Sunrider Discounts Update

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Discounts for Customers February 2014

Diana Walker Sunrider Business Discounts for Customers February 2014

Hello Sunriders!

This is an important update to make sure that you will keep your level and get the discounts that you are entitled to. 

Sunrider requires a minimal qualification but rewards you with generous discounts and other benefits. The qualification must be done every 12 months.

If you have not done any qualification from March 1st 2013, your deadline is February 28th, 2014.

To keep the levels we need to do the following:

Retail Member must accumulate $100 retail value every 12 months.

VIP Member must accumulate $500 (Retail price) every 12 months.

Advantage of being VIP member is that he/she gets up to 10% discount. In my opinion it is better to upgrade to IBO by just purchasing Fortune Delight Business Pack for $100 (plus shipping and tax). As an IBO we receive 20% discount and have other benefits. We then need to qualify with just 200 IBO dollars (Wholesale price) every 12 months.

IBO Member must accumulate $200 IBO dollars (Wholesale price) every 12 months.

As an IBO we are receiving 20% discount and have many other benefits like additional bonuses and can earn money on purchases of Sunriders who are part of your organization. As you can see you want to keep your IBO Member level. It is important to keep your IBO status to make sure you keep your discounts.

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Be sure and contact your Sunrider sponsor for more details.

Thank you
Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader
February 3, 2014



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