Sunrider Sunbar Diana Walker Audio

Sunrider Sunbars Chocolate and Fruit Diana Walker Canada and USA

Sunrider Sunbars Chocolate and Fruit Diana Walker Canada and USA

Sunrider Sunbars Protein and Fiber – for Colon Health, for Plant-based Protein.  Delicious in Chocolate and Fruit flavors.
Amazing food, along with Sunrider Fortune Delight, Calli Tea, Quinary, NuPlus.



Diana Walker, Canada Sunrider Leader, hosts the TeleClass on the Sunrider Vitalite Sunbar, with guest Trudy Stoelting. You can play back the audio by clicking on the link above.  Sunrider Vitalite Sunbars are excellent Energy bars, as well as providing fiber for your colon health.

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You will be able to open a free Customer account and order Sunrider products with Diana Walker as your coach, if you live in Canada or USA.

Sunrider Fortune Delight is the very best beverage to drink along with your Sunrider Sunbars.  It is so simply and nutritious and taste great.  Very convenient for everyone on the go who wants a healthy snack and a healthy drink.  The Sunbar is an Energy Bar and a Fiber Bar.  The Fortune Delight is an Energy Drink.

Sunbars are available in boxes of 10, and come in Chocolate and Fruit.  Sunbars can be eaten as a snack and 2 of them can be regarded as a meal replacement.  As a mid-afternoon snack, Sunbars are fabulous.    I use them before swimming, before aquafit, before Zumba, before exercising.  They also help with the mid-afternoon slump in energy and help with keeping blood sugar levels even.

Fortune Delight powdered whole food plants beverage comes in Peach, Cinnamon, Regular, Lemon, and Raspberry.

Sunbars are incredible for snacking, for picnics, for children, for camping, for hiking, for all the summer activities that you and your family are going to go on!

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