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Immune System Sunrider Alpha 20C and Quinary Regeneration Team October 21, 2014 Call Details:

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Immune System Cold and Flu Sunrider Help

Video with Diana Walker and Trudy Stoelting Sunrider Alpha 20C, SunnyFresh, Citric C, Quinary, Vitafruit, Evergreen, Kandesn Hand Cleansing Gel, Sunbreeze Oil – Powerful nourishing plants for your Immune system.

Our Job – become as healthy as we possibly can and not get scared.

In Sunrider we have a way to make sure our immune systems are at optimal health.

Did you know that you may be Suppressing your Immune System?
1. Chronic Sleep Deprivation
2. Pharmaceutical Medications (deplete minerals and nutrients)
3. Processed Foods
4. Chemicals and Food Additives
5. Stress

We recently held an Immune System webinar with a special emphasis on

Trudy Stoeltings’s story – started in Sunrider 18 years ago. I was sick. Spent tens of thousands of dollars to get healthy but still had health challenges.
A friend shared Sunrider with me – She talked about NBC, Nourish, Balance, Cleanse.

Classifications of Herbs:  Drug Herbs, Medicinal Herbs and Food Grade Herbs.

Trudy’s friend said that Sunrider Herbs are Food Grade Herbs.  Complete and balanced approach to your health.
Why live in fear when you can do all you can to be as healthy as you can?

1. NOURISH with Sunrider with Sunbars and Vitashake and NuPlus- 1 to 3 packages daily or 1 to 3 Sunbars

2. BALANCE with Quinary – this takes us to whole new level of balancing — 1 package or 10 capsules daily if possible.
3 capsules daily can be helpful. Alpha 20C is contained within Quinary – and you can take extra when you are concentrating
on strengthening Immune System.

3. CLEANSE with Calli and Fortune Delight – 1 package of each daily minimum

Alpha 20C is wonderful way to keep your immune systems very, very strong.

Great way for body itself to fight – nourish your body to fight for itself.

Dr. Chen feels that Immune System is one of our systems that needs the most nourishing – because of stress, viruses, etc. Dr. Chen was eating 20 capsules a day many years ago (which is 2 packages) DAILY.

Sunrider Alpha 20C  You can get Alpha 20C in powdered form or in capsules.

Question – If you could only have one Sunrider product, what would it be? Answer of many people is —- Quinary

As you age – you should be taking more and more Quinary and Alpha 20C.

Immune System Alpha 20C Sunrider

Immune System Alpha 20C Sunrider

FITNESS BRIGADE – incredible tool to get more fit and more effect from these wonderful foods.


Expert in Fitness – Ann Humble – started Sunrider 25 years ago.
Was barely functioning. She did NBC (Nourish, Balance, Cleanse) – had been in constant pain for 6 or 7 years, and within 2 or 3 months was pain-free. Energy going beyond what it had ever been.
Became the owner and trainer at Ladies-Only Fitness Club.

Powerpoint Slide Myth #1: “I  can “spot reduce” specific body areas.”

I was often asked, probably every day — how do we lose my love handles? What is best exercise for each spot on body?
Abs and Butts seemed to be the big one (Trudy said – Is that a pun?!!)

You have to burn the fat off your entire body.
You need to build muscle.
You need Cardio-vascular exercise.

Ann said – You create what I call the “melting ice cream” effect. There is no such thing as “spot reducing”. You need to burn fat.

Powerpoint Slide Myth #2: “I work out so I can eat what I want.” Exercise to extreme and then go and have Macdonalds after.
Not all calories are equal. We need Whole Foods – Complex carbohydrates build healthy muscle.
Simple Sugars – don’t act the same way in your body.

Difference between Quality Calories and Empty Calories.

Truth is you have to eat Whole Foods – and preferably highly concentrated nutrition like Sunrider.

Randy Fritz – because of exercising, many people get hungry and overeat.
With Sunrider – you don’t have that problem.

Trudy’s story about her son. 280 pounds – carrying a lot of excess fat around his middle.
Three 60-packs of NuPlus.
Between Christmas and Easter – he had lost 10 inches around his middle.
His body started burning the fat.


Barb Rowe – 25 years, worn-out burnt-out Mom – struggling with health.
Simplicity of NBC – let the body do what it is meant to do – so simple and easy.
First introduction of Sport Caps.
Fifth pregnancy – 4 small children already – I needed all the nutrition I could get.
Started eating the Sport Caps.
Helps with repair and keeping muscles strong and healthy – my baby was born 23 years ago (I was age 37) – my muscle tone was
INCREDIBLE – and my recovery after the delivery and birth was unbelievable.

Wow – these things are incredible.
Sport Caps reverse typical muscle loss – so as we age – this is vitally important.

Also -remember our heart is a muscle – and with a strong heart our body will keep on going.
Lean tissue does burn fat. Naturally with wholesome nutrition.

Randy Fritz – Jim Pendree – when he has back problems – Sport Caps and Korean White Ginseng – muscles and tendons are stronger. Relaxed and Energetic.

Drinking Fortune Delight and Calli Tea are key to keeping your immune system and all body systems strong and healthy.


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Wishing you Vibrant Health!


Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

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