TOP JOI ESE Sunrider

TOP JOI ESE Sunrider

TOP JOI ESE Sunrider – Some of the most powerful Sunrider products are TOP, JOI and ESE. Once you understand them, you will not want to be without them. You will choose to use them on a daily basis. They work the best when combined with our basic program of: Nu-plus, Calli, Fortune Delight, Quinary and Sunectar (Suncare) or Sunny Dew.  Sometimes these Sunrider Nutrition Formulas are called “The JET Set” – JOI, ESE, TOP


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TOP JOI ESE Sunrider

TOP JOI ESE Sunrider Diana Walker

TOP JOI ESE Sunrider Diana Walker


Mostly used for pain from the neck up. It works on the same principles as JOI, just that it also nourishes the brain. When you are having a headache, look  into what might have caused it. It might be stress, poor circulation, tight shoes squeezing the toes, too much sugar in your diet, other toxicities,
toothache, etc.

TOP nourishes the nervous system, especially the left-brain. Left-brain is analytical, masculine, controlling and needs to be nourished properly so we can concentrate better, have a clear mind, make decisions faster and perform our tasks correctly. You have heard the expression, “the mind can heal the body”.   It will work even better when, in addition to the physical body, we also nourish our mind.


Used especially when a body has a pain from the neck down. You should see the benefit when having sore muscles or more serious challenges. No, it is not a painkiller. It nourishes the bones, muscles and nervous system. When these parts of the body are nourished properly, the body is healing itself. This is the power of regeneration. For faster results also apply Sun Breeze Balm or Oil.

JOI nourishes the whole physical area of the body. It concentrates on muscular, nervous and skeletal systems. When you use the basic program and other Sunrider products, JOI will complement them and make them work faster and more powerfully.


Can promote restful sleep. No, it is not a sleeping pill, but rather nourishes the nervous system and brain area. As with Calli Night, it will relax you. The body will feel less stress. You will sleep better at night and in the morning should be well rested and alert.

ESE is very unique as it nourishes the nervous system, particularly the right brain – the feminine side. Right brain supports creativity, spontaneity and is emotional and intuitive.


Kids, who can’t concentrate in school or have difficulties learning, have had excellent results in just a few months. Many have eliminated the use of prescription drugs.

When we are balanced, we can use equal amounts of the 3 products. But very often people are out of balance and need to first find out which side of the brain requires more nourishment.

I am sure you have met people who were boring and no fun. More ESE would help them to loosen up, be more spontaneous and creative. Other people are right brain dominant and act spaced-out, unorganized and unable to finish what they started. In this case, they would benefit by increasing their intake of TOP.

Let’s talk about an architect. He needs to be creative first, so he would use more ESE to begin. As he needs to put his ideas into action, TOP would be

You can use more TOP in the morning to have control of your business day and increase on ESE in the evening, when you want to be more relaxed and creative in romantic life. Of course, some JOI and Veros can be a good idea to spice the evening.

When JOI, TOP and ESE are used together, the spiritual side of the body will be developing. The more of the products you eat, the faster you’ll be reaching new heights. You might find yourself to be more in tune with yourself and the universe. To develop spiritually even faster, you can drink Calli and Fortune Delight mixed together and in greater quantities.

You can use this higher communication for better health and success. Sometimes I use large amounts of JOI, TOP and ESE for visualization and I’m amazed at the results I get. You want something to happen and it happens very fast. You are looking for answers and they appear. Other times you might see things happen in advance. It is the intuitive side that gets the remarkable support from JOI, TOP and ESE. These products are the most unique, highest vibration foods available today that can bring incredible results.

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Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles
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