How is Sunrider Food Different?

calli-teaSunrider basic foods are based on the Philosophy or Regeneration, which is the result of thousands of years of research.

If you give the body the right combination of whole foods, the body has the ability to put itself in balance and create harmony. Those whole foods Nourish and Cleanse, and Balance all five major systems.

Sunrider products are WHOLE FOODS made by nature, not isolated vitamin-mineral chemicals put together by man.

Research shows that chemicals imbalance the body. Nature does not grow isolated chemicals, it grows foods made of the perfect combination of nutrients put together by nature for your body’s nourishment.

Sunrider foods are FOOD GRADE HERBS, not MEDICINAL HERBS. Medicines and medicinal herbs correct symptoms allowing the body to become weaker long term. Foods nourish the body and allow the body to correct the cause behind the symptom allowing the body to become stronger and do its own work.

I enjoy my healthy Sunrider Super Food Drink every day and have done so for 12 years now.