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Sunrider Sports and McFarland USA Movie

See below and in the attachment, for a very interesting and exciting story about Jim White, who was a California high school coach of a team of athletes who ended up winning the National Track Championship six years in a row.

Sunrider Sports 2 McFarland USA Movie 2015 Jim White 2004

Sunrider Sports 2 McFarland USA Movie 2015 Jim White 2004

Jim said that Sunrider products gave the young athletes the energy and stamina to win the races. There has been a movie made about his journey. The movie title is: “McFarland” USA, starring Kevin Costner as Jim White and it was released in the theaters in February 2015.

Sunrider sports products are not mentioned in the movie, but you can read below and in the attachment how Sunrider products helped his team.

Sunrider Sports McFarland USA Jim White  Jim White and his cross country team are featured in the March 15, 2004 issue of Sports Illustrated. The McFarland Cross Country team, under Jim’s coaching won a record:

  • 9 of 15 California State Championships
  • 22 of 24 League Titles
  • 15 Sectional Championships

Gary Smith of Sports Illustrated wrote, “No one can figure it out, how the runners with the shortest legs and the grimmest lives began winning everything once Blanco [Jim White] took over the program, in 1980.”

Sunrider sports products gave the athletes the energy and stamina to win races.

Coach White was convinced Sunrider high performance foods would provide tremendous benefits in his team’s athletic performance so he provided the foods for all the athletes. He said it gave his cross country runners the edge over their competition.

* Sunrider Sunbreeze Oil
They rubbed Sunbreeze on their legs and muscles before every race.

* Sunrider Calli Tea and Fortune Delight
In addition, they drank the cleansing teas (Calli and Fortune Delight)

* Sunrider NuPlus
the complex carbohydrate drink (NuPlus).

*Energy Plus (called Sunergy Plus in Canada)
They also had the caps of bee pollen and wheat germ oil (Energy Plus).

A dedicated coach and his wife gave time and love

Besides Sunrider sports products, the other large factor that played a key role in the athlete’s performance was the time and love that Jim and his wife Cheryl invested in the youth. They did much more than was required of them so the boys could receive what they otherwise would not. They were always there for them, pushing them on and always taking them on trips, to movies in a town with a theater, and on fishing trips.

Jim has recently retired from coaching, much to the disappointment of all the athletes and the town of McFarland. Jim and his runners have a remarkable and touching story which Hollywood is capturing to document in a major motion picture.

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