Digestion Stomach Nervous System Video 2

Digestion Stomach Nervous System
Why is Your Stomach So Weak?

Digestion Video #2 – Nervous System and Spleen Toxic Colon 78 Chemicals

Digestion Problems Toxic Bowels Stomach Spleen Nervous System Lymph System

Digestion Problems Toxic Bowels Stomach Spleen Nervous System Lymph System

Digestion and Nervous System

Consider your nervous system. In neurodegenerative diseases – things like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Fibromyalgia, etc. – there is an attack of some sort on your nervous system. The attack is coming from somewhere – where is it coming from? The attack chops up your nerves; it stops the communication along the nerves. It can show up as vibrations, tremors, loss of feeling in a limb, and many other areas, but the attack is actually coming from the organ right before that. It’s coming from the spleen.

Digestion and Spleen

Your spleen tells your T-cells what to do, and T-cells are what attack foreign cells that come into your body. They’re part of your immune system, and you don’t want them on your bad side. So your spleen tells your T-cells what to do, but if your spleen is full of toxicities and not functioning properly, it starts giving your T-cells garbled messages. Then the T-cells might start attacking your joints, like in MS, or your nerves, like in Parkinson’s.

Moreover, your spleen is at the tail end of your filtration system. So, when your spleen is full of toxicities, more toxicities start slipping past the spleen as well, and the problem worsens. It’s a vicious cycle. This is where the problem of the nervous system is.

Well, can we take a pill for the nervous system, and get it to work? Well, not really. Not until we deal with the spleen. And the spleen didn’t develop a problem all by itself, either, did it? It took what we were feeding it to become that way. It was fed by the circulatory system and the lymph system, which it’s the tail end of.

Digestion and Lymph System and Liver

The lymph system starts filtering at the small intestine from the portal vein before it even gets to the liver, but the liver also feeds into the circulatory system. So you’re getting the toxicities not only through the lymph system, but also from the liver. It’s a combination of toxicities from what you eat, form what you absorb through your skin, and the toxicity that comes from your colon. There are 78 chemicals that come from the rotting mass that sits in your colon – especially from undigested protein. We’re talking about chemicals like alcohol, and methane gas, and formaldehyde, all produced right in your own colon.

Those chemicals aren’t only released into the atmosphere – they’re also absorbed by your body, and they start toxifying the body. Well, why does the colon have a problem? It has a problem because your stomach has a problem.

Poor Digestion and Your Stomach and Undigested Proteins

Poor digestion, with low digestive enzymes, has a hard time breaking down your food. All the undigested food you have – especially your undigested proteins – comes down to the colon and it just layers on top of itself and sits there and rots and ferments. The problem comes back to the digestive system and the stomach.

Well, why is the stomach weak? The stomach is weak because of your diet. Health is not that simple, but it’s very predictable.

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