderful life, working for Dr. Paul Bragg, World-famous Naturopath – leading exercise classes on the beach in Hawaii.

However, by the time I was in my 40s, I was not able to live the nutritional principles I had learned. 

I was stressed, tired and foggy-brained.

My cupboards were full of Vitamins and Minerals and Medicinal Herbs, trying to stay healthy.

I was finding myself drinking 8 cups of coffee a day for energy, and grabbing a Diet Coke (which I knew was bad for me) and chocolate bars and huge muffins, and feeling like a hypocrite because I knew so much, but I was not living it.


I was a single parent, with 2 sons, working in a government job in health care as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and Board of the Hospital.

I also taught Doctors and Nurses how to use computers.

I was earning great money, but I was very stressed.  And as time went by there were more and more cutbacks, and jobs lost, and I was doing the work of 3 people.

I had no time for family.  I was not able to attend many of the sports and school events of my 2 sons, since I was working 50 or more hours a week.

I would often take minutes by shorthand at Board and Committee meetings, from noon to midnight.



Within 3 days I was off the coffee.  I had the Sunrider Calli Tea!

Within 1 month I was no longer grabbing junk food for snacks.  I had the Sunrider NuPlus and Quinary and Stevia.

I had more energy, I was more focused, I had an inner sense of well-being.

My son Gabe, who was 8 at the time, said ….”Mom, you don’t have flames coming out of your head any more!!”  – I was a lot more calm and balanced!


As I shared Sunrider nutrition with others, I started getting money from Sunrider.

By my seventh month, I was earning $1000, from working part-time on weekends and evenings, about 10 to 20 hours a week.

Then I continued to have more and more Customers, and also Business Leaders from some of those Customers.

By 2003 I was able to leave my stressful full-time government job at the hospital, and focus on my Sunrider business, having time for family, and being my own boss.

I was a Sunrider Group Director.

I have been able to travel with Sunrider to all the Sunrider Conventions in California, a Caribbean Cruise and a wonderful trip to Hawaii.

I have made friends from around the world.

Highlights – Being My Own Boss ……..Family Time…..Time for Myself (Yoga) ……..Friends……..Travel



My Sunrider dream continues to be to help Moms and families to have nutrition that will keep them off junk food, and help reduce cravings for junk food and drinks.

To continue to learn and listen for people’s needs and to share Sunrider with anyone who is looking for what we have to offer.

To connect with like-minded, health-minded people.


My Sunrider dream is to continue to earn a great income with Sunrider….to travel with Sunrider – Mediterranean Cruise….to continue to be healthy and have energy and a “love of life” for years and years to come. 

 To have a wonderful income with Sunrider and never have to worry about money.

Beautiful Hawaii Ocean photo by Diana Walker

Beautiful Hawaii Ocean photo by Diana Walker