Sunrider IBO Pages Diana Walker

Sunrider IBO Pages Diana Walker

Sunrider IBO Pages – Hello Sunriders!

We have some great news, especially if you are considering the Sunrider Business.
Sunrider IBO Pages are now available for US Sunriders.
The Sunrider IBO Pages will be available in Canada in the near future.

As it is still not 100% glitch free and is still in Beta mode, Sunrider will not charge you monthly fees at this time.
So take advantage of this long awaited possibility.

Contact Diana Walker if you want to watch  the exciting presentation regarding the launching of Sunrider IBO Pages (40 min), which explains many important things.

After listening, create your user-friendly website in just minutes to support your sponsoring activities.
To get started with your own IBO Pages and participate in the superior Sunrider Business opportunity, contact Diana Walker.

Sunrider IBO Pages Diana Walker Sunrider Business

Sunrider IBO Pages Diana Walker Sunrider Business

NuPlus back in Canada

I just wanted to say how amazing we feel to have Nuplus back in Canada.  For those of you who are new, here is some awesome information that may help you understand why we are so excited!!  Just try it for yourself and your body will THANK YOU!

How does NUPLUS benefit the body’s functions, tissues, and cells?

* It helps maintain a healthy defense system and nervous system
*  Promotes healthy cholesterol levels and helps burn fat
*  Helps the body regulate metabolism
*  Nourishes joints and muscles
*  Gives energy to brain (promoting mental and emotional stability) and muscles (supplying energy)

Some People call it “Food for life support”

NuPlus contains 5 “tastes” and 5 “colors”.

The taste of the food indicates the benefit the food has on the body.  When you eat all five tastes at each meal, you find that the body balances and cravings are decreased.  Every flavor of NUPLUS contains all five tastes:  sour (astringent effect), bitter (cleansing effect), sweet (toning effect), spicy (perspiration effect), salty (softening effect).

Sunrider IBO Pages Diana Walker

Research shows that the very pigments that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors may themselves be the disease fighters.  Scientist now say that the actual color compounds themselves, not just the foods that contain them, are some of the best things you can put in your body.  These are the same substances that give fruits and vegetables their hues.  They are powerful phyto(plant) chemicals. Ten years ago, scientist didn’t know most of these phytochemicals existed.

Nuplus  is enhanced with the five color philosophy.

The five beans in NuPlus formula nourish the entire body as well as the five key organs:

Red foods – nourishing the heart muscle, strengthening the heart itself.

White foods – nourish the lungs, which provide oxygen to every living cell.

Green foods – get their verdant color from chlorophyll which has the ability to block the action of degenerating substances.  Green foods nourish the liver.

Black foods – nourish and strengthen the kidneys and their related organs.

Yellow foods – nourish the spleen and aid digestion.  Nutritious whole soy, prepared properly (not isolated soy) is a yellow food in NuPlus.

NUPLUS comes in 5 flavors:  Simply Herbs, Naturally Plain, Pina Banana, Mixed Berry, Apple-Cinnamon and “Original” (Original contains no beans and is used for babies and people with very weak digestion).

NUPLUS is also in Vitashake – Cocoa and Strawberry

NUPLUS is also in NuPuffs – Cheese and Cocoa

NUPLUS is also in the Sunbars, Chocolate  or Fruit flavor.

When my sons were in school, I posted a sign on the fridge:

“Always positive”

“Always kindness”

“Always NuPlus”

Whenever things weren’t going right, I would say “Eat NuPlus”

In the early days of Sunrider we would ask Dr. Chen: ” If people can only eat one Sunrider product, whatwould you suggest”.

His answer:  “NuPlus” Nuplus is the fuel that runs your engine, the key that turns the motor on!

Always Nuplus!

(thanks to Colleen and Trudy for these words)

Diana Walker, Sunrider Leader

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