Digestion Stomach Problems

Digestion Stomach Problems Video 3

By age 40 no digestive enzymes left.
You are not digesting your food properly.
You are using antacids because you think you need them.
You are causing the problems with what you eat and drink (along with stress).

Digestion Stomach Problems caused by Stomach Busters Video #3

“Stomach Busters” include:
• Coffee
• Regular tea
• Alcohol
• Sugar
• Chocolate
• Salt
• Preservatives
• Artificial Sweeteners
• Tobacco

To add to that, we’ve got:
• Prescription drugs, and things like aspirin
• Stress

These are the things that are hardest on our stomachs. Too much of any one of these things will make your stomach feel uncomfortable because it shocks it.

Digestion System Problems Age 40 Serious Not Enough Enzymes, Antacids are not the solution

Digestion System Problems Age 40 Serious Not Enough Enzymes, Antacids are not the solution

If the stomach was working perfectly, you’d have lots of digestive enzymes and lots of mucus. The mucus helps the stomach protect itself from stomach acid.

Digestion Stomach Problems – By Age 8 !

They’ve determined that by age 8 many children’s stomachs have already gone into shock and have already become weakened by constant sugar and chocolate and salt, etc. Most people think they can eat terribly one day, and the next day they’ll have a fresh start, but it doesn’t work that way. There’s a certain amount of accumulation.

Digestion Stomach Problems – By Age 40

By age 40, many people have very little digestive enzyme left, and as the stomach loses digestive enzyme, the mucus layer deteriorates.

So you have very little digestive enzyme or mucus, and you’ll eat, say, some chocolate, or an orange with that little bit of citric acid in it. In your stomach, the stomach acid is immediately driven upwards and there’s no protection from the mucus, and it irritates the wall of your stomach. Your stomach starts spasming, so it tightens and squishes. When it squishes, it just pushes that acid even higher up into the esophagus where there’s no mucus at all and we feel a burn. We think, “Oh, I have an overactive stomach,” and we reach for an antacid.

Digestion Stomach Problems – Low Digestive Enzymes

Meanwhile, everything in the stomach is tightening and something needs to give. It’s struggling and straining against the diaphragm. So it’s either going to pull your head down – which doesn’t usually happen!! – or it’s going to start pulling itself up past the diaphragm.

It gets a bolus stuck there, under the diaphragm, and that’s what a Hiatus Hernia is. The bolus stretches the valve at the top of the stomach out of place, and when you lie down at night, you can have the problem where the acid runs right into your throat.

Sometimes people don’t experience this to a great extent, but they do notice the pressure in their chests and more problems elsewhere. The biggest problem from this, from low digestive enzymes, is that you aren’t digesting your foods properly. Undigested food, especially proteins, starts passing down into the intestines and your liver is absorbing these nutrients up so it can transfer them into your blood stream. The liver will pick up these chunks of undigested protein that were supposed to be emulsified, but are now being absorbed in a chunk. That’s where your food allergies come from – specialists will always tell you that it’s the protein in food that your body reacts to. Why is your body reacting to a protein? Because you don’t have the digestive enzymes to break it down.

Digestion Stomach Problems can be caused by “Stomach Busters” which include:

(1) Coffee
(2) Regular Tea
(3) Alcohol
(4) Sugar
(5) Chocolate
(6) Salt
(7) Prescription Drugs
(8) Artificial Sweeteners
(9) Tobacco and
(10) Prescription Drugs
(11) Stress

Children – by age 8 – have weakened stomachs. So sad that they eat so much crap. Accumulation. By age 40, very little digestive enzymes left Very little acid left in stomach. No protection. Mucous becomes less. Stomach tightens. We feel burning and reach for Antacid. Acid runs into your throat. Acid indigestion. This is due to eating the Stomach Busters…. or Stress, usually!

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